Top 5 Famous Female Soldiers of All Time

Guest Post by Lauren Oliver

Okay, so being a female I often wonder about female soldiers in the military—through all generations. There is something sort of elemental, something frightening, if you will, about a female who has been trained to kill and fight, and on top of that she is also trained to remain empty of emotion while doing so. With that being said, it’s no wonder why history is full of women warriors who often go unnoticed, but who have contributed in many of the greatest historical undertakings that had a pivotal role in shaping our world today.

So I have compiled a list. Here are my Top 5 famous female soldiers of all time:

1. One of my most favored female soldiers was native to Russia, then-named the Soviet Union, during World War II. She was tough, unflinching and seemingly immune to fear. And she never missed her targets. Her name is Lyudmila Pavlichenko, and she was a sniper during the war. She served in the Red Army against the German Nazi invasion and beyond. She is credited with 309 kills and was awarded as a hero of the Soviet Union.

2. Another of my revered famous female soldiers—more so a warrior—is without a doubt, hands-down, Queen Boudicca of the Iceni Tribe. These were native Britons that lived during the Roman invasion of the British Isles, and Queen Boudicca rose up and took charge over her tribesmen. She insinuated battle between the Iceni and the Romans resulting in the burning of London. She raised two daughters who became warriors at her side. She did not rest; her mind did not seem to waver from one simple goal: to annihilate the Romans. She encouraged and motivated her tribesmen to rise up against the Roman numbers at exceedingly hopeless odds and had some successes, but ultimately she and her tribe fell under the sword of the Roman Empire.

3. Joan of Arc is another of the top 5 famous female soldiers of all time on my list, mainly because, during that specific era, women were regarded as little more than baby machines and care takers. Joan of Arc—even though her declaration of her conversations with God was regarded as heresy—followed her beliefs and ultimately was able to utilize and succeed with tactics that she implemented…much to the amazement of her male comrades. She ended up betraying Britain and was executed for witch-craft, but twenty years after her death she was canonized by the same church that condemned her.

4. In 1967 Master Sgt. Barbara J. Dulinsky was a modern era woman who volunteered for duty in Vietnam. She reported to the Military Assistance Command in Saigon—and became the first female Marine ordered to a combat zone.

5. Later on in 1990, Commander Darlene Iskra was the first woman to command a U.S. Navy ship: the Opportune.

While not widely known, the last two women on my list are pioneers of our modern era. They were firsts in what they did, what they accomplished, and the kind of standards that were changed and that are now ultimately being held toward women in the military. My list compiled is purely of my own opinion and readings of these women. If there are others that should be included, please feel free to make a comment on the subject. I’d love to hear others’ opinions and view. That’s that for the top 5 female soldiers of all time.

About the Author: Lauren Oliver is a stay at home mom currently working from home as a freelance writer. She is certified in Education with a background in education, writing, and tutoring to help students develop their educational skills. She comes from a military family and writes articles about education, military life, and personal development.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Famous Female Soldiers of All Time”

  1. I just had to pipe back in on this post. Women have helped us through many wars. I recently authored and published a book about Puerto Rican soldiers who fought to defend our nation and within it I listed a Boricua woman soldier who died in the war on terrorism–SPC Lizbeth Robles. It is an honor to know there are women who are willing to guard and defend our country. Thanks to all women who serve!

  2. This is a great post. Some time back, I was doing some research. Many people do not realize that there were women who fought gallantly in the Civil War. Jack Williams was a Calvaryman in the Union Army. He was even taken prisoner at one time. It came out years later that Jack was actually a Mother of three children by the name of Francis Clalin who had enlisted alongside her husband. And then there was Sarah Edmonds who became “Flint” Thompson and joined the Michigan Infantry.

    There were many women who fought and died in battles and wars. God bless them all.

  3. Sgt. Dulinksy served in Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) Headquarters in Saigon in 1967 which might make her anywhere between 65 – 75 if she is alive today . There is a picture of her on I would like to know about her. To fear, to fight, and to take the chance especially in the midst of most people’s disgust at the thought of women in combat … is an admirable, brave move on the part of these women.

  4. Neil O'Donnell

    I never heard of most of these heroes. Thank for posting about them. I do know that women have honorably served military units for centuries, which includes in combat and command roles. I am glad to see the changes in attitudes towards women in the military as attitudes are finally catching up with the reality that women are as capable to serve in the military.

  5. Fantastic list. I love the love for the female soldiers! It’s nice to see the female soldiers recognized for some of the amazing things that they have accomplished throughout history and should never be overlooked.

  6. This is a great post Lauren. Some of these ladies I had never even heard of before. But after reading your post, I can tell that they definitely had an influential impact on other women in the military. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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