Top 5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Army Soldiers

Today, I’d like to share what I believe are the top 5 wedding gifts for Army Soldiers.  If you know someone in the Army who is about to get married, and you plan on attending their wedding, you will want to get them a nice, yet affordable wedding gift.  Therefore, I’d like to share a few wedding gift ideas to get you thinking.

# 1 Cash

Cash is king!  Quite perhaps the best wedding gift you can give someone is cash.  That way they can use the cash however they want, either to pay for the wedding or honeymoon, to save for retirement or anything else.  This is the one gift you can’t go wrong with!  Whenever you are unsure about what to get a couple, give them cash!

wedding gift ideas
Top 5 wedding gift ideas for military

# 2 Gift Cards

If you don’t want to give cash, gift cards are always a great thing.  Find out where the couple likes to shop and get them a gift card to their favorite business.  This could be a retail store, a restaurant, movie theater, or whatever else they might enjoy.

# 3 Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are great.  These are gifts with the couple’s initials or names on them. Or even a framed photograph of them together.

# 4 Photo Album

If you are the artistic type, you could make a custom photo album with pictures of the couple in it.  You could get photos from their friends and family and create a photo album for them.

# 5 Cool Gadgets

If the couple getting married is into technology, you could get them a neat high-tech gadget.  This might be a new cell phone, IPAD, juicer, IPOD or anything else.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my top 5 wedding gift ideas for Army Soldiers.  If you know someone in the Army who is getting married, the best thing you can do is ask them what they want/need for a gift, especially if they don’t have a gift registry at a store.  That way you can get the couple something they need and want.

If you are wondering how much to spend on the wedding gift, I always tell people to spend what you can afford.  If you are on a budget, a nice gift in the range of $25 to $100 will do perfectly fine.  Don’t spend yourself broke on a wedding gift.  And if you have ZERO funds available, just make the couple a nice wedding gift.

On a side note, what are your thoughts?  What do you think are the best wedding gift ideas for Army Soldiers?  Just leave a comment to share your thoughts. If you have any questions, you can post them here too.

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Army Soldiers”

  1. When my nephew whose in the military got married, I was at a loss for gift ideas that would be really special for him and his wife. I wish I had known about my dreamlines. This company offers personalized sketches of both the bride AND groom's wedding attire. My nephew was so handsome in his dress uniform. This gift would have been perfect for them.

  2. Katelyn Hensel

    I’ve rarely seen a couple getting married in this day and age who don’t have a gift registry. As a recurring bridesmaid, these things are key to getting the bride and groom something that they will want forever as opposed to selling at next year’s garage sale. I highly endorse the cash option you’ve got up there. Many couples put themselves into debt to pay for the wedding (not so smart…but it happens) giving cash could help them dig themselves out or help them save for that down payment on their house. Either way, a great option.

  3. Nice post, Chuck. I think a good idea on the topic of Army weddings is the aspect of the “bride’s day”. We all know that the wedding is all for her. I think a great gift idea is an actual Military style. Some brides really like the idea of having a military style wedding full of Army tradition. I would say the best part is the end, walking beneath the archway of crossed sabers…and she will greatly surprised when she is swatted on the toosh on her way out!

    1. Great points, Justin. You are right, the wedding day is for the woman. I’ve been to some military style weddings myself and really enjoyed them. They are very fun and full of a rich tradition. It’s not for every bride though. The best thing a guy can do is ask his bride what type of wedding she wants. That way she is happy with the whole thing.

      1. See, as a woman, I think it’s unfortunate that weddings have turned into the bride’s event. I totally see your points on this subject. The wedding is the first major event for a couple, and ideally, it should be planned by both parties, in a way that is pleasing for both. Personally, if I were getting married and my husband-to-be wanted a traditional military wedding, I would love it. I don’t think the event would be enjoyable unless he were happy too.

        1. I think you’re the first woman I’ve ever talked to who even CONSIDERED her husband’s point of view on their wedding day. It’s normally ONLY about what the woman wants.

          1. Really? That’s too bad. Weddings are such a big source of stress for the new couple, and it’s really a no-brainer. It becomes about the event, and the meaning seems to get left out. I think couples would be starting out on more solid ground–and in less debt–if they got back to the basics.

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