What is the Highlight of Your Military Career and Why?

In a recent survey, I asked  a few of website visitors the following question: “What is the highlight of your military career and why?”  I received some pretty good responses that I shared below.  I have not edited or modified these responses in any way.  Enjoy.

“The highlight of my military career- so far- just finished now in June, when I stepped down as Commander of a Transportation Detachment. This has given me the most satisfaction in my 26 years in the military -20 of them as an enlisted.  I had the opportunity and privilege of leading Soldiers the way I envisioned when I was on the other “side of the fence”, that is, when I was enlisted. I was able to right the wrongs that were done to me, develop Soldiers, and provide them with opportunities in leadership so they could become that “backbone of the Army” in which many officers count on but fail to take care of.”  ~ CPT Josue N.

“Company Command has been, without a doubt, the highlight of my military career.  It’s the first position where my “sphere of influence” has expanded to the point where I can actually see positive change as a direct result of my efforts within the organization.  Being blessed with the opportunity to help soldiers and to mentor junior leaders is also extremely rewarding.  It’s why I became and officer and seems like it took a long time to get there.  I’m headed into my 3rd command and I’m just as excited about this assignment as I was my first.” ~ CPT Patrick D.

“While serving as a Battalion Commander I had the opportunity to serve in every capacity within a Battalion which allowed me to utilize all my skills as a Soldier, and it also provided me the opportunity to teach young people how to be Soldiers–from the pistol ranges or rifle ranges, land navigation ranges, range safety courses, drivers education, combat life-savers courses etc. Soldiers learned by using sand tables to set up perimeter defenses and protective lines of fire to protect FOBs. I also had the privilege and unique opportunity to serve in a joint capacity with Airforce, Navy, and Marines under a multi-compo force of Active Army and Air force Senior Leaders.” ~ JPO

“I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. When my family moved here, I was 13 and did not even know how to speak English. I would have never imagined becoming an Officer in the military. I believe the key moment in my military career was the day I commissioned. My brother, SGT Kim, was my first Salute. I will never forget that day, where my father was standing tall and proud of his two sons. As an immigrant family, we never thought this could happen. But it did. Both of us are serving proudly for this nation. I am looking for a long and meaningful career in the National Guard.” ~ 2LT Israel K.

“The highlight of my military career was driving into Baghdad during the invasion in 2003.  The experience was surreal because I had never seen how powerful the US military was prior to the invasion.  We drove past all of the pieces of destroyed Iraqi equipment for miles. For the first time in my military career, I felt like I was seriously a part of something bigger than my own unit and it was evident when we, as a Patriot unit, were driving in with coalition forces and units that were totally unfamiliar to our world.  The only way that moment could be re-created in my life would be if we were to go to war with another country.  It was terrible while we were there, but in hindsight it was important because I felt like a part of history. ” ~ 1LT Moses W.

“The highlight of my military career was a close tie between my time in Company Command and my deployment to Iraq during OIF1.  What I enjoyed most about the Iraq deployment is that I felt I was part of something significant.  I remember driving through Baghdad in March 2003 with the rest of my unit (4th Infantry Division) and I felt really proud to be a Soldier and Officer.  Our division helped capture Sadaam Hussein.  Four years later I got the opportunity to serve as a Company Commander in a Forward Support Company with the 1/175th Infantry.  As a Company Commander, I had the honor of leading Soldiers and running an organization the way I thought it should be run.  Both positions and experiences were very rewarding and satisfying.” ~ MAJ (former) Charles Holmes, Creator of Part-Time-Commander.com

Final Thoughts

We all have unique experiences and moments that we cherish from our military career.  I would love to learn what the highlight of your military career was and why.  Just leave a comment to this post to share your thoughts.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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5 thoughts on “What is the Highlight of Your Military Career and Why?”

  1. I notice a trend among your personal stories and recollections of most memorable military moments – people recall feeling their most proud when they’ve taken the time to foster greatness in others, or when they feel like they’re part of something greater than themselves. What I get out of this is that it’s not all about self-serving, but being part of a team that achieves something great. This is a valuable lesson we could all be applying to our daily lives.

  2. The highlight of my military career was deployed to Iraq in 2005 for a year. I served as a mortar man and had lots of real world missions. I formed a great brotherhood with my peers and feel like I did something great for my country.

  3. The highlight of my military career was making it home safe from Vietnam. I deployed with the 1st CAV and didn’t think I would make it all the way through. I really enjoyed my military service, but am thankful to be a civilian.

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