Is The United States Arming Current Or Future Enemies?

As President Trump takes the role of the primary leader of the United States, I see he has to make some quick decisions on actions his predecessor, or should I say predator took before leaving office.

I know that President Trump declared that he would remove the budget cuts instituted on United States military so we can again build the strongest forces in the world.

I have just viewed another piece of information that causes me deep concern, and it should many other people.

Take a look back not many years ago

Just not too many years ago, many soldiers were killed or injured as they were deployed to Vietnam. My uncle was one of those who fought bravely in a situation that many say we should have never entered.

Did we win?

No, we left and the communist factions took control of this small Asian nation.

Arming Vietnam

President Obama made a decision that probably has many soldiers (excuse me), rolling frantically in their graves.

He lifted the ban on selling arms to Vietnam.

Yes, you heard that right, arms can now be sold to the same people who killed many of our troops.

Some people claim it is a tactic to keep China at bay, but wasn’t China helping the Vietnamese Communists in Vietnam?

The experts??? say that by arming these smaller Asian nations we will keep China from “strong-arming” Asia and the South China Sea.

Have not we learned?

It seems that we have done moves such as this before and they come back and bite us.

If the American people realized how many of the arms manufactured in the United States are in the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS), they would scream.

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Stop arming the enemy

I call upon President Trump to take a look at where we are allowing arms to be sold to.

We must keep our arms in the hands of Americans and tried and true American allies like Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

While it may cut revenues of arms manufacturers, we must stop providing these weapons to potential enemies.

And that goes with domestic enemies too.

I am all for gun rights, but if a soldier walks into an F.B.I. office and claims they are hearing voices telling them to fight for ISIS, do you really think his gun rights should be left intact?

The scenario in Fort Lauderdale would never have happened if there were measures to disarm a potential enemy.

Some places where we may be arming those who could use them against us in the future

Many Americans are uniformed about who we support and where we send money and arms.

Other people are simply apathetic and assume that our government is always doing the right thing.

It is our responsibility to “keep tabs” on our government and the moves they are making.

After all, how many of you did know that Obama lifted the ban of selling arms to Vietnam?

I am going to provide you a list of countries, regimes and potential terrorists who are purchasing or receiving arms from the United States.

You be the judge whether these people should be handling United States manufactured weaponry.

  • Afghanistan: This volatile country is a major exporter of heroin and opium. In an attempt to fight the Taliban, we keep giving arms to those we consider are our allies, but are secretly working with, or are drug lords themselves. It would probably make the American public scream if they actually knew how many of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan were killed by a United States manufactured weapon.
  • Brazil: Not spoken of much, we send many arms to this South American nation, but do we really know how corrupt the government is in Brazil? How many of these weapons are handed to enemies of the U.S.?
  • Cambodia: While I don’t believe we still supply this nation with arms, there are many live land mines all across this country killing innocent people. The mines were given to the Khmer Rouge from the U.S. and Britain.
  • Haiti and the Dominican Republic: It IS the United States who keeps this Caribbean island at odds against each other. We support one leader until he turns against us, and then we hand weapons to another one. And we wonder why there are murders here in Puerto Rico with American made military weapons. They came with Dominicans across the Mona Channel.
  • Iraq: For years we supplied Saddam Hussein with arms that were used against us. So now we supply a new government with arms. Do we really believe they won’t be used against us too?
  • Korea: In an effort to keep the Communist North Koreans at bay, we supply weapons to South Koreans. But many of these South Koreans are committing atrocities using weapons we supplied them.
  • Mexico: many people do not know this, but the Los Zetas drug cartel was formed by Mexican security forces who were trained by United States Special Forces at Fort Benning and Fort Bragg. We also supplied this organization who is a major supplier of drugs to the U.S. with weapons.
  • The Philippines: Another highly quiet location is this Pacific island that has received American arms for years; just to use them on their own people.
  • Syria: And, all those weapons we sent to this country that are now being used by ISIS. It makes me sick.

We supply arms to Pakistan… Is that wise?

We give arms to Turkey… No wonder that Russia is angry with us. Was it one of our missiles that shot down the Russian plane?

We give arms to Saudi Arabia… While considered the most stable of Middle East nations, how long will that last?

I believe that

we should completely halt the sale of arms to nations who have any possibility of using them against us.

That may be easier said than done, but it is high time we start building our defenses and quit worrying about everyone else.

Final Thoughts

I know that this opinion of mine may cause great debate.


That is how we are able to get changes for the common good of the United States people.

So chime in and give your opinion and please share this on all social media channels so we can get all opinions.

And it would be great if President Trump would come in with his opinion.

If you will share this with him, that would be great.

Thanks for your time, and please subscribe so you can keep up to date on new posts as we write them.

Have a great day.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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