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Today, I want to share my top 10 all time most visited pages and blog posts on my website.  This covers from November 1, 2009 until March 10, 2015.  I’ve done other top 10 posts where I share my most popular posts for the year, but I recently had someone ask me if I could do an all-time list.  Here it is.

# 10 Army Officer Minimum Time in Grade Requirements

In this post I talk about how long you have to serve at each rank and how much time in service you need to have before you are eligible for your next Army Officer promotion.  Read the post.

# 9 APFT Walk Standards

Learn more about the alternate APFT event, the 2.5 mile walk.  Find out what to expect, the challenges, the standard, and the controversy that comes with it.  Read the post.

# 8 Magic Bullet Statement

This post educates you about how to use the “magic bullet statement” effectively on your counseling statements. Discover what to do when you have poor performing Soldiers and need to counsel them in writing to give them a wake up call.  Read the post.

# 7 Army Physical Fitness Test

Discover what the APFT is all about.  Learn the different events, tips for success and how to prepare.  Read the post.

# 6 Army OER Support Form

Learn more about the Army OER Support Form and discover what you need to do to create an winning OER Support Form that gets you the OER you want and deserve.  Read the post.

# 5 Army Company XO Duties

Find out what an Army Company XO is supposed to do.  Discover their big three priorities and learn how they should be spending their time.  Read the post.

# 4 Platoon Leader Duties & Job Description

Learn more about what an Army platoon leader is supposed to do.  This posts covers an in depth review of their duties, responsibilities and job description.  Read the post.

# 3 Platoon Names

If you’re trying to come up with a cool Army platoon name this is the post for you.  I provide you plenty of example names and give you some creative ideas and steps to follow to find the right name for your platoon.  Read the post.

# 2 Home Page

I figured my home page would make the list.  Lots of my email and Facebook traffic come to my home page first. Read the post.

# 1 Sample Army OER Bullets

In this post I provide some sample Army OER bullets you can use when writing your own OER or preparing someone else’s evaluation report.  It’s designed to give you ideas to write about.  Read the post.

Final Thoughts

This information came from my Google Analytics account.  One interesting fact is that my # 1 post has THREE TIMES more traffic than my number two post.  I was also very surprised that my store page and about me page did not make the list.

There you have it folks.  These are the top 10 most visited blog posts and pages on from November 1, 2009 to March 10, 2015.  Do yourself a favor and check out each post that interests you.

Which one on this list is your favorite post?  Which post did you think would make the list, but didn’t?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Blog Posts of All Time on”

  1. Chris Hunter

    I agree with Greg on this one – you have provided so many thoughtful and descriptive explanations of the various MOS designations. I can’t believe none of them made the top 10. That said, the platoon names discussion is great food for thought, and the OER bullets are very useful. Thanks again for all of your insightful posts.

    1. As a person who has been guest posting here on Part Time Commander, I hope that the MOS designations showing their descriptions and duties, along with the training required start receiving more attention.

      It is my belief that if more young people find this website, these posts will become more popular, and will hopefully help them decide on what job they would like to pursue in the U.S. Army.

      All I can say is please use the share buttons at the bottom of the posts.

  2. Thanks Chuck; this was very interesting. I must admit that I am not surprised by your #1 post, but what did surprise me is the amount of hits it had over the #2. It seems many leaders are interested in sample OER bullets.

    I must say that out of all these posts, the Platoon Names is probably my favorite. I am not surprised that it is somewhat high, nor am I surprised by the APFT Walk Standards or the Army Physical Fitness Test. I am somewhat surprised that out of the many MOS descriptions that none made the list.

    Thanks for sharing this, and hopefully it helps you develop more posts.

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