What is the Best Military Unit You Ever Served in And Why?

I recently asked some of my email subscribers and website visitors the following question: “What is the best military unit you ever served in and what made it so great?”  Here are some of the responses I received.  If you’re trying to create a “winning” unit, you can learn some valuable lessons from this post.  Enjoy.

“101st Personnel Service Company, 101st Airborne Division. Tradition, purpose, challenge, even to a bunch of paper-pushers, they all make you proud of be part of it.” ~ CPT Josue N.

“The best military unit I’ve ever served with was 2-44 ADA Ft. Campbell, KY from 1998-2000.   We were always ready.  The unit had a poor reputation and the CO and 1SG cleaned house.  The end result was that if you didn’t cut it, you weren’t in the unit long.  The bad influences were promptly removed and replaced with very motivated and ambitious soldiers.  They must have had outstanding support from the BN level.  The training was difficult, realistic, and non-stop.” ~ CPT Patrick D.

“Army Reserve Engineer unit was the best unit that I was ever a member of. The unit members all had civilian acquired skills as plumbers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, and mechanics. They used these skills and they deployed on multiple occasions. This unit is one of the most deployed units in the Army Reserve, and the people in this unit made it great because everyone worked together and would not stop until the mission was complete. ” ~ JPO

– I have to say my current unit, 125th QM Company (Water Storage & Purification). Although my unit is the Water Unit, we are also a Self-Sustaining Unit. We have cooks, Mechanics, Drivers, Human Resources Personnel, Water Specialists, and more. The growth opportunity in my unit is limitless, as long as you stay in shape, commit to drills, and finish your schools. As a Second Lieutenant, I especially like my unit because of the leadership. The Company Commander and the 1SG seem to have a great chemistry working together. My CO delegates tasks to a lower level, which gives opportunities for young LT’s to learn and grow. ~2LT Israel K.

“HHC 1/178th Infantry (Illinois National Guard).  This was the best unit that I ever served in for several reasons.  It seemed to have the perfect mix of young soldiers, combat experience, and open-minded leaders.  I deployed with this unit to Afghanistan and as a mortar FDC Chief. We were able to somehow get rid of all of the dead-weight soldiers before the deployment because they all started “mysteriously” have hearing issues and other ailments.  It allowed us to focus better.  Whenever we were being assessed during Pre-mob, none of the leaders complained when receiving constructive criticism.  They took it as a learning experience and drove on.  During the deployment, I never heard any of the former active duty guys, myself included, talking down to any career National Guard soldiers because we knew we were all there for the same thing.  The teamwork and positive attitudes paid off.  We were engaged by insurgents on several occasions, but our company didn’t lose a single soldier because everyone listened and worked together on the mortar fire missions.” ~1LT Moses W.

“The best unit I ever served in was with the 1/175th Infantry.  During my time as a Company Commander of a Forward Support Company, we were attached to this wonderful infantry battalion.  The battalion had an amazing heritage, high morale and great leadership.   I enjoyed their no-nonsense approach to getting the job done and the pride they had with being infantrymen.  I’ve served in several amazing units, but this was the best unit I ever served in.” ~ MAJ (former) Charles Holmes, Creator of Part-Time-Commander.com

Final Thoughts

These were the responses I received for “What is the best military unit you ever served in and what made it so great?”  I know there are many other great units out there too.  Therefore, I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment to tell us about the best unit you ever served in and what made it so great.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)
Publisher, Part-Time-Commander.com
Email: mrchuckholmes@gmail.com

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6 thoughts on “What is the Best Military Unit You Ever Served in And Why?”

  1. Candace Ginestar

    I never realized it until I left aviation, but the 41st IBCT is widely respected by many, especially due to its history as the 41st infantry division and what they accomplished during WWII. I am proud to be a Jungleer!

  2. I see a common theme that keeps coming up throughout these responses, all touching upon the importance of feeling like a vital member of a thriving team full of dedicated, trustworthy, and dependable individuals. Delegation of authority and feeling empowered to do the job well is also a big contributor to keeping things cohesive and instilling a strong sense of pride and unity.

    1. The key components of a winning team are good leadership, a sense of belonging, and a worthwhile purpose. Good leaders can create that environment for their followers so they can excel and have job satisfaction.

  3. It seems the 101st Airborne shows up on just about anyone’s list of military favorites, including my dad’s, and with good reason. Since they were officially activated at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana in 1942, the Screaming Eagles has been home to many of the most highly-skilled members of the military, including some first-class leaders, in the world. The Division is well-known for its discipline, precision, effective strikes, expertise and dedication. Did you know that the 101st Airborne is the ONLY air assault division in the world?

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