Trump, Cruz, Hillary or Bernie: What will the face of the military look like under each of these distinctly different Commanders -In-Chief?

Guest Post By: Cissy Marcionette

As we rapidly approach the 2016 Presidential election, we face an onslaught of issues to consider. Ultimately we will be deciding who will take this country “home”, or will legislatively “crush” its core…

Each of us has to make that choice, where do we go from here?

In researching these four candidates for President, it was abundantly obvious that whomever we choose, whether it be a Republican or a Democrat, it will decide the future of the United States of America.

And… in our decision for President, make no mistake that the military forces, that protect our great country, are at stake.

The military platform of the Republicans vs. the Democrats, is so diametrically averse to each other, that to wander into the wrong camp, could spell disaster. Life as we know it, here in America, could look very different, and in a relatively short amount of time. We must grow our military and start leading again and I don’t mean from behind… our very existence depends on it.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”-Ronald Reagan

Yes, there is some common ground, especially when it comes to our Veterans. All candidates seem favorable when it comes to taking better care of our Veterans, especially when it comes to medical and mental care issues. Everyone seems to agree that the VA administration, including the VA hospitals, both need a complete overhaul. There has got to be better accountability, not only within the government but to the Veterans as well.

The trick is…who do you believe and which candidates will really deliver what they promise? Yes, “A better life for our Veterans” is an age old promise by politicians, but one that is absolutely critical to the lives of all soldiers. It’s time to stop the “lip service” and deliver on those promises.

Issues that the two parties are in complete disagreement over:

  • How to not only build the military force in this country back to Ronald Reagan times, but also “when to use it”. Our adversaries are “knocking on our door,” what will it take to make the President step in and secure the homeland?
  • The nuclear deal with Iran is a hotbed of disagreement between the parties.
  • Rebuilding the military… how to bring our military and defense systems up to todays standards of modernization, which would entail building our aircraft, naval ships and missile defenses back to a strong, powerful and reliable force.
  • There is also strong disagreement on whether to restore active-duty troops to the times of President Reagan, some candidates believe in Isolationism, while others believe in protecting the homeland by fighting our wars abroad, rather than on our home turf.
  • What is the importance of making High Altitude Area Defense Systems ready and operable? What about Cyber attacks that deter our enemies from potentially taking this country down without even a single shot? Not all sides agree on how to handle any of these issues.
  • Supporting Israel… What level of commitment should be dedicated to having each other’s “Six”? Where does our responsibility begin and end when it comes to protecting and/or restoring peace and security to our ally?
  • When to use “force” and when to “talk” … What action should be taken when a “Red Line is drawn in the sand?” What would you do? Which side of the “Red Line” do you stand on?

It is not only a profound difference in how each of the two parties would shape the face of the military, once in office, but it also differs within each of the parties as well.

The Republican View:

Take the Republican Party, what about Trump vs. Cruz when it comes to their pledge to America, to protect and defend? It seems to me that it lies more with the “style” with which they would govern, more than the substance of what each of them stands for.

Both candidates vow to build and strengthen our military back to the force that it was, back in the Reagan years. After inheriting a badly depleted military from the Carter Administration, Ronald Reagan brought us back to the bold, and honorable military that was once again, feared by our foes but respected by the world.

Unfortunately, we are now at an all time low in active-duty military personnel, as well as having to deal with a badly aged arsenal of aircraft, vessels, tanks, etc. to boot. Our equipment is older now than the soldiers that operate it.

Both Trump and Cruz have pledged to raise the money, while protecting our children’s future, to ensure that we are not only protected but that we remain a dominant force whilst China, Russia, Iran and other world powers increasingly gain in military strength.

Whether it’s Trump’s outlandish bravado that speaks to you, or Cruz’s gentle, constitutional law that ensures a better America for you, you can bet that when it comes to making the military strong, powerful and a force to be reckoned with in the world… one of these two guys is your choice.

Both Republican candidates assure that Isis will be swiftly dealt with and eradicated. Let’s face it, If the U.S. withdraws from the Middle East, the radical jihadists will not be content to stay there, they will only attack our allies in the region and beyond and eventually… they’ll come here.

The next big item on Obama’s agenda, that Cruz and Trump are in agreement about appealing is the Iranian Nuclear Deal. They both see the need to prioritize American national security and protect ourselves from the development capabilities that Obama has now put in the grasp of the Ayatollahs.

Trump and Cruz are also both on the same page as far as strengthening our strategic forces. The triad capabilities that has served us so well since the end of WWII, in deterring a nuclear catastrophe is slipping away. The triad… consisting of submarines, long range bombers, and missile silos is rapidly approaching the end of its service life and will require modernization.

Both candidates agree that it is imperative to build our military strength back, and scale back on the bloated bureaucracy and social experiments. The United States must have a decisive advantage militarily, as China, Russia, Iran, etc. all move rapidly towards our demise.

Let us all remember… If you think that defending the country is expensive, try NOT defending it!

Freedom Is Not Free… This, Trump and Cruz understand completely!

The Democratic View:

And then there was Bernie vs. Hillary, two candidates that hold many of the same views, as well as ideologies in their outlook for the country and specifically our military.

Both tout very strong programs for the Veterans, which is to be applauded, especially where their medical care and traumatic rehabilitation is concerned. They both champion strong support for not only Veterans but also for their families, including boosting support for spousal jobs, as well as childcare funding for those left behind.

Both Bernie and Hillary have served on the Armed Forces Committees as senators. Bernie served as the first Democrat to ever chair the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. He remained chairman until 2014, at which time Republicans took over after they gained control of the Senate.

Hillary also served as a member of the Armed Forces Committee and also pushed for swift changes helping Veterans with such life challenges as PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. She also expanded healthcare coverage for reservists and National Guard.

As President, Hillary wants to fundamentally reform Veterans healthcare to ensure timely care, while blocking all efforts to privatize the VA. She would also like to ensure that women and LGBT veterans have access and services as needed.

Hillary is also looking to modernize veteran’s benefits across the government by implementing the “New Bradley Plan”. This plan, named after General Omar Bradley, who helped solve the multitude of problems that veterans faced in getting care and benefits after WWII. The plan will supposedly end the claims appeals backlog, through initiatives that streamline these claims and simplify the process, making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Both Bernie and Hillary appear to be very motivated in further building our volunteer forces, National Guard and reservists. However, when it comes to building our military forces, it’s another story. Both claim that we will be feared and strong again, when it comes to protecting the homeland but neither wants to support “Boots on the Ground” …

Bernie and Hillary both seem much more interested in “Negotiating with our foes,” than standing our ground, at least defensively. They both say they believe in a strong defense, but don’t support the defense budget and call it bloated, even as we stand ready with less of a force, in all branches of the military, than we had prior to WWII.

Bernie and Hillary also stand strong on the issue of defeating ISIS. They both agree that we will eradicate this enemy, but we will not be the ones to lead the charge. In other words, if the Middle East is not willing to “Pony Up” their own forces and militia’s, then we aren’t willing to put our troops in harms way to do it for them. But… what happens when they are on our doorstep? Do they really think that ISIS will only destroy the Middle East? Look what’s happening in Europe because of their “Non-Action”!

In Bernie Sanders view of the military… “He finds the military out of step with what Americans really want, such as sending their kids to college, taking care of the elderly and repairing the country’s crumbling infrastructure”.

In other words, Bernie thinks that the government paying for our children’s college tuition and taking care of our roads and infrastructure is more on the minds of Americans than is protecting the homeland and raising our children to take care of themselves… while only asking for help, when they really need help?

Bernie is only interested in using our military as an “absolute last resort,” leaving our citizens to protect themselves, where many of our protections have been stripped away from us already, by a government that gives everyone their rights, except the Americans who earned them! Including the troops that fought for those rights.

Hillary Clinton is not far behind Bernie in stepping up to the plate with troops… both candidates are a bit on the “Isolationists” side of the military platform, which may not always work so well in the world of increasing world tensions, cyber attacks and military foes that are increasingly building their own militaries, as the U.S. stands idly aside.

One of the last issues that the two are in agreement over is the Iran Nuclear Agreement, whereas the U.S. just handed over $165 Billion to Iran, originally slated to be $145 Billion. Some how there was a bit of an overpayment, which no one seems to be able to offer up an explanation on?

The two candidates both profess that giving Iran Nuclear weapons will be our main priority. However, when negotiations ended, the U.S. not only walked away without a single win in our column, but also gave the Iranians much more leeway than originally presented to the American public.

Note: It is well worth every Americans time to really scour what the Iranian deal really entailed. I think you would be shocked as to what we really gave up… not only in treasure, but also in our homeland security. Believe me, the clock is ticking on restrictions that will eventually be lifted, leaving the U.S. as well as Israel very venerable to a nuclear attack.

Final Thoughts:

Where you or I stand in the political theatre, that is Washington these days, is not the real issue at hand. Yes,

It will most definitely shape the very fabric and future of this country, depending on what comes from the Presidential election of 2016!

The real issue is the ideology that we as Americans will choose to live by. Will we return to the Super-Power that we once were, full of pride and respect that Americans enjoyed worldwide, or we will simply slip away under a Commander-In-Chief that doesn’t see protecting the homeland and showing leadership across the world as an urgent priority for the United States?

The Republicans vs. The Democrats has always represented a world of difference when it came to handling the military, social services, social programs, etc., etc. However, in 2016, after 7+ years under a crushing Obama Administration, the future looks to be “more of the same”, and in some instances even worse, if a democrat is victorious.

We need to wake up and grow our military once again. We need to expand our missile defense network by building a site on the East Coast in order to better protect the entire country from any rogue, accidental or systemic ballistic missile attacks.

We need to look to Ronald Reagan’s brainchild – To have a defensive weapon so powerful that it negates our enemies’ strongest offensive capabilities – for example… deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system to South Korea, and partner as closely as possible with the Israelis as they implement Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and Arrow 2&3. This my friends would not only deter South Korea, but would also send a strong message to our enemies such as North Korea and Iran.

We have also got to restore pride and honor to our active-duty troops. No more suffering at the hands of those that may deploy “fly overs” of our destroyers, while having to stand down and watch, as our adversaries laugh at what has become of this great military that was once feared, yet respected across the world!

No more having to endure the TV news programs that show our troops being taken, down on their knees, hands interlocked behind their heads, in full surrender… all without being able to fire a single shot, or able to make any aggressive move at all, in fear that we might “offend” our enemies.

And then we apologize on top of that… Really?

Whatever your view, whatever your ideology, we need to take a long look at what our country stands for. Ask yourself, are we better off today than in times past? When you look into the eyes of your children, is it really dependence upon the government that you want to teach them, or is it strength in themselves, with a strong country behind them that will protect and defend them at every turn that you would prefer?

We not only owe it to all those who died to give this country the freedom to be great, but we owe it to our children to keep it great!

Your Vote Will Count This November… Make our Soldiers Lives Count…

May I remind you… “All Gave Some… Some Gave All”



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