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No matter how we look at it, the United States is the best place to live in the world.

Maybe I am slightly prejudice, since I have always lived in the United States.

Some may try to say that I do not live in the U.S. now because I reside in beautiful Puerto Rico, but I have news for you, Puerto Rico is a part of the United States.

It is a Commonwealth, and I foresee a day it will add another star to the Red, White and Blue.

Now that we have determined that the United States is the best place to live, many ask, where in the United States is the best place to live?

Using a slew of factors, I have put together the top 20 military friendly States to live in.



I will be using:

  • Tax benefits
  • Education benefits
  • Overall prices and discounts
  • Military discounts on vehicle registration, hunting and fishing licenses, eating out, etc…
  • And much more

Using various resources, I developed a scoring chart.

So without further ado, starting with #20 and working up to #1, let’s look at the most friendly States or military.

#20: Pennsylvania

Home of the 2nd oldest military base in the United States, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania also has several other Army bases.

Pennsylvania is quite Veteran friendly.

The State has a wide array of Veteran homes, and a range of other benefits or military vets.

You can find more at this link.

The average temperature in Pennsylvania is nearly 56 degrees.

#19: Indiana

Indiana is known to be a very friendly military State.

Employers are known to actively hire current or former military personnel.

If you look throughout this Midwestern State, you see dedications to soldiers everywhere.

The State ranks very high on overall discounts for military.

The average temperature in Indiana is 52 degrees.

#18: Maine

Maine offers a variety of benefits for military who reside in the State. These include tax exemptions, hunting and fishing benefits along with a lot more.

You can see more about them here.

It is a beautiful State that supports our military members.

The average temperature in Maine is 46 degrees.

#17: Hawaii

Not only is Hawaii a beautiful State, it treats military members with care.

Yes, it is an expensive State, but if you are a service member or veteran, those costs are cut drastically via special incentives.

So its time to do the hula and move to Hawaii.

The average temperature on the islands stays around 80 degrees.

#16: Virginia

The State of Virginia comes in at #16 not so much because of special benefits for military members, but primarily because so many military members live there now.

Virginia has a high concentration of both current and previous military members.

And, we all know that military helps military.

It isn’t difficult to find employment and there is just the sense that you are where you belong.

The average temperature in Virginia is 59 degrees.

#15: North Dakota

This Northern State comes in because of the high rate of employment opportunities for both ex military and current military members.

Jobs are rampant in North Dakota.

There are also many education advantages in North Dakota for military members.

If you can handle cold winters, this may be the State for you.

The average temperature in North Dakota is 43 degrees.

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#14: South Carolina

South Carolina makes the list thanks to legislation passed in 2015 that makes the State much more military friendly.

It included property tax exemptions and education benefits for military members.

The average temperature in this Southern State is 64 degrees.

#13: South Dakota

South Dakota was not going to be outdone by its Northern counterpart.

This great State offers military members many amenities.

Nearly any store or restaurant you enter has discounts or military.

South Dakota loves the U.S. military and it shows.

It does stay chilly though, with an average temperature of 43 degrees.

#12: Iowa

I can surely vouch for Iowa since I lived in the State for many years, and many of my family members still do.

If you wear, or have wore a military uniform, you will probably get discounts you just won’t believe.

Plus, Iowa has some great tax incentives for military members and veterans.

So you may want to move where the corn grows tall.

The average temperature is 51 degrees.

#11: Connecticut

Connecticut ranks high for both tax and education benefits for military members.

A beautiful Eastern State, it may be a great choice to settle down with your family.

The average Connecticut temperature is 52 degrees.

#10: New York

Some rate this as the top State for military members.

While I do agree that they offer many benefits to military members, I could not put it at the top just because of the cost of living.

It is expensive to live in New York.

But, the State takes care of military members.

The average temperature is 55 degrees.

#9: Wisconsin

Wisconsin supports the military wholeheartedly.

They are tops in finding discounts in stores or military members.

They also offer some excellent education opportunities.

Here is another case where if you can take the cold, it may be a great place or you.

The average Wisconsin temperature is 48 degrees.

#8: Montana

It is a wide open range.

Montana is a beautiful State and is wanting residents.

They cater to military; both current and previous.

You just may want to go buy a ranch and become a Montana resident.

The average temperature is 46 degrees.

#7: Maryland

Maryland is another State that already has a large military population.

The State offers extensive tax breaks for military along with some magnificent education amenities.

The average temperature in Maryland is 58 degrees.

#6: Tennessee

Such a beautiful State that loves soldiers.

The tax incentives alone are amazing and add to it the discounts you can get from merchants.

You have Nashville and Memphis and many mountains and valleys.

An average temperature of 63 degrees makes Tennessee nearly the perfect place.

#5: Alaska

Alaska is another State that loves military members.

With your military experience, there are a plethora of employment opportunities.

There are many other benefits waiting military members in the State of Alaska too.

But, the average temperature is 37 degrees.

Do you like the cold?

#4: Florida

Can you say no State income tax?

Many military members find Florida the perfect State to move to.

The owner and operator of Part Time Commander lives there, and you just may find it a perfect location too.

The average temperature is 68 degrees.

#3: New Hampshire

This has been a well kept secret for many military members, but New Hampshire offers some of the highest tax breaks for members of the military.

There are also a wide range of service for military veterans in this Eastern State.

The average temperature is 46 degrees.

#2: Texas

It was a tight race between #1 and #2.

Texas has a great cost of living index, tax incentives for military personnel and many other wonderful amenities.

Texas is a great State and should be highly considered as a settling spot if you are military.

The average temperature is 69 degrees.

#1: Wyoming

Wyoming just loves military members.

They cater to them knowing that if not for the members in uniform, we could be run by communists.

There are benefits plus in Wyoming, so if you are military, this just may be the best location for you.

The average temperature in Wyoming is 46 degrees.

Final thoughts

So do you agree or disagree?

What is your favorite State and why?

If you disagree, please tell us what you think is the best military friendly State and please explain why.

Now I probably would have put my location in this list, but Puerto Rico isn’t a State yet anyway.

But, it is very military friendly too.

Please leave your comments and questions below.

Thank you.


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