Top Army JARGON, Slang Words and Acronyms

In today’s post I want to share some of the top Army JARGON, acronyms and slang words of all time.  Jargon is defined as “special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.”

If you’ve spent any time in the Army at all, you’ll problem know most of these terms.  And for someone who has never served in the Army before, many of these slogans and terms will be difficult to understand.   This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point.  The terms are in no particular order.

Disclaimer: Adult humor with some cussing and swear words. If you are offended easily, please hit the back button.  You have been warned.

  1. WTF – What the fuck
  2. I’ve Got Your Six – I’ve got your back
  3. Ate Up – Someone who isn’t squared away
  4. Blue Falcon – Buddy fucker; someone who screws over their buddy for personal gain
  5. High Speed – Someone who is squared away, proficient at their job and reliable
  6. PX Ranger – Someone who buys awards and badges they aren’t authorized at the PX and wears them
  7. Soup Sandwich – Something messed up
  8. Balls to the Walls – Going all out
  9. POG – Person other than grunt
  10. Chairborne Ranger – Someone who sits at a desk and thinks they are gung-ho
  11. Charlie Foxtrot – Clusterfuck; really messed up situation
  12. Command Private Major – Slang word for Specialist
  13. Echo Tango Suitcase – Slang words for ETS, Ended Time in Service
  14. Fart Sack – Sleeping bag
  15. Fourth Point of Contact – The buttocks
  16. Front Lean and Rest Position – The pushup position
  17. GI – a slang word for government issue
  18. Jacked Up – Screwed Up
  19. Jodie – A man who steals a soldier’s wife/girlfriend while he is deployed or away
  20. Leg – Soldiers who haven’t been to airborne school
  21. O Dark Thirty – Early in the morning
  22. Snivel Gear – Anything used to keep you warm
  23. Spook – Someone who collects intelligence
  24. Suck it Up – Deal with it
  25. Two Beer Queer – Someone who gets drunk easily
  26. Weekend Warrior – Someone serving in the National Guard or Army Reserve
  27. Black Hat – Airborne Instructor
  28. First Daddy – First Sergeant
  29. Platoon Daddy – Platoon Sergeant
  30. Spec 4 Mafia – A group of low ranking Soldiers who aren’t motivated to help out
  31. Battle Rattle – Your combat gear
  32. K-POT – Your Kevlar or helmet
  33. 5 Jump Chump – Someone with the minimum amount of airborne jumps
  34. Brokedick – Someone always on sick call or with a profile
  35. Power Point Ranger – Someone who is a master at Power Point Slides
  36. Ring Knocker – West Point Graduate
  37. Short Timer – Someone set to retire or ETS in the next 90 days
  38. Big Chicken Dinner – Bad Conduct Discharge
  39. Class 1 Download – Pooping
  40. Good Ole Boys – A group of people who look out for each other

There you have it folks.  These are my top 40 Army Jargon, acronyms and slang words.  What is your favorite one on this list?  Which ones did I leave out?  Just leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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1 thought on “Top Army JARGON, Slang Words and Acronyms”

  1. Great post! My favorite on the list? “Class 1 download” for sure, with “Command Private Major” as a close second. Don’t forget “BC Glasses,” for those stylish military-issue glasses that serve as the ultimate birth control device. And counting time by saying “three days a wake-up.” Is “hurry up and wait” still considered jargon? I don’t know. It’s “above my pay grade.”

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