Top 43 Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Does it seem like you are fighting a losing battle?

Is that belly fat depressing you?

Let me first tell you that everyone has fat, and everyone has belly fat.

Some are just able to hide it better while others have found great methods to erase belly fat.

While I could tell you ways to hide it, why do that?

Why not get rid of the belly fat once and for all?

We want you to be healthy and getting rid of that belly fat will help you become healthier, and you will also feel better about yourself.

I am going to share the top 43 ways to lose belly fat.

I suggest you print these off and use them to slim down and trim up.

I will start with #43 and work up to #1.

#43: Bicycling

Get the bike out and start riding.

The bicycle is a great way to get a good workout and it can be quite enjoyable.

Just be safe and ride with caution.

Wear bright clothes and have reflectors.

Try to find riding areas that are biker friendly.

#42: Do Squats

Holding your arms straight out, take your waist down to a sitting position without the chair.

Do this 10 times and rest. Do 3 more reps of 10.

Add this to your daily exercise routine.

#41: Eat Dark Chocolate

Who would have thunk it?

You can eat chocolate and lose belly fat?

A recent study from the Department of Neuroscience at Rome’s University of Tor Vergata showed that eating dark chocolate reduces belly fat and also reduces the risks of heart disease.

So go on and enjoy some chocolate.

But stay with dark chocolate

#40: Eat Slower

Slow down and savor the foods you eat.

By doing so, you will be more apt to realize you are full without eating as much.

We often eat so fast that our bodies don’t know we are full, and we overeat.

Just slow down; take 1/2 hour or more for a meal instead of 10 minutes.

#39: Drink Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits in helping you to lose that belly fat.

It stimulates with caffeine that helps to burn fat.

It also has many antioxidants that boost your metabolism.

Don’t expect to lose that belly fat just with green tea, but added with other methods, it helps, and it tastes great.

#38: Don’t Add Sugar To Anything

Sugar is an enemy when it comes to belly fat.

If you have a tendency to add sugar to certain foods, stop!

And be wary of sugar substitutes.

#37: Go Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise.

Just doing various swimming strokes can work many muscle groups in our bodies.

Start going swimming on a regular basis and watch your belly fat disappear.

Make a plan of doing several laps.

#36: Do Planks

Get into a pushup like position only rest on your elbows.

Holding your body straight out, suck your belly up until it feels like it will touch your spinal cord.

Hold it for 10 seconds.

Repeat 20 times.

Do this daily with your other exercises.

#35: Smell Olive Oil

Recently, there was a study performed and published in the American Journal of Nutrition.

The research discovered that just the scent of olive oil makes people feel full.

But, I suggest using olive oil on salads and other foods.

Use it for cooking too.

Maybe carry a small bottle and take a whiff before a meal.

#34: Stay Active During Inactive Times

If you have a job that has you sitting at a desk and talking on the phone, try to find ways to just get up and move more.

Try to stand more than sitting.

The more you can move, the easier it will be to erase that stubborn belly fat.

#33: Sleep Consistent Hours

An inconsistent sleep pattern has been proven to be fattening.

Try to go to sleep at the same time and arise at the same time.

Don’t sleep in on weekends.

#32: Do Donkey Kicks

This exercise will help your legs, butt and most importantly, your abdomen.

Just get on your knees and hands like a donkey.

One at a time, kick your leg back as a donkey would.

Switch legs each time, doing 30 each.

Add this to your daily exercises.

#31: Do Not Eat White Bread

White bread is a weight gaining food.

It has little nutritional value, and it is loaded with carbs.

If you must eat bread, stick with whole grain breads.

#30: Yoga

Yoga has shown a direct reflection with weight loss.

The movements and non-movements create a system that helps us lose weight, and also helps control stress and anxiety.

You can find many yoga exercises online.

#29: Do The Low Belly Leg Reach

Lay on your back with your hands behind your head with your legs up.

Crunch your abdomen and bend your knees at 90 degrees.

Hold for a few seconds and release.

Do that 20 times and add it to your daily exercises.

#28: Photoshop Yourself

Give yourself some “fake” before and after pictures.

Using Photoshop, take away the belly fat from your photo.

Now pin the pictures up in places that can help motivate you.

  • The refrigerator
  • Bathroom mirror
  • Etc…

#27: Eat Fish

Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3s which many weight loss experts state will help you maintain healthy weight standards.

So eat salmon, cod and other tasty fish to lose belly fat.

#26: Do Death Sprints

When I played basketball in school, the coach would have us do death sprints.

I guarantee these will knock a belly off anyone.

I believe the assistant coach lost belly fat just watching us.

They work great on a basketball court.

At the baseline sprint to ¼ court and back.

Touch the line and sprint to ½ court and back touching the line.

Sprint to ¾ court and back and touch the line.

Now sprint the full court and back.

Rest and repeat 5 times.

#25: Eat Seeds

Instead of snacking on junk, eat seeds.

Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc… will take hunger pangs away and the properties in seeds are great to dispel the excess fat in your body.

#24: Eat Yogurt

The good bacteria in yogurt is a perfect mix to help you get your physical body into shape.

Yogurt helps your digestive system which is a factor in belly fat.

Add fresh fruit to your yogurt for a delicious treat.

#23: Jog

Jogging is good exercise that will not only help you get rid of belly fat, it will help all parts of your body.

Jog at least 10 miles per week for good health.

10 miles is not a lot when broken down over a week’s time.

Just wear bright colors and be safe.

#22: Run Hills

I mentioned jogging in the previous tip, so do not neglect the hills.

Running hills will build strength and stamina, and it will take belly fat away.

Just be safe running by wearing bright colors and facing traffic.

#21: Do Standing Exercises

Try to maintain exercises that have you off your butt.

While bench presses help, try doing a similar exercise in an upright position.

#20: Brush Your Teeth Often

This is a psychological ploy primarily, but it works.

Brushing your teeth will slow you down on snacking.

#19: Do More Yard Work

The yard can be a great way to lose that extra belly.

Rake leaves, plant a garden and flowers and mow and trim.

Heck, help out the neighbors too.

If nothing else, visit me here in Puerto Rico and I will find some yard work for you; can you manage a machete?

Yard work is a good way to work off excess fat.

#18: Join A Sport’s League

Leagues are a great way to get needed exercise.

Try softball, basketball, tennis or racquetball.

There are a wide variety of competitive leagues you can join.

#17: Eat Dill Pickles

You don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy dill pickles.

These are a great snack item and the properties are a natural fat burning phenomenon.

#16: Water

Drink a full glass of water before a meal.

It will make you feel full and you will eat less.

#15: Watch Motivational Movies

Movies that motivate you to get active are a great past-time.

How about Rocky running Philadelphia?

Didn’t you feel like doing the same?

#14: Lift Weights

Training with weights is a perfect way to get rid of fat and build muscle.

Start small and build up.

Remember that it isn’t the amount of weight, it is the reps you do.

#13: Eat Your Biggest Meal After Lifting

Weight training can be a great method to delete belly fat.

Wait to eat your biggest meal of the day until after you lift weights.

The fat burning mechanisms in your body will be active and will burn much of what you ingest.

#12: Weights Then Run

It is best that you do your weight lifting first and then do your running exercises.

#11: Do Not Skip Meals

Some people assume that skipping meals will help them lose weight, but it actually does just the opposite.

By skipping meals, our bodies will start storing fat to protect us and therefore builds a bigger belly.

An example of this is look at starving people.

Normally, their belly is fat but they are dying.

#10: Salad Dressing

We all should eat more salads.

But many salad dressings are full of sugars.

Use vinegar as salad dressing.

Vinegar is a natural defense against belly fat.

#9: Sugar Sweetened Drinks

Cut out all the sugar sweetened drinks.

Read the labels because even some of the so-called flavored waters are sweetened with sugar.

#8: Eat Smaller Portions

One expert says that you should break all your dinner plates and purchase smaller ones.

Instead of 2 scoops of potatoes, just take 1.

Just take smaller portions and you will watch your belly grow smaller.

#7: Cut The Carbohydrates

One of the best diets for weight loss is the low carb, high fat diet.

This method drives our systems into Ketosis, and our bodies will burn the fat instead of storing it.

You probably will not be able to cut all he carbohydrates, but cut them down to a minimum and add more fat to your diet.

#6: Vinegar

I mentioned using vinegar as salad dressing earlier.

Try taking 1 tablespoon of vinegar daily and watch the belly shrink.

#5: Snack On Nuts

Nuts are a perfect snack item.

I mentioned seeds earlier and nuts fall into this same line.

When you feel pangs of hunger, eat some peanuts, walnuts or other kind of nuts.

They will not effect your belly fat.

#4: Eat More Protein

Eat a lot of protein.

It is a huge factor in getting rid of belly fat.

A diet high in protein keeps you satisfied and your body happy.

#3: Sleep

Studies have proven that people who sleep too little are apt to be overweight.

Getting 8 hours of sleep each night will help you maintain a balanced weight and it also helps your mental stability.

#2: High Fiber Diet

A diet high in fiber is important in maintaining optimal weight.

Eating high fiber items allow your digestive system to work properly which helps you keep belly fat to a minimum.

#1: Keep Track Of Your Diet

This is the top way to keep belly fat off.

If you don’t keep track of what is going into your body, how can you have any control?

Keep a journal and record what you are eating and when you are eating it.

This can help you make a plan by finding what works and what doesn’t work.

Final Thoughts

These 43 ways to lose belly fat work. That is, if you use them consistently; just reading this article will not make that gut go away.

Do you have any methods you use that I did not list here? If so, please share them with us. You can post all comments and questions below. Thank you for visiting.

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Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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