The Top 23 Military Museums

Personally, I love visiting museums.

And military museums are my favorite of all so in today’s post, I am going to share the top 23 military museums throughout the world.

I suggest that if you get the opportunity, you take time to visit these museums and see what they have to offer.

I will tell you the museum, where it is located and some tidbits of what you will see when you visit it.

If you know of a museum not listed here that you believe should be, feel free to share it with our readers in the comment section at the end of this post.

Museum #23: The First Division Museum At Catigny

This museum is currently being redesigned and will reopen around late August of 2017.

Located in Wheaton, Illinois, this museum takes us through the history of the 1st Division of the United States Army since its start in World War I.

Museum #22: Battleship Cove

This huge collection of Naval ships is located in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The USS Massachusetts is docked here along with many other World War II ships that you can walk through and learn about.

Museum #21: USS Lexington

This World War II aircraft carrier is docked near Corpus Christi, Texas.

The ship has been turned into a complete museum and is open 7 days a week.

If your in Texas, you should take a trip through this museum.

Museum #20: Bundeswehr Military History Museum

Located in Dresden, Germany, this is the museum of the German armed forces.

What is unique about this museum is that it does not glorify war but shows the upheaval war causes.

This is a museum you should try to visit.

Museum #19: Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

This museum is in Denver, Colorado on what was at one time, Lowry Air Force Base.

It depicts all the years of Lowry and displays many of the fighter planes and bombers.

Yearly, this museum has several special events, so you should check their website for details.

Museum #18: French Foreign Legion Museum

This museum is at the French Foreign Legion headquarters in Aubagne, France.

It takes visitors through the complete history of the Legion.

You will see the many uniforms, weapons and other French Foreign Legion materials.

So take a trip to France and see this museum.

Museum #17: USS Midway

This monstrous aircraft carrier was decommissioned in 1992.

Docked in San Diego, California, you can tour this carrier and see how the sailors lived while protecting us from attacks from the ocean.

I suggest you take time to go tour the USS Midway in Southern California.

Museum #16: U.S. Army Field Artillery Museum

If artillery is interesting to you, you have to make a trip to Fort Sill, Oklahoma near Lawton and visit this museum.

Go through the history of Army artillery all the way back to the Revolution to now.

Museum #15: Istanbul Military Museum

I have not yet been there, but many people have told me that this is a military museum that is well worth visiting.

You will see years upon years of the Turkish and Ottoman Empire military.

Just check out this video.

Museum #14: CAF Airpower Museum

This museum displays numerous military aviation artifacts.

Located in Midland, Texas, the CAF Airpower Museum is linked with the Commemorative Air Force and has the largest collection of World War II artistic nose panels in the world.

Museum #13: National Museum of the United States Air Force

This is one of the most visited museums in the State of Ohio.

It is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.

The museum displays years of U.S. Air Force planes, missiles and other items.

Museum #12: United States Army Aviation Museum

This museum is located at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

You can see the largest collection of historic Army helicopters in the world.

I really recommend a visit to Alabama and this great museum.

Museum #11: Les Invalides

This series of museums are located in Paris, France and covers the complete history of French military.

It also has a hospital and retirement home for war veterans.

It is the burial place of Napoleon Bonaparte

I would say this is a must visit when in France.

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Museum #10: USS Arizona Memorial

This memorial and museum is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

It is dedicated to the many service people who lost their lives in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

It is a prime attraction for people visiting Hawaii.

Museum #9: National Naval Aviation Museum

This museum recognizes all forms of Naval aviation over many years.

It is located in Pensacola, Florida.

The Blue Angels often fly demonstration performances there.

Museum #8: Imperial War Museum

This entrance is a series of 5 museums showing artifacts of years of war and conflict in England and all of Europe.

They have 5 separate museums throughout England.

3 of them are in London.

You should see these when you visit England.

Museum #7: Blue and Gray Museum

This museum is in an old railroad depot in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

It shows the history of the town through the Civil War.

While some people want all depictions of the Civil War erased, you cannot erase history.

Museum #6: General George Patton Museum of Leadership

This museum that is located at Fort Knox, Kentucky houses many artifacts from General Patton.

You can get to know the leader, the man… The military hero.

I highly recommend a trip to Kentucky just for the honor of visiting this museum.

Museum #5: U.S. Naval Academy Museum

This wonderful museum is located at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

You can view relics and learn about the complete history of the U.S. Navy.

Museum #4: National World War I Museum

I guarantee that you will be in awe as you walk across the glass bridge over 9,000 red poppies representing the soldiers who gave their lives.

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, I highly recommend you visit.

Museum #3: National World War II Museum

Located in the center of New Orleans, Louisiana, this museum takes us through the War that changed the world.

Just like the World War I museum, this is a must see.

So just travel South after seeing the World War I museum and see this museum too.

Museum #2: National Museum of the Marine Corps

This museum is only about 10 years old and shows the history of the U.S. Marine Corps.

It is located in Triangle, Virginia and gets around 500,000 visitors yearly.

I suggest you check it out.

Museum #1: National Infantry Museum

Okay, maybe I am slightly biased since I was an 11 Bravo, but you absolutely need to travel to where I completed basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia and see this museum that shows the history of Army infantry.

It is in Columbus, Georgia and not on base, so travel there and tell them I sent you. (like that will help… LOL)

Final Thoughts

Museums are a great way to learn about history.

Start making a plan of visiting these museums… I know you will be glad you did.

If you didn’t see a museum listed here you think should be, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you for visiting and will you please share this post with your social media friends and family?



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