Veterans Helping Bring Puerto Rico Up

I am writing this post on the first day of February, 2018 from my home in Canovanas, Puerto Rico. I can only do so because I installed a solar panel, marine battery and inverter.

We just ate a meal of canned foods that we cooked on a propane stove.

Yes, we are surviving with no electricity and water that comes on and off.

And I read news articles that give the impression it isn’t too bad here. And please forgive me for the anger I am about to emit…

It’s Garbage!

FEMAWhile we are surviving, I look around me at others who are in worse shape. They live in their home with a FEMA tarp over the top. They survive on donations of food, water and clothing while politicians are only concerned about their reputation.

We have a road near here that leads to an area called Palma Sola. Many people had to drive through a dangerous river path to get to their homes there because the bridge was washed out. And the Army Corps of Engineers did rebuild the bridge which was completed a few days ago.

But could anyone use it when finished.

No! Because of political B.S. It seems it would not be used until the mayor of Canovanas, Lorna Soto inaugurated it giving the impression she did something.

And now I hear news that FEMA will stop giving food and water because they say grocery stores are open and the economy needs to be “jump started.” But what about those people who haven’t been able to work because their job left? How will they buy?

Politics Suck!

Okay, I have ranted about the negative side enough. I am now about to hit the positive side and I ask that you send this post to your State’s Senators and Representatives… And to President Trump.

The Best Help For Puerto Rico Has Come From Military Veterans

That IS right!

Veterans who fought for us in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world.

I wrote and published the book Puertorriquenos Who Served With Guts, Glory and Honor. After publishing, I have met many who served… One of which was Jimmy Rivera. Jimmy is a friend of mine on Facebook and he is of Puerto Rican descent. Jimmy lives up in the Big Apple, but he has been a major player in banding Veterans together in solidarity for Puerto Rico.

Jimmy made the trip here to help as have many other Vets. And many of them exclaim that Puerto Rico has been a piece of United States history and the freedoms we have. Puerto Rico deserves the same help given Houston, Florida, California and other mainland States hurt by natural disasters.

But Puerto Rico has been given the short end of the stick.

But not in the hearts of many Veterans…

Let me tell you about some…

Jason Maddy

I have followed Jason on his Facebook page as he has been here in Puerto Rico since just after the Hurricane struck.

You are the man Jason… We thank you for all your work here.

Jason is retired after 14 years with the Army and National Guard. He was a cavalry scout with 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment.

Visit Jason on his Facebook page to give him thanks.

Eric Carlson

Eric is on the left

Eric landed in Mayaguez, a city on the West side of the island. Eric and his team moved inland to the mountains and helped residents use special filters to clean water for drinking. They have been helping citizens clean roads and rebuild homes.

Eric is a 20 year Veteran of the Army. And he started Task Force 75. Check out their Go Fund Me Page here.

Chris Agron

Chris was an Army brat and lived with his family in Puerto Rico when he was young. Chris joined the Army and was stationed in South Korea. He served 4 years.

When Hurricane Maria hit the island he once lived on, Chris felt a huge desire to help, so he self-deployed.

Aiding with food and water supplies, Chris gave hope to many who had lost it.

Jose Lebron

Jose is retired from the United States Air Force and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Upon hearing about the help needed in Puerto Rico, Jose quickly joined up with Jason Maddy’s team.

Thank you Jose and may you be blessed.

Final Thoughts

These are just a slight few of the Veterans helping the people… United States citizens in Puerto Rico.

Guess what? Tears are flowing down my face.

These are the ones who deserve the respect and honor… Not FEMA, not Lorna Soto, Not President Trump… Veterans… Yes Veterans who care.

I wish extra special blessing on these Veterans.

You can help Jason Maddy’s team by donating at this Paypal link:

With the help of these Vets and others who have heard the call… Puerto Rico will come up…

Se Levanta Puerto Rico

Thanks for visiting and please share this with all.



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