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Today, I wanted to take some time and share my top 10 most visited pages in 2013 on Part-Time-Commander.  I always find it interesting to see what my audience enjoys.  I’m always trying to learn what type of information they want to read about and learn more about. Sometimes I ask my blog visitors for their input.  But most times I just look at the numbers in my Google Analytics account and evaluate the trends on my website.

Yesterday, I logged into my Google Analytics account to do some research on popular posts.  When I found this information, I was a bit surprised.  I had no idea that most of these pages would be my most popular ones.  Most of the pages really don’t have much in common with each other.

If you haven’t already read these posts before, I definitely suggest you check them out.  Read them and bookmark them for future reference. Here they are in reverse order.

# 10 Army Failure to Report Counseling

At some point or another in their career, most Army leaders will have to do a Failure to Report counseling for one of their Soldiers.  This post will help you do that the right way.  I provide an example Failure to Report Counseling along with some helpful tips for success.  This will really benefits small unit leaders, especially young NCOs. Read the post about Failing to Report.

# 9 Army First Sergeant Duties

We all know the First Sergeant has the toughest, most demanding job in the Army.  The duties are endless.  This is not a complete list of Army First Sergeant Duties, but it is pretty comprehensive.  If you want to know what a 1SG is responsible for this is a must read post. Read more about Army 1SG duties.

# 8 Platoon Sergeant Initial Counseling

If you’re a Platoon Leader it’s your job to sit down with your Platoon Sergeant and do their initial counseling.  You must do it formally and in writing.  This post will show you how to do it the right way.  See how to do a PSG Initial Counseling.

# 7 Platoon Names

All units need a good name!  Naming your unit is vitally important.  Making sure your Soldiers are part of that process is even more important. You definitely want your Soldiers to “buy in” to the name that you choose.  It’s ever better to let THEM choose the name.  Check out this comprehensive list of platoon names.  You could also use these names for your company, section or battalion.  Check out the example Platoon Names.

# 6 Army OER Support Form Tips

All officers are responsible for doing their own Army OER Support Form.  This post is designed to give you some tips for success so you can do it right. I provide examples and secret tips that will help you make your OER stand out.  Learn more about the Army OER Support Form.

# 5 Army Company Executive Officer Duties

Working as a Company XO is fun and challenging.  It was one of my favorite jobs in the Army.  Most new Company XOs don’t really know what they are responsible for and don’t know how to spend their time.  They’re pretty much expected to figure everything out on their own.  This detailed list should point them in the right direction, so they can excel in their job and help the company succeed.  Learn more about the Company XO duties.

# 4 Home Page

I figured my home page would make it somewhere on this list.  This is where most of my repeat traffic comes from, either from links I’ve built online, blog comments, or from my email signature.  Check out our home page.

# 3 Magic Bullet Statement

The Magic Bullet Statement is something that every Army supervisor should be familiar with.  In case you don’t know what it is, it’s simply a statement that you attach to a negative counseling.  It explains to the Soldier what the legal consequences are for repeated bad behavior.  It’s a great way to cover your you know what and make sure your Soldier knows that you are serious.  It also makes your life a lot easier later on down the road if you need to administer UCMJ or corrective punishment.  Read more about the Magic Bullet Statement.

# 2 Platoon Leader Duties and Responsibilities

For most newly commissioned officers, this will be the first job they have in the Army.  Learn what a Platoon Leader is supposed to do and find out a few tips so you can be successful in your first Army job.  Check out these Platoon Leader Duties.

# 1 Sample Army OER Bullets

This page was hands down the most popular page on my website in 2013.  It received almost three times as many visits as the second most popular page.  Nearly 30,000 people visited this page in 2013.  If you are trying to get your OER done right, or need help writing an OER for someone you rate, this is the post you should read.  We’ll cover some sample OER bullets so you can see what they should look like.  Check out these Sample Army OER Bullets.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my top 10 blog posts for 2013 here at  I hope you have had the chance to check out each post.  If you see a post on this list that might benefit someone you work with, send the link to them in an email.  If you’ve already read these posts, please tell me which one is your favorite and why?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Military Blog Posts in 2013 on”

  1. Greg Boudonck

    It is very interesting to see what is popular on your website. I have looked at your 2012, and now your 2013. It is now March of 2015, and I was wondering if you would do a post on the overall top posts since you first started this blog.

    It would be interesting to see where the majority of people are going on your blog. It may also help you find topics on future blogs posts–delving deeper into the subjects people are searching out.

    Just a thought. What do you think sir?

  2. I recently looked at the Top 10 blog posts of 2012 and I see some similarities in 2013. Once again, there are multiple Top 10 posts about platoon leaders. It seems that year in and year out current, new, and prospective platoon leaders are seeking information online to help them in their professional development. A platoon leader has numerous and varied duties and responsibilities, so it’s not surprising these kind of articles would get a lot of attention from that audience.

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