Top 10 Army Running Cadences

In the Army, we typically sing a cadence, or “work song” while we march or run.  These songs require no instruments but are rather sung to a beat and rhythm determined by the work being done.  Their purpose is to keep Soldiers moving in step and dressed right all while maintaining the correct pace (either “quick-time” for marching or “double time” for running).  Regardless of their purpose, leaders understand that cadences provide motivation, instill teamwork and ultimately make our running seem more military like.  Here are my Top 10 Army Running Cadences.

 10. “No Sweat”

 One mile – No Sweat
Two mile – Better yet
Three miles – Gotta run
Four miles – Just for fun
Come on – Let’s go
We can go – Through the snow
We can run – To the sun
We train – In the rain
Can you be – Like me?
Airborne – Infantry

 9. “C-130”

C130 rollin down the strip
Airborne Tanker
Gonna take a little trip
Stand up, hook up,
Shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four
And if my main don’t open wide
I’ve got a reserve by my side
And if that one don’t open round
I’ll be the first one on the ground.

If I die on the combat zone

Box me up and ship me home.

8. “Jesse James”

Jesse James said before he died
There’s five things that he wanted to ride
Bicycle, tricycle, automobile
An M-1 tank and a ferris wheel

Jesse James said in his final will
He had five things that he wanted to kill
A lion, a tiger, a kangaroo
A long-haired hippie, and instructor too
And if he could kill just one
He’d kill the instructor, let the hippie run

army running cadence

Top 10 Army Running Cadences

7. “All the Way”

 Hey! Hey! All the way,
We love to run every day.
If I were President and had my way,
There wouldn’t be a fat man in the Army today.
Everyone would be fit to fight,
Whether you test them day or night.

When I jump onto the old drop zone,
Most of the enemy had already gone.
Those that remained weren’t fit to fight,
So enemy contact was really light.
We ran the stragglers off the old drop zone,
Everything is quiet and they’re all gone

6. “Airborne”

A is for Airborne
I is for in the sky
R is for Ranger
B is for bonafide
O is for on the go
R is for Rock-n-Roll
N is for never quit
E is for everyday
‘Cause I’m Airborne
All the way Super-duper Paratrooper

5. “I Got a Yo-Yo”

When I was a little one
My momma told me
Go to the store and………
Get what you need
I got me a Yo-Yo
Wound it up tight
Wound it in the morning
Wound it all night
Wound it in the hall
Wound it on the w–all
I said’a who, huh, what, I gotta Yo-Yo!!!
I said’a who, huh, what, I gotta Yo-Yo!!!

Get yourself a private
Wind him up tight
Smoke him in the morning
Train him all night
Train him in the hall
Train him on the w–all
I said’a who, huh, what, I gotta Yo-Yo!!!
I said’a who, huh, what, I gotta Yo-Yo!!!

Get yourself a sergeant
Wind him up tight
Follow in the morning
Dog him all night
Dog him in the hall
Dog him in the w–all
I said’a who, huh, what, I gotta Yo-Yo!!!
I said’a who, huh, what, I gotta Yo-Yo!!!

4. “Pot Belly, Pot Belly”

Heeeey Pot Belly, Pot POT pot pot belly.

Pot Belly Pot Belly where ya been ?
down at burger king eatin again,
a double whopper with extra cheese cause I got a pot belly down to my knees.

Pot Belly, Pot Belly are you eatin again?

I got some taco’s with red sauce again,
to help me feed my double chin again.

The 1SG’s got a pot belly, the co,s got a pot belly
the BC’s got a pot belly, it’s so big and full of jelly.

 3. “LT, LT, Don’t Be Blue”

LT LT don’t be blue
My little private has two ribbons too

Displays them proudly on his chest
Oh my God what a mess

LT LT don’t be blue
One day you can have a rack too


Where ya at

Clothing sales

Watcha Buying


Toy Soldier

Wanna be

Like me

Lean and mean


Leads the way

Every day

2. “How’d You Earn Your Living?”

Left left lefty righto leo
When I go to heaven
Saint Peter, he will say
How’d you earn your living
How’d you earn your pay
I replied in a fit of anger
Made my livin’ as an M1 TANKER
When I go home
The girlies they will say
How’d you earn your living
How’d you earn your pay
I replied with a cool kinda nod
I earned my living serving my God
When I go to war
The hippies they will say
How’d you earn your living
How’d you earn your pay
I replied as I pulled out my knife
Get out of my way or I’ll end your life
Left left lefty righto leo

1. “Armor Proud Cadence”

“Rollin down the tank trail kickin’ up dust,
TC’s on the .50 cal raising a fuss,
I said Hey TC, whats the big deal?
I got a grunt rollin through my front roadwheel.
Cause there’s two things that I can’t stand.
It’s an M4 and an Infantry man.
An M4 cause it always quits
And everyone knows the grunts aint ****
Cause we’re mentally able and we’re physically fit
If you ain’t Armor then you aint ****

FINAL THOUGHTS: I would love to see what cadences are out there! Post some! You can do so in the comments area below.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Army Running Cadences”

  1. Justin, I love the LT don’t be blue, that made me laugh. Also, I have to say I love your pride in being a tanker, YACYAS! On a side note, I found the NSN for a horse and for whiskey, I wish the Army issued me those two things.

  2. There’s nothing like singing a good cadence when doing a long Army run. It keeps people motivated and builds cohesiveness in the unit. It also makes the run go by faster.

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