Top 10 Military Battles in the Bible

It is a top seller for years upon years.

This book has caused controversy after controversy.

While some say it all was man’s perspective, many others say the breath of God inspired every word.

I speak of the Bible

And I am not writing this to debate the implications, even though I do believe the gist. And please do not even try to change my belief because you will waste your time and breath. Many have tried and no one can change something I know to be true even though it does not seem to meet logic.

No, I am not writing to debate that.

My task today is to provide you with the top 10 military battles in the Bible.

It is a difficult task because there were a great many military battles and each one played a huge part in how the world is now separated and managed.

And please do not try to say that any of these battles did not happen because there is ample archaeological evidence to prove they all did. I will say though that how they were documented may be from 1 perspective while there are others.

I am just going to give you the battle and a brief synopsis of the perspective, as well as where you can read about it in the Bible.

Lastly, we are always open to comments and opinions, but we do ask that everyone be respectful of beliefs… Both sides! All sides!

Thank you.

Starting from #10 and working up to #1, here are the top 10 military battles in the Bible.

#10: The Rescue Of Jabesh Gilead – Find In 1st Samuel 11

These were days when Israel was deeply divided and the people sought a King to guide and lead them. Saul was a man of God.

Here is what happened… The Ammonites, who had a King by the name of Nahash, surrounded the city of Jabesh Gilead. They were prepared to attack and the people knew they would be wiped out so they asked Nahash to make a treaty. He told them there was one condition… Only if the right eye of every inhabitant was pulled out. The leaders of Jabesh Gilead asked for 3 days to consider the offer (is offer the right word?)

Word was sent and Saul heard, God’s Spirit came upon him. He gathered an army of 330,000 men and attacked them the night before the 3rd day and killed Ammonites until midday.

Jabesh Gilead was rescued and this was a predominate action to make Saul King of Israel.

#9: The Capture Of The Ark Of The Covenant – Find In 1st Samuel 4

Many times over, Israel battled against the Philistines. But during this time, the 1st battle had Israel getting romped. The leaders of Israel wondered why God allowed them to be defeated.

It was decided that before the next battle, the Israelites would take the mighty Ark of the Covenant that held the 10 Commandments to the battle encampment.

When the Ark arrived, all the inhabitants yelled with excitement. This put fear in the Philistines but that fear turned to anger.

Attacking the Israelites, they slaughtered them and took the Ark which was a bad move.

No matter where they stored the Ark of the Covenant, diseases and death came upon people in the vicinity.

#8: Israel Against Moab And Ammon – Find In 2nd Chronicles 20

Jehoshaphat was King of Israel. He was also strongly worshiped God.

The King received word that the Moabites, Ammonites and Meunites had banded together to come and destroy the Israelites.

Jehoshophat called all the people together to fast and pray and the Word of God was vocal…

Go and watch and I will fight for you. You will not have to lift one sword.”

The Israelites followed God’s orders and an amazing miracle happened… The Ammonites, Moabites and Meunites all began battling and killing each other while the Israelites watched.

When it was done, all the enemy soldiers were dead and the Israelites took the spoils.

#7: Saul And The Amalekites – Find In 1st Samuel 15

Samuel had anointed Saul King over Israel. And Samuel often heard from God.

The Lord told Samuel to have Saul take the armies and totally destroy the Amalekites because of their attack against the Israelites as they escaped Egypt. Saul was supposed to kill and destroy everything Amalekite.

But Saul thought he knew better than God and he kept the Amalekite King as prisoner and kept all their best livestock.

This is when God rejected Saul as King of Israel.

#6: The Day The Sun Stayed Still – Find In Joshua 10: 6-13

The Amorites were a fierce enemy of Israel and Joshua took armies to defeat them.

The battle raged and the Amorites ran with Joshua’s troops in swift pursuit.

God told Joshua to completely annihilate the Amorites and on the day he and the troops caught them, Joshua looked at the sun and commanded it to stay in place until they conquered.

The sun did not move until all the Amorites were destroyed.

#5: The Hands Of Moses – Find In Exodus 17: 8-13

As Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt toward the promised land, the Amalekite army chose to attack them… See #7.

Moses told Joshua that he would go to the high hill with Aaron and Hur as Joshua would take the army and battle the Amalekites.

Moses held his hands high and Joshua’s troops would start winning. When he lowered his arms, the Amalekites would take the lead. So when Moses grew weary of holding his hands up, Aaron and Hur sat Moses down on a rock and each man helped hold Moses’ hands high.

This gave Joshua the victory.

#4: The Invasion Of Ai – Find In Joshua 8

Joshua was a mighty military leader who followed God’s plan at all times.

This strategy to destroy the Canaanite city of Ai was tremendous and God was the strategist.

Joshua sent troops beyond the city at night to stay and wait until they were summoned to enter the city.

Joshua and his troops went near the city and all the fighters of Ai came out to meet them. Acting as they feared, Joshua ordered his troops to run back and all the people from Ai chased them.

Meanwhile when Joshua held his javelin high for the others to see, the troops cam from behind and entered the city and burned it. As the troops from Ai looked back to see their city burning, Joshua and his army turned back and destroyed them.

#3: Joshua And The Battle Of Jericho – Find In Joshua 5: 13-6: 27

If you have never heard of this battle, you probably have never studied the Bible at all.

Joshua and his troops had to simply follow God’s orders and, well… Let me quote the words of a familiar Sunday school song for children…

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho
And the walls came a-tumbling down
You may talk about your men of Gideon
You may talk about the men of Saul
But there’s none like good old Joshua
At the battle of Jericho (that mornin’)

Up to the walls of Jericho
They marched with spears in hand
“Come blow them ram horns,” Joshua said
“‘Cause the battle is in our hands.”

Then the lamb ram sheep horns began to blow
The trumpets began to sound
Joshua commanded the children to shout
And the walls came a-tumblin’ down (that mornin’)
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho
And the walls came a-tumbling down

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho
And the walls came a-tumbling down

#2: David And Goliath – Find In 1st Samuel 17: 1- 25: 7

Another well known Bible battle story… Saul was King but God did not want him as King because he disobeyed.

Young David was a sheepherder who seemed not a warrior. But God knew better.

The Philistines were having their way with the Israelites and Saul. Especially the huge Philistine giant named Goliath.

Who could beat the giant? It seemed like no one but David came and told Saul he could, with God guiding him.

Saul laughed but agreed and David hit that giant with a rock from his sling and killed him.

It goes to show that even massive armies can be taken down with proper leadership… David had the best leadership… God!

#1: The Battle That Has Not Yet Been Fought – Find In Revelation 19: 11-21

It is called the Battle of Armageddon…

And while the Bible says it will be fought at Megiddo, it is evident it will be fought worldwide.

But will it even be a battle? If anything, a one-sided battle when all leaders and armies who have sided with the Beast and Satan will assume they can fight God…

Yea right, swift move as they are all swept to Hell in one whisper from the mighty tongue of God.

Final Thoughts

Battles in the Bible… Not only interesting but filled with strategies that can and should be used.

In my opinion, the top strategy is prayer and reverence to our maker.

Maybe you have a different opinion and you are free to share it… But do be prepared for rebuttals.

All I ask is keep it respectful and please share with others.

Thank you and have a safe day… And I must add… God Bless You.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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  1. Good search of facts…facts aren’t debatable. God is good at all time even when our human minds can’t understand. It’s not about understanding … It’s a matter of faith.

    1. Johndel Callora

      David and Goliath was really my favorite among the battles that were fought in the Bible. It shows that no matter how disadvantage you are in a battle, there is still a chance of getting the victory.

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