Top 10 In Demand Army Jobs

Just like any industry, every year, certain jobs show a higher demand than others. The United States Army is no different.

I have decided to give you a run down of the top 10 most in demand jobs in the Army. I will also tell you the requirements to get the job.

If you or someone you know is enlisting in the United States Army, these are jobs you may want to consider asking your recruiter about.

#1 In Demand Army Job: 12N MOS – Horizontal Construction Engineer

This is a fairly new MOS. It is essentially a heavy equipment operator.

  • Bulldozers
  • Graders
  • Cranes
  • Tractors
  • Etc…

The benefits of this job after your Army service is huge. Companies all over seek skilled heavy equipment operators.

As I said, this is a new MOS. The only requirement I found is you need an ASVAB score of 90 on General Maintenance (GM).

#2 In Demand Army Job: 12C MOS – Bridge Crewmember

This is another construction job in the Army with a high demand. As it says, you are a part of a crew who builds bridges. These may be on wet or dry surfaces.

The requirements for the 12C MOS are

  • PULHES of 111121
  • Very heavy physical demands
  • and an ASVAB score of 87 in Combat

#3 In Demand Army Job: 13B MOS – Cannon Crewmember

There is a need for soldiers to serve as team members on artillery crews. You serve as a member who helps maintain technologically advanced artillery. Naturally, this position will put you in the midst of wars and battles.

The requirements to become a 13B are:

  • PULHES of 222221
  • Very heavy physical ratings
  • and an ASVAB score of 93 in Field Artillery

#4 In Demand Army Job: 12D MOS – Diver

No, divers are not just in the Navy. The Army needs divers for reconnaissance, demolition, repair, and salvage.

The requirements include:

  • PULHES of 111111
  • Very heavy physical demands
  • and an ASVAB score of 98 in General Maintenance (GM) or 107 in General Technical (GT) or 106 in Skilled Technical (ST)

#5 In Demand Army Job: 13M MOS – MLRS/HIMARS Crewmember

This is similar to the Cannon Crewmember only these are multiple rocket systems.

This does require a Secret security clearance and other requirements include:

  • PULHES of 222221
  • Moderately heavy physical demands
  • an an ASVAB score of 95 in Operators & Food (OF)

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#6 In Demand Army Job: 12M MOS – Firefighter

The title speaks for itself… You will fight fires, perform rescue operations, salvage and protection.

The requirements to become an Army firefighter are:

  • PULHES of 111121
  • Very heavy physical demands
  • and an ASVAB score of 88 in General Maintenance (GM)

#7 In Demand Army Job: 13R MOS – Field Artillery Firefinder RADAR Operator

This is the person that uses the RADAR technology to locate enemy forces and equipment so artillery units can destroy them.

There is not a lot of information on requirements, but I do see where the required ASVAB score is 98 in Surveillance & Communications (SC).

#8 In Demand Army Job: 18B MOS – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

Do you have what it takes to be in the Army Special Forces?

The 18B is the one who is in charge of the weapons his unit will utilize.

What’s it take… A lot of training that a large percentage cannot handle.

  • Secret security clearance
  • PULHES of 111221
  • ASVAB scores of 107 in General Technical (GT) and 98 in Combat (CO)

#9 In Demand Army Job: 14E MOS – Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator / Maintainer

You will operate one of the most technologically advanced air defense, missile systems. You will be responsible for knowing all operations of the system.

The requirements to become a 14E are:

  • Secret security clearance
  • PULHES of 222221
  • Medium physical demands
  • and an ASVAB score of 104 in Mechanical Maintenance (MM)

#10 In Demand Army Job: 14G MOS – Air Defense Battle Management System Operator

This is essentially a computer operation job where you will research any possible threats to the safety of U.S. assets. This is a new MOS having been a split up of the 14J MOS.

You will need ASVAB scores of 98 in General Technical (GT) and 99 in Mechanical Maintenance (MM)

Final Thoughts

Those are the most needed jobs in the Army but there are many others… Talk to your recruiter.

I hope this helps you; please share it so others can determine what Army job to shoot for.

If you have quest, just post them below.

Thank you.



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