Top Five Military Websites

There are a host of military websites and blogs that are geared towards helping Soldiers, giving information, leadership development, and many other facets of military service.  How do you even narrow down where to start? I admit, even I am overwhelmed at what to look at first.

If I am looking for information on a specific topic, usually I will Google something and then click around the top choices and see if it fits my needs. That’s actually how I stumbled onto this site initially. What is referred to as “milblogging” has grown exponentially in the last decade. That being said, here are my top five military blogs/websites.

#1 Citizen Soldier Resource Center

Of course I am biased.  But I did notice every time I searched for information on leadership development, most of it was geared towards active duty. There were no real resources for those of us in the reserve component, and there is a lot about us that is different from the regular Army! This site has huge potential and I see it continuing to grow day by day.

#2 Duffel Blog (SATIRE!!!)

I enjoy a good laugh, and The Onion is one of my favorite sites to check up on. The Duffel Blog is the military version of The Onion, and I promise you will laugh if you enjoy satire. The military community has a great sense of humor, and this blog will provide you with more humor than you can handle.  With titles like “Former E-1 Hired as Military Consultant on New Action Film,” You can be sure you will want to share these on your Facebook, and count how many people think they are real stories.

#3 Platoon Leader

This resource requires an AKO account and is a great resource for future and new junior officers to read, and participate in a leadership forum just for them. I belonged to NCO Net when I was an NCO, and I find this to be the same type of thing.

#4 KABOOM : A Soldier’s War Journal

This blog is one of many Soldier-run blogs out there, and I am sure that I’ve missed some great ones. I read this blog back in the day, and if you heard anything about it, you’ll know that it got made into a book and the former LT got shut down from continuing this blog. Agree or disagree with what this guy says, or if you think Soldiers should be writing blogs like this, he’s a great writer with a penchant for the ironic. Enjoy!

#5  Army Publishing Directorate

This website is a lifesaver. If you don’t know about it by now, click on it immediately and check out all the publications you have access to. This website will save you, guaranteed.

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of resources to help us as leaders, and a welcome reprieve from work to make us laugh.  What is your favorite military website?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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7 thoughts on “Top Five Military Websites”

  1. I am another fan of Chick’s blog, Part time Commander. As a freelance writer, I do find myself searching military blogs and websites from time to time. These are a few that I have used and feel they have good information:

    These are just a few of the sites I have used. Have any of you used them? Comments or critiques are very welcome, because if I am using a site that has misguided or incorrect information, I would like to know it beforehand.

    Thank you.

  2. Admittedly, I don’t know much about military websites, and the term “milblogging” was totally new to me until reading this article. I’ve only recently stumbled upon and I gotta say, I really love the leadership advice that’s being shared because it pertains to nearly every type of leadership situation, not just military ones. Leadership is a responsibility, not a role, and I love that understands this distinction and passes along valuable information to help foster this understanding in others.

  3. definitely gets my vote! I also like the Army Publishing Directorate because it has every piece of documentation that anyone, leaders and their soldiers, could ever need all in one place. It is easy to navigate, and the search feature is precise.Two other websites that I highly recommend taking the time to visit are the History of War at, which has everything a military history buff could ever want.

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