Troops to Teachers Program: Facts and Overview

The United States is in the midst of a terrible problem…

While many of you are aware of the news on North Korea, Russia and other mainstream issues, one problem sitting like a time-bomb set to explode is lack of teachers in the educational system.

It seems there are many factors keeping many younger university students from choosing to take teaching as a career choice:

  • Pay rates
  • Politics involved in the education system
  • Lack of support for disciplinary procedures
  • and Danger

I had to state the last one because so many schools have become dangerous institutions.

To be quite honest, many experienced teachers will tell you they would feel safer teaching in a prison than in the public school system.

The estimated rates of teacher shortages are frightening to say the least. (See the graph at the right.)

Do We Need The National Guard In The Schools?

Maybe I am stretching the message slightly with that headline.

This IS a subject that is close to my heart.

You see, I live in Puerto Rico and my mate Maggie is a retired special education teacher. She has shared her teaching experiences with me and one that always will be remembered is her early teaching days when she taught in a school that had children from 2 different public housing units (Caserios).

The school was between the 2 housing units and drug dealers and gang members occupied these buildings.

They were competitors in selling drugs and there would be shots fired consistently. The thing is, the shots were being fired from one Caserio to the other – with the school in the middle.

Maggie would have to cover the children and pray.

What teacher would do that for $19,000 per year? Maggie did!!

Well, long story short, she is retired now and many other teachers are doing the same. And potential new teachers have decided on other career paths.

But an idea formed and it may just be the answer to this huge issue… Troops To Teachers.

After all, you have former soldiers who understand discipline and danger and have the desire to teach our children.

So I am going to give you some basic facts and an overview of the Troops To Teachers program. Maybe it is something you will feel called to do.

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Troops To Teachers Program Overview

This program was established back in 1993, and it has helped veterans have a career once leaving the military and students and schools who are suffering teacher shortages.

Originally, funding for the program was split equally between the Departments of Education and Defense. In 2013, all funding and oversight was put on the Department of Defense.

In doing so, day to day operations and management is performed through DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support).

The goals of DANTES are:

  • Lower unemployment rates among veterans.
  • Improve the nation’s education system by providing dedicated, motivated and experienced personnel to teach.
  • Increase minority and male teachers.
  • And solve the issues of teacher shortages in high risk, low income schools.

DANTES is headquartered in Pensacola, Florida. DANTES does not provide teacher certification but when a potential veteran agrees to participate as a teacher, the program will take all steps and help that individual get certified.

Troops To Teachers Program Facts

I am going to bullet point many facts about this program. If you want to know more, I suggest you visit the DANTES website which is the 1st link in the reference section at the end of this post.

  • If you agree to teach 3 years at an eligible school, you can receive up to $5,000 for expenses as a bonus.
  • If you choose a high needs school, that bonus can climb to $10,000 for a 3 year agreement.
  • You must have separated from the military after October 1st, 1990.
  • The member must have had an honorable discharge.
  • For an academic position, you must have at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.
  • You must meet all DoDDS requirements for employment.
  • For Career Technical Education, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent and completed a training program in that area.
  • For both academic or technical, the individual must agree to work with a teacher-mentor.

Some other facts that many people have misinterpreted

I have read some articles where people actually think this is being done to get more soldiers.

I can’t even answer that notion without the thought of hitting the person with a “stupid stick.”

  • These men and women are not Department of Defense employees when they accept the position. They are employees of the school district.
  • Troops to Teachers doesn’t issue teaching licenses; they help and advise participants on the steps to take.
  • By registering, a person is not agreeing to teach 3 years. The 3 year stipulation comes when funding is accepted.
  • Troops to Teachers do not force people to teach in a school they are not comfortable with.


Overall, the Troops To Teachers program is a viable method to solve teacher shortages and decrease veteran unemployment.


So if you come across any writers, bloggers or social media “know it all” who is writing conspiracy theories about this wonderful program, please lead them to this post.

Let’s all get behind Troops To Teachers. A great way to Keep America Great for generations to come.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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