The Uniform That Won: Army Pink And Green

Is the United States Army going “sissy?”

That is what some are saying as I look at various forums.

But why do they say this?

It seems the Sergeant Major of the Army is backing a change to the pink and green uniform. And we know what some people think about the color pink.

But isn’t it true that “real men” can wear pink and “real women” can wear green?

You can see the proposed Pink and Green uniforms modeled here at the Army/Navy football game in December of 2017… By the way, Army won!

Why Change To A Pink And Green Uniform?

The uniform you see that may very well become a part of the dress of United States Army soldiers and officers, is not new. It is actually retro.

It goes back to World War II. When there was huge motivation to be the best Army in the world, the dress was pink and green. And no one looked down upon our military men for wearing them.

Sergeant Major of the Army, Dan Dailey believes the iconic uniform will instill a sense of pride in Army soldiers and officers because of the historical significance behind the uniform.

Troop Support

But do the troops who will be wearing pink and green support the change?

In polls, troops DO support the change. Yes, the fact of adding another dress uniform to their closet seemed to be the only issue shown. And because there were so many styles of uniforms during World War II, it was agreed that they wanted it to be as close to the uniform that General George Marshall wore when he was Army Chief of Staff.

But The Cost?

I love how Sergeant Major Dailey answered the cost issue… After all, the Army is working hard at making combat soldiers more lethal. The costs involved with better weapons and training are high.

But as Dailey stated, “Is there any right time to change uniforms? Costs will always be a debate, but if it raises morale by having the men and women who wear the uniforms look back on how the Army was at its best during World War II, it is the proper time.”

The fact is, you can give soldiers the best tools and equipment, but if they have low morale, those tools are meaningless.

Headgear change too

Have you noticed how some privates shape their beret? Doesn’t it make you feel like grabbing it off their head and molding it properly so it fits and looks sharp?

Well, enough of the beret.

With the Army Pinks and Greens will come new headgear. Privates will have the Garrison cap that will not hold the issues the berets do. For officers and NCOs, the new headgear will be a crush cap.

Take A Look And Read A Tweet

Here is a Tweet by Dailey and the image attached:

It’s always great when we have the opportunity to share our Pink & Green uniform prototypes with #Congress and the #American public! These Soldiers do a great job showcasing our pre-decisional options #armystrong #SoldierForLife @PEOSoldier @USArmy

Final Thoughts

Well, now it is time for the uniform debate… Let’s hear your thoughts on the change.

Personally, I like the sharp new look. But I am really interested in knowing other opinion.

Please share your opinions below and share this post with others.

Thank you!

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chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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2 thoughts on “The Uniform That Won: Army Pink And Green”

  1. Thoughts:
    The uniform is actually an officer’s. EM & NCOs wore brown over brown, no pinks.
    The 50 mission crush hat was worn by AAF only. It was to distinguish them from the ground pounders but also to accommodate the headphones worn in aircraft. Back then there were no special flight suits. Crew basically wore their everyday uniforms, including the overseas hat with crush.
    Other than that, great idea, infinitely better than wearing blues as daily business wear.

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