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In today’s post, I want to take some time and share my top 10 most visited pages in 2012 on Part-Time-Commander.  Every year, I like to spend several hours to review what pages on my website were most popular and why.  I find it fascinating to see what information my visitors are really looking for.  I also look for ways to improve those pages to provide better content.

This top 10 pages list comes from my Google Analytics account where I have the ability to see which pages visitors visit on my website and for how long.   If you haven’t already read these posts before, I definitely suggest you check them out.  Read them and bookmark them for future reference. Here they are in reverse order.

# 10 Company Executive Officer

This post provides an overview of what a Company XO does and I also share some tips for success.  NOTE: I have since removed this page from my website and replaced with a different page that is much better quality.  Here is the new page.

# 9 Army MTOE vs TDA

If you’ve spent any time in the Army whatsoever, I’m sure you’ve heard about MTOE vs. TDA units.  Basically, an MTOE is a deployable Army unit whereas a TDA unit is not deployable.  This post goes into greater detail about the similarities and differences of these types of units. Read more about MTOE vs. TDA units.

# 8 Army Change of Command

This post discusses the history of the change of command in the Army, how it works and what you should know.  The information pertains to any type of change of command, not just the company level. Learn more about the Army Change of Command.

# 7 Platoon Sergeant Initial Counseling

This is a great post for new Platoon Leaders to learn how to do an initial counseling with their Platoon Sergeant the right way.  I share my tips for success and even offer a sample counseling packet to use.  Learn more about the Platoon Sergeant Initial Counseling.

# 6 Platoon Leader Duties

If you’re a brand new Platoon Leader and you want to know what you should be doing, this is the post for you.  I’ll drop some knowledge about the typical duties and responsibilities of an Army Platoon Leader, and I’ll also share a few of my best success tips.  Learn more about the Platoon Leader duties and responsibilities.

# 5 Army Physical Fitness Test

Every year Soldiers must take the Army Physical Fitness Test (twice per year).  The test is designed to measure the physical fitness of Soldiers.  This post explains the ins and outs of the APFT and what you should you know. Learn more about the APFT.

# 4 Home Page

I figured my home page would make it somewhere on this list.  This is where most of my repeat traffic comes from, either from links I’ve built online, blog comments, or from my email signature.  Check out our home page.

# 3 Platoon Names

Every Army Platoon should have a name.  This increases motivation and morale in a platoon.  Everyone wants to be part of something greater than themselves.  This post will show you how to pick a good name for your platoon.  I’ll also provide a few sample names to choose from. Learn more about platoon names.

# 2 Sample OER Bullets and Comments

Here is a comprehensive list of sample OER bullets and comments.  Whether you are preparing your own OER Support Form or writing an OER for one of your subordinate officers, you should definitely read this post.  You can use these examples as a template for doing your own OER. Learn more about sample OER bullets and comments.

# 1 Army OER Support Form

This post talks about how to prepare your own OER Support Form the right way.  I will share my insider tips so you can be successful and draft an OER Support Form that ensures you get an accurate (and hopefully good) OER. Learn how to do your own OER Support Form.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my top 10 military blog posts for 2012 here at  I hope you have had the chance to check out each post.  If you see a post on this list that might benefit someone you work with, send the link to them in an email.  If you’ve already read these posts, please tell me which one is your favorite and why.  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Military Blog Posts of 2012 on”

  1. There’s a surprising amount of variety in the top ten posts of 2012, but some conclusions I’ve drawn are:

    1) There are two Top 10 posts about platoon leaders. Current or prospective platoon leaders have sought out information on this site to help them with their development (current) or their induction into the role (prospective).

    2) #1 and #2 on the Top 10 list discuss the Officer Evaluation Report and provide advice for filling the OER Support Form out accurately. This perhaps indicates that many first-timers are unsure of how to go about filling out their OER and therefore seek advice online.

  2. I went back and looked at these posts – and I’m surprised to be the first comment on this page. All of the articles listed were definitely worth taking a glance at, and I can safely say I learned something new in each one. Overall, everything on this website has been useful and creative, but it’s nice to have a Top Ten to place everything stellar in one location!

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