6 thoughts on “Transition from AKO to DoD Enterprise Email”

  1. I can understand the frustrations with this change completely.

    Email is a huge part of communication and so is a certain level of security in the armed forces. I am surprised to see this change taking place.

  2. I am amazed also at this sudden change. It will be a difficult situation for many, as switching eMail can be a nerve racking experience. I am also in full agreement with Amy, the cloud seems so great right now, but I see many issues coming in the future. I have been studying habits of the robots and there have been robots via China working very hard at finding hacks and back-doors into the clouds. They will find them, it is inevitable. Be careful what information you are putting out in cloud bases. Just my opinion.

  3. Amy Skalicky

    The cloud saves money and increases storage space, but I’m having trouble with the security aspects. When information is stored in the cloud, you have no idea where it is, and is often stored outside your own country. Standard security measures, such as encryption, are in place, but the efficacy of these measures is not yet clear. Accessing your email via mobile devices will be different, as well, for the IMAP/POP features is gone. Supposedly the DoD has a program that will enable mobile access; however, my understanding is that this will only be available on approved devices.

  4. Sometimes the Army never ceases to amaze me. Whenever they change current programs or create new ones, it’s as if they forget about the Reserves and National Guard personnel. Transitioning to a new email is pretty easy for the Active Duty folks, but it’s much more difficult for the part-timers.

    I remember when AKO first came out. We were all required to get one. Now things are changing again. Who knows what’s next.


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