Top 5 Benefits of the AGR Program

I personally do not serve as an AGR Officer.  However, I do work very closely with the AGR staff and value their hard work and dedication.  Rather than create my own list for the benefits in serving as an AGR Soldier, I thought it better to hear it straight from the mouth of an AGR Soldier.  SSG Smith serves as the B Co 2/112th Training NCO.  Here are his Top 5 Benefits of the Army AGR Program.

5. Foosball: This is something special amongst our AGR staff, but I do agree with its merit.  Just as our AGR staff busts their hump doing the daily work at the Company, they play just as hard.  To SSG Smith, it is truly one benefit of working AGR; the ability to unwind with his co-workers and enjoy a game of foosball during his work day.  I am sure that every AGR staff has something unique in which they engage in during the day, but it sure beats my 9-5 routine!

4. Work For and With the Community: Between one drill to the next, a lot happens.  For example, our Armory is often used by the local Police Departments and Game Commission to conduct training and seminars.  Additionally, there are numerous recruiting events as well as public “open houses” which expose our AGR Soldiers to the local community.  This is a huge bonus as an AGR Soldier.

3. Retirement: While serving AGR, these Soldiers are entitled to the same Active duty retirement for their service.  Unlike the traditional M-Day Soldier, their time counts towards their retirement just as if they were on Active Duty.  A huge perk for the work that AGR Soldiers do.

2. Working in Your Hometown: SSG Smith grew up in the same city in which he works.  To him, that is a big incentive to be an AGR Soldier.  He still gets the opportunity to serve his Unit and Country but gets to do it from his hometown.  What more incentive would you need?

1. Healthcare (Tricare): You couldn’t turn on a television for the longest time without hearing about the national debate over healthcare.  Many employers simply cannot afford to support healthcare for their employees.  What better healthcare provider than our US Army? As an AGR Soldier, you receive the same healthcare benefits as Active Duty Soldiers.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The men and women who serve as part of the AGR Program within your state make our jobs as M-Day Soldiers all the more doable.  I do not know what I would do as a Platoon Leader without the support of the fine NCOs in our AGR Staff.  Furthermore, I am sure our Company Commander feels the same.  If you have been looking in the AGR Program, perhaps this article has provided some insight for you to take the leap and create a new career.

If you have any questions, just ask and we will do our best to provide an answer. Thanks.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Benefits of the AGR Program”

  1. Among the few soldiers I know that chose to go AGR, as most that I know wouldn’t think of it, the retirement and health benefits were draws as well as being better full-time employment than what their previous civilian jobs offered. Tricare provides, by far, the best healthcare benefits ever. I am thankful for it, myself, especially in these times that healthcare is such a hot issue and the future of benefits is unclear for many.

  2. Thanks, Chuck. Yes I think our AGR staff at my Unit really enjoy their jobs and the benefits they receive are vast and many! I have known these fine NCOs for a long time… Like you said, it is like an extended family. They have worked together for as long as I have been serving.

  3. Another great post, Justin. Serving on AGR is a great deal. It has all the benefits of the Active Duty Army, but with a lot more stability. If you want to do your entire career in one state, or even one town/city, it is possible.

    Another thing I like about the AGR Program is that you can serve with the same group of folks your entire career. It’s almost like having an extended family.

    Just my thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


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