What Resources Are Available for NG and Reserve Officers Without Full-Time Careers

Most people assume that “Weekend Warriors” hold down some sort of civilian job while serving in the National Guard or Reserves.  While this assumption is logical, many NG and Reserve Officer do not have a Full-Time Career outside of their obligation to the NG or Reserves.  For whatever reason, these Soldiers have elected to, or simply cannot find work in the civilian world.

Sometimes, they may just prefer to work within the NG or Reserves Full-Time.  With that all being said, the question we seek to answer is: What Resources are Available for NG and Reserve Officers Without a Civilian Career?  To answer, I will first cover a few of the most popular ways to work for the NG or Reserves on a full-time basis and then discuss some resources available to help you find and land those positions.

ADOS Orders: ADOS Orders, while not “permanent” are a great way to work on a full-time basis for the NG.  I say “permanent” because some ADOS positions expire after a length of time and some are indefinite.  For example, my PSG had worked on ADOS orders within the PA NGB and Counter-Drug Program for 11+ years.  Only just recently was he forced to find an AGR position.  But, for the better half of his career he was able to maintain full-time employment with the NG simply on ADOS orders.  If this appeals to you, talk with your S1 and local recruiters to see where there are some ADOS vacancies.

AGR Positions: While these are far less available than ADOS order positions, they are permanent and provide you a full-time position to serve within the NG.  Same rules apply here…talk with your S1 and others in the “know” to try and secure an AGR position.

Defense Contracting: While it is not necessarily a job within the NG or Reserves, many of my peers who hold degrees in computer engineering and other technological degrees work for companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, etc.  There are many other positions out there that require the special and unique skills that Army Officers have that, while may not be NG or Reserve Employment, are still military related.

RESOURCES:  Here is a great website out there that will help you narrow down these full-time positions within the National Guard and Reserves outside of working with your S1 and recruiters…

Final Thoughts

If you have any added advice or tips for readers, or if you have any questions, just post them below. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “What Resources Are Available for NG and Reserve Officers Without Full-Time Careers”

  1. It really is a matter of doing the research and exploring options. Guard members without full time civilian employment have a number of potential career alternatives, as well some educational opportunities. It sounds like you took advantage of both, Chuck. I have a friend who actually overlapped his civilian job and Guard MOS by being a regional MLRS/HIMARS field specialist with Lockheed Martin as well as field artillery and data system specialist with his unit. He was able to maximize his education, training and experience, as well as benefit his unit and his soldiers with his expertise. It was a win/win situation.

    1. Even with the drawback and budget cuts, there are always positions available. Of course, they might not be delivered to you on a silver platter. It’s still up to you to network and be good at your job, so you can get noticed and take advantage of some of the opportunities out there.

      1. You make an excellent point, Chuck. Opportunities will not come knocking at your door; rather, you have to go find them. Finding resources and opportunities, whether job hunting or exploring educational opportunities, takes a personal investment of hard work, goal-setting, determination and self-discipline. Many give up if they do not find the dream opportunity right away, when anything worth having takes long term commitment. There is no instant gratification when pursuing a better career or educational opportunities.

  2. During my six years in the Army National Guard, I never had full-time work outside the ARNG. Yes, I had a business of my own, but it didn’t require my full-time efforts.

    I guess you could have called me a Guard Bum. I worked on numerous ADOS jobs, went to schools, etc. The opportunities are there if you are good at what you do and are well connected.

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