What Law Guarantees You Get a Pension After 20 Years of Military Service?

To some readers, this might sound like a dumb article.  But I hope you can look at it objectively and share any insights you might have with me.

What Law Guarantees You a Military Pension

Most people join the military knowing that after they do 20 good years, they can retire with a 50% pension.  And if they do more than 20 years, they can earn an even higher percentage.  This was one of the things that initially attracted me to the military when I first joined the Army in 1995.

However, I have a question for you.  Here it is. “Is there a document or regulation anywhere in any government publication or document that explains the rules or laws concerning a military pension and guarantees that your pension is protected?”  Or, is it more of an “unwritten rule” that the government simply follows?

I ask this because in my 15 year military career I never once saw anything that guarantees or explains the rules or laws about a military pension.  Additionally, no one ever sat down with me and showed me where it explains the rule/law concerning military pensions.

Now I’m simply trying to find out so I can educate my website visitors.  If you have any information about this subject, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.  Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “What Law Guarantees You Get a Pension After 20 Years of Military Service?”

  1. Wow, This is an interesting question. I have fairly mulled over this questionable subject. It doesn’t simply fall with the military, yet with government workers all together. Right now, the instructors and police of Puerto Rico (federation of the U.S.) are engaging significant cuts and “burglary” of retirement advantages. It boils down to we as people, assuming that our legislature will make the best decision. Will they?

  2. Now, I am seeing a post that seems quite conspiracal. That is a new word I have developed referring to a conspiracy.

    Yes Chuck, this is a good question. I have somewhat studied this controversial subject. It doesn’t just fall with the military, but with government employees all together. At this moment, the teachers and police of Puerto Rico (commonwealth of the U.S.) are battling major cuts and “robbery” of retirement benefits. It comes down to we as humans, trusting that our government will do the right thing. Will they?

    Amy posted that H.R. 4310 which is not a law saying the government HAS to provide a pension. It just says that these are what SHOULD be.

    This is one huge issue and should be handled by the population immediately.

  3. Amy Skalicky

    The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) provides federal employees with retirement benefits. H. R. 4310: National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is the federal law governing budget and expenditures of United States Department of Defense. In other words, FERS is the “what” and NDAA is the “How much”.

    Two good resources to review regarding military pay are http://www.benefits.gov and Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports. The specific relevant CRS report for FY2013 is RL33446, Military Pay and Benefits: Key Questions and Answers, by Lawrence Kapp.

  4. Great post and very interesting question. Personally I do not know the answer. I’m sure some document has it written somewhere. There’s no way the system could work based on an unwritten rule. But still, I’m not sure.

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