Veteran Financial Help: Resources & Good to Know Information

It is my opinion that no veteran should be begging to eat. There is financial help for any person who has served in the armed forces. But many veterans do not know they have these possibilities.

I have decided to go through a plethora of resources and great information so that veterans can get the help they deserve.

Before I provide you with resources that help veterans get financially secure, I want to give you some of the facts…

  • The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs reported that 11% of the homeless population are veterans.
  • There are nearly 4,000,000 veterans with a service connected disability.
  • 1 out of 9 veterans do not have health insurance.
  • And so much more….

While both Chuck and I are veterans and doing okay, there are many other veterans who need a boost up.

You probably know one don’t you? Well, I am here to help you help them. Here are various resources that can and will help veterans.

Check All Of These Financial Resources

I am going to share various organizations that assist veterans financially and in other ways. I will put links to these resources so you can easily help a veteran in need.

Unmet Needs Program From The VFW

Financial difficulty can arise at anytime to any person. The VFW put together this grant program to help military families who have experienced financial hardship as a result of deployment or a military related injury.

You can apply for this grant up to $5,000 here.

American Military Family

This non-profit provides financial assistance to Colorado residing veterans who are enrolled in the American Family GY6 Program.

You can see more by clicking here.

USA Cares

USA Cares is a wonderful operation that has helped thousands of veterans. From things like helping take homes out of foreclosure to getting utility bills paid, USA Cares DOES care about America’s veterans.

If you or someone you know who is a veteran needs financial help, I highly recommend you visit this link and apply for that help today.

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Those who are under the Veteran’s Pension and Survivor’s Pension have the option to get an annuity. These folks will explain taxes and how you can get the most from your pension. Just click here to learn more.

The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs

The V.A. does have various grants and assistance they give veterans. While the process is grueling, it may be well worth your time going through it to see what kind of assistance they can provide to you or your loved ones.

The American Legion

The American Legion has been helping veterans and their families for many years. They do have a financial grant for the children of veterans who are in a hardship state. You can learn more by visiting their website here.

This organization is geared toward helping military members and their families get, and stay out of debt. They offer financial help to veterans and their families.

If you are a veteran and have a load of debt that is weighing you down, I suggest you click here to learn how can help you.

Operation We Are Here

Here is another great resource from some people who had a calling to make a difference in Veteran’s lives. You fought for us, now they are fighting for you.

Just click here to see how Operation We Are Here can help.


While it is not actual financial aid, Lifeline does provide a way that struggling veterans and their families can still have a phone. See more here.

The Red Cross

I thank God above for the Red Cross. When our home burned and we lost everything, the Red Cross arrived with the firetrucks. They gave us food, clothing and even paid for several nights in a motel until insurance kicked in.

The Red Cross will help any veteran in dire need. Just click here to learn more.

Army Emergency Relief

The United States Army takes care of its own. They offer interest free loans, grants and scholarships for soldiers, veterans and their families.

Check out what they can do for you.

Operation First Response

Helping wounded warriors and disabled veterans has been the mission of this organization since its inception. Starting in 2004, Operation First Response has raised over $8,500,000 to help veterans.

See this link.

Salute America’s Heroes

This organization was created to help wounded heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan with their financial problems.

This is a wonderful program and you can learn more here.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Offering a huge range of services and assistance for disabled veterans, DAV is one of the top sources for help.

If you or someone you know is a disabled veteran, I highly suggest you see what can be done by clicking here.

Operation Homefront

This organization has been helping post 9/11 veterans and their families financially for several years. No matter the need, if it is for a post 9/11 veteran, this non-profit will do all they can to help.

Just visit the Operation Homefront website here.

Vantage Mobility

This program helps disabled veterans with mobility issues:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair accessible vans
  • Ramps
  • Etc…

If you or someone you love needs help with mobility and they are a veteran, just click here to learn more.

Final Thoughts

There IS help for American veterans. This is not a complete list either. You can visit all the reference links I put below to see more.

If you feel a calling to help veterans, many of these organizations can use your donations which are normally tax deductible.

Our veterans helped us, so now it is our obligation to help them. No veteran should be homeless, going hungry or suffering from financial issues.

Thank you for visiting today. Please share this with any and all people who have a veteran they know in need.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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  1. Wow, it stood out to me when you mentioned that there are 4,000,000 veterans with service-connected disabilities. I would imagine that many of these veterans have disabilities that are caused by an underlying illness. It seems like it would be a good idea for veterans in this situation to apply for compensation benefits so that they can get the help they need.

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