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Big transition and big change are never easy for anyone. This is especially true of military personnel making the transition from military to civilian, and finding a job or new career. And while there are many military-friendly employers out there, the job hunt will still start out with creating and submitting resumes. There are great resources on information regarding building a military resume. Once the resume is done, the job hunt begins.

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Check out the top 5 military friendly employers

There are other resources out there as well, catering to how to make the transition from military to civilian and finding jobs.

So I did some research to find the top 5 military-friendly employers upon transition. There is a top 100 list on this website, which is where I found some of the best military-friendly employers. Of course, more research should be done about specific companies, and surprisingly, some of the top military-friendly employers are not in the defense field.

1. USAA offers employment to active duty military and for those that have made the transition into the workplace. This was the #1 military-friendly employer listed on USAA can offer more than just a great salary and health benefits. They offer health benefits and life insurance to the military service member or retiree and military dependents. They are a military dependent/spouse-friendly employer as well. They hire active duty, reservists, and veterans and military retirees. When working for USAA when on active duty, job positions are available upon return from any deployment. Can’t beat that, huh?

2. CSX Corporation was next on the list at #2 for military-friendly employers. CSX is growing bigger each year, as the main railroad system on the east coast for freight transport. According to, 1 in 5 employees of CSX are currently serving or have served in the military. They cater to military workers, especially vets, military to civilian transitions, and the Guard and Reservists. Health benefits and life insurance are made available to the employee and any military dependents and military spouses. Positions are available upon return from deployment of military service members, much like USAA.

3. Deloitte Federal is #3 on the list; it is classified as a defense company, but also is listed in the automotive and aerospace industry, as well as offering business solutions across the U.S. This company is pro-military for their hires, as discipline, time management, and work ethic are something that is naturally ingrained in military service members. If the service member has specialized in engineering, finance, intelligence, logistics, or Signal Corp for example, Deloitte Federal will most likely have a job waiting! Military spouses are welcome as employees as well, and the health benefits and life insurance coverage are offered to employees, military dependents, and military spouses.

4. Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. is described (on their website) as being a “leading provider of management and consulting services to the U.S. Government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets…”. This company is definitely pro-military, as it seeks employees with leadership and functional skills in logistics, analytics, and technology, to name a few. They also cater to military spouses, offering day-care and part-time employment. And whether in the military or a military spouse, Booz Allen offers same-salaried position upon return from deployment. And just like the above employers, Booz Allen offers health benefits and life insurance coverage to employees, military dependents and military spouses.

5. Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway is one of the largest railroad networks in North America, operating in the western two-thirds of the U.S. They offer day-care reimbursement to military spouses and position availability upon return from deployments. They also offer relocation advice and services for military and military spouse employees. Health benefits and life insurance coverage is also offered to military employees, spouses, and dependents, just like the above employers.

These are the top 5 military-friendly employers out of a list of 100, according to All companies listed have private websites with more information regarding the application process, hiring details, and qualifications. If there are any other lists of top military-friendly employers with companies differing from those I have listed, please feel free to include them in the comments section. Contribution is appreciated!

Also, if you have any questions we may be able to help you with, feel free to ask. Thanks.

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13 thoughts on “Top 5 Military-Friendly Employers

  1. This was a great post. I truly believe there are many employers out there that are military friendly. This list shows companies that employee a lot of people. Sometimes the smaller companies don’t show in this because they just do not have that huge of employee base, but that doesn’t mean they are not military friendly. Personally, if I were looking for employees, military would be very high on the list.

    If you are searching for military friendly, don’t discount driving semi trucks. It is a much needed skill that is quite short on people willing or able. Many military know the ropes on getting a CDL. It is something to consider.

  2. This is a really helpful listing. The job market is tough and it’s nice to see someone making a list of military-friendly employers. Anyone making that transition from military to civilian life should take familiarize themselves with these companies. USAA offers incredible benefits packages.

  3. It’s appalling that more companies don’t reach out to veterans. Not only have these men and women dedicated their lives to fight for our country and the freedom of every U.S. citizen, but the experience they get while enlisted can’t be matched anywhere else. Soldiers are so versatile, they are trained to be flexible and roll with the punches, but also to maintain a standard of discipline rarely seen elsewhere. When you see that someone has served in the United States military honorably, that should automatically set them above quite a few applicants. Thanks for sharing this post , it’s very helpful for finding a job post-service.

    • You’re so right, Katelyn. Most veterans have a unique set of job skills that would benefit any employer. Some companies realize this and have excellent outreach programs to find qualified veterans to fill their jobs. And other companies are a little bit slower to catch on to this.

    • I believe what happens in some cases is, especially with National Guard or Reserves, the company is concerned that after providing training and all, the person will get deployed, and also they are not willing to lose them for that 1 weekend per month. I know it is a BS excuse, but I do think that is part of the issue. I also think soldiers need to keep in mind their actions in public. Sometimes the attitudes and actions provide a reason for employers to be prejudice.

  4. Since military personnel are usually strong time managers, dependable leaders and highly disciplined, it is understandable that companies would seek veterans out. It is great to see companies making an effort to reach out to veterans. I also think that veterans looking for work should contact the colleges and/or high schools they attended. Professors, teachers and administrators may have knowledge of job openings since businesses often contact schools (often department chairs) to request that personnel let students know applicants are being sought.

    • Great points, Neil. Most military leaders have qualities that employers are looking for.

    • Neil, I think that veterans also make excellent teachers from Pre-K through university and all types of adult education. Veterans tend to be more organized and tend to immediately earn the respect necessary to be good on the job in education. They have a resume of experience that may include international assignments which make them more culturally literate. Schools are a great place for military spouses to work, too. Most counties also offer opportunities to substitute teach. If a veteran and/or his or her spouse want a variety of work, this last one can be a part of several different jobs they can balance even with the start-up of a new business.

  5. Good article Lauren. I can speak first-hand about USAA. They treat all their employees quite well. One of my best friends works there and raves about the place. He says the military and civilians rarely want to leave after they get a few years of experience. USAA almost always ranks at or near the top of those annual job-satisfaction surveys. In this era of impersonal employers, it is nice to know that a few good apples still exist.

  6. Most government jobs tend to like having veterans. I think the switch from military to government work isn’t as drastic as the switch from military to private work.

    Other than just normal defense contractors and the like, I’d say the VA is also a huge employer for veterans. They are, after all, the veteran’s administration and most employees working for the VA are prior military.

    • The VA is definitely military friendly. And I agree with you that transitioning from the military to government work is much easier than transitioning to the private sector. The private sector is a different beast. If “job security” is a high priority, I’d recommend government work. Personally, after working with the government for 15 years, the last thing I wanted was another government job. I got tired of the bureaucracy and politics. That’s why I work for myself now.

      Chuck Holmes

  7. Great post Lauren. From what I have heard online, USAA is very military friendly. Apparently, they hire lots of veterans. Also, I’ve found that the Post Office and many state and federal government jobs are very military friendly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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