Top 10 Army Mottos of All Time

Nearly every United States Army unit has a motto. While I believe they are all great, I do find that there have been some Army mottos that have really grabbed my attention.

Using my own preferences, I am going to give you what I believe are the top 10 Army mottos of all time. Using a method to get you “thinking,” I am going to give you the mottos starting with #10 and working up to #1.

I will not tell you who the motto belongs to until further down in the post. Let’s see if you know what United States Army unit has each motto.

#10: Firepower For Land Power

#9: Hell On Wheels

#8: Cura Et Perfectio – Accuracy And Perfection

#7: Rangers Lead The Way (Easy One)

#6: Rendezvous With Destiny

#5: Vincere Vel Mori – To Conquer Or Die

#4: Strength Of The Nation

#3: Spina Frontis – Backbone Of The Front

#2: De Oppresso Liber – To Free The Oppressed

#1: No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty First

So how many do you think you know? I will now go through each one and tell you what unit the motto belongs to. By the way, anyone who did not get #7 should be flogged with a wet chicken.

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#10: The 191st Ordnance Battalion

The main mission of this unit is keeping Army units in Europe supplied with ammo. The 191st also are masters at blowing things up if need be. They live up to their motto: Firepower For Landpower.

The 191st Ordnance Battalion was started in 1927. They have been a part of wars and conflicts since that time.

#9: The 2nd Armored Division

This division played a huge roll in World War II. It was even commanded at one time by the great General Patton.

Put into service in 1940, the 2nd Armored Division was deactivated in 1995, but we will always remember Hell On Wheels…

#8: The 140th Aviation Regiment

A part of the California Army National Guard, this regiment saw service in Iraq. They are adamant about living up to their motto of being perfect and accurate.

#7: The U.S. Army Rangers

Army Rangers are the elite infantry force of the Army. In use since the Revolution, Rangers have led the way and will keep doing so. To become an Army Ranger, a soldier must endure difficult training.

#6: The 101st Airborne Division

The 101st was first instituted in 1918 during World War I. It was in World War II when the 101st did Rendezvous With Destiny as they parachuted into Normandy during the D-Day invasion. The 101st Airborne division has been instrumental in Army operations in all wars since.

#5: The 35th Armored Regiment

This armored division saw action in France during World War II. As you can tell by their motto, there is no quitting. They either win or die trying to do so.

#4: The United States Army North

Once known as the 5th Army, United States North is primarily tasked with providing homeland defense.

This operation goes back to World War II under the leadership of the great General Mark Clark being the 5th Army. They played a huge role in invading Italy.

#3: The 559th Artillery Group

We must always admit that artillery clears the way for infantry to push forward. I just love the motto of the 559th, because it fits. Without the backbone of the front, infantry would have a more difficult time.

#2: U.S. Army Special Forces – Green Berets

The Green Berets are tasked with missions that others would run from. Unconventional warfare is their specialty. I have always been caught by the Latin Motto of the Special Forces… De Oppresso Liber.

If there are oppressed people, Green Berets will liberate them if ordered to do so.

#1: The 1st Infantry Division

Being an 11 Bravo myself, I always have been intrigued by the motto of the 1st Infantry Division. The 1st Infantry Division has always abided by their motto. Duty is the 1st call for the 1st Infantry Division!

Here is a clip about the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam:

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have my opinion of the top 10 Army mottos of all time. How many did you get without cheating?

Do you agree with my list or is your list different? Feel free to share your favorite Army mottos.  Thank you for visiting and you can leave all questions and comments below. Please share this post on your social media so we can see how other feel.  Have a great day.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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