The Upcoming Presidential Election; What Can We Expect For Our Military?

By Greg Boudonck

With the 2016 Presidential election just weeks away, I thought I would take a close look at what we may be facing in military terms depending on the election results.

To do so, we will look at the past records of the candidates.

This will include statements, voting records, treatment of service members, the opinions of foreign leaders and much more.

More than anything, much of this is my opinion.

Keep in mind that it is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Part Time Commander.

So who are the candidates?

If you don’t know the Republican and Democrat candidates for President, you have been stuffed in a box somewhere.

After all, they have been all over the news.

But do you know who the other candidates are?

Yes, there are more; many more.

Now many States have other people on their ballots.

You do also have the option of writing in a selection.

I am providing the candidates who are on more than 15% of election ballots.

But the candidates are:

  • Hillary Clinton – Democrat
  • Donald Trump – Republican
  • Gary Johnson – Libertarian
  • Jill Stein – Green
  • Darrell Castle – Constitution
  • Roque de la Fuente – Reform
  • Evan McMullin – Independent
  • Gloria la Riva – Socialism and Liberation

So you do have other choices than just Trump and Clinton.

Maybe this is a year that a 3rd party candidate would be wise.

Let’s look at what each one has in their minds for our military, but first let’s see which of these candidates have actually served in the Armed Forces.

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What 2016 Presidential candidates served?

Hillary Clinton has never served in the military and neither has her running mate Tim Kaine.

Donald Trump has never served in the military and his running mate, Mike Pence has never served.

Gary Johnson has never served in the military and his running mate, William Weld has not served either.

Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka have never served in the military.

Darrell Castle was a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. His running mate, Scott Bradley served in the National Guard.

Roque de la Fuente has never served.

Evan McMullin has never served.

Gloria la Riva has never served.

World leader views

Go to any country and the majority of people could actually care less about the U.S. Presidential race.

But when talking with nation leaders, they are paying close attention.

Vladimir Putin of Russia is a Trump supporter because he believes that Trump will be open to a renewed cooperation between the countries.

The majority of European leaders are routing for Hillary.

This is probably because of her time as Secretary of State.

If we were to poll world leaders, I believe we would find the majority of support for Mrs Clinton.

Candidates military outlook

Let’s take a look at the military outlook of each candidate according to their statements.

Hillary states that we need to maintain the best prepared military in the world but like Obama, she is eying cuts in spending.

Many people feel very unclear on how she stands on the military budget, but she does follow a Democrat system which means a cut back.

With the situations we are facing worldwide, is cutting our military wise?

Donald Trump has been difficult to understand when it comes to the U.S. military.

One moment he is saying to cut the military budget and the next he is favoring raising it.

He has said some hard statements about U.S. military subjects, but at least he says what he is thinking.

He has spoke about being hard on Muslims entering the U.S. and at this point in time, that is where the primary attacks are coming from, but is that the answer?

Gary Johnson wants to shut down another 20% of military bases.

He wants us to quit meddling in other fights.

Essentially he wants us to just defend what we have.

And Jill Stein is essentially anti-military all the way around.

So what do we have?

I wonder if the world is looking at the United States and shaking their heads.presidential election

In my opinion, we need Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan.

Who do I support?

It is sad that in our country, 3rd party candidates do not have a better opportunity.

So now my opinion….

Hillary Clinton broke the law.

She knows she broke the law and as the Clinton luck goes, she got away with it.

I do not think that she is a good choice for President.

Remember Benghazi!

And Donald Trump???

A very frightening thought.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have respect for his business wisdom, but his political wisdom is about like me trying to sing. (I spent the money Mom gave me for singing lessons on beer.)

So we go to third parties, and Gary Johnson seems like a wise man, but I do not think he has our defense and security completely in check.

Jill Stein???

Peace, Love, Flower Power and no military.

Yea sure that will work.

I like Darrell Castle and his running mate, but does he have a complete picture of everything.

Nope, the best candidate in my opinion is … Evan McMullin.

Evan worked for the CIA for years and he understands the needs both militarily and civilian of our country with security.

So Evan is my choice.

I am putting the websites of each candidate in my order of preference.

Please study them all.

And tell us your thoughts and if the election process was better able to support third party candidates, who would you choose?

  1. Evan McMullin –
  2. Darrell Castle –
  3. Donald Trump –
  4. Gary Johnson –
  5. Hillary Clinton –
  6. Roque de la Fuente –
  7. Jill Stein –
  8. Gloria Estela la Riva –

Final Thoughts

This election has many emotions coming out.

  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Suspense
  • Sadness
  • Humor

Whatever happens, we must realize that we control this nation and not the President.

Tell us your thoughts.

You can post all comments and questions below.

I also want to ask you to please vote.

Refusing to vote, in my opinion, gives you no right to “bitch” about the outcome.

I have confronted people with this before.

They start talking bad about the administration and I ask them who they voted for; when they say they didn’t, I just ask them why they are whining.

Also, don’t buy into the talk that by voting 3rd party you are throwing your vote away.

If more people would study the candidates instead of just voting for a party, we would have better politicians in the seats.

Again, just my opinion.

What is your opinion?

Thank you.

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