The Top 29 Reasons To Own A Gun

To own a gun or not own a gun; that is the question.

It is one of the most controversial subjects in the United States with many staunch anti-gun supporters using mass shootings as the primary ideology behind their stance.

On the other side of the equation are the people who support gun ownership using the fact that some of the most ruthless leaders in history such as:

  • Adolph Hitler
  • Pol Pot
  • Joseph Stalin

were adamant about their citizens not owning guns.

As a resident of Puerto Rico, I know that owning a gun here is difficult unless you are a criminal.

I often believe that if the government of Puerto Rico would make it a little easier to own a gun here, there would be less crime.

We find some statistics in other areas where easier gun ownership does put the violent criminals in a position where they have to be more wary because they do not know who may be “packing.”

Federal courts have determined that all States and jurisdictions must allow individuals the right to carry a weapon, but some States and territories have laws that make that possibility nearly impossible.

Personally, I believe every single person should have the right to carry a firearm, but if that person has any past illegal gun violence, stated they will use a gun illegally, have serious mental stability issues, etc., they should have that right taken until they can prove they are responsible enough to possess a firearm.

In many States, people with past felony convictions are not allowed to own a firearm, and I completely disagree with that rule.

So a seemingly sane person who sold marijuana in 1976 and was convicted, but has never been convicted of even a traffic ticket since cannot own a gun.

But a hired killer who turns State evidence and is not convicted of the multiple murders he committed is allowed to own a gun because he was not convicted.

Through polls and research, I have decided to provide you with the top 29 reasons to own a gun.

Use them in your gun debates when you are discussing this controversial subject with your gun-hating friend or family member.

Before I move further with this, I want to share the story my son told me as to why he now carries a firearm.

Living in a Chicago suburb, he was driving while my daughter-in-law and granddaughter were in the backseat.

Being a person with a helping spirit, my son was behind a car driving somewhat erratically and when it stopped, a man fell from the car and stumbled back towards my son’s vehicle.

Rolling down the window, the man began yelling at my son and said he would pay.

He was reaching behind him when he saw the woman and child in the backseat.

The guy looked at my son and said, “You are lucky they are there,” and he went back to his car.

My son saw the gun sticking from his waistband.

My daughter-in-law had always opposed my son having a gun…until that day.

He obtained his concealed and carry license and now has his firearm within his reach at all times.

Here are the top 29 reasons to own a gun starting from #29 and working up to #1:

29: Because You Can

While this may not seem to be the best reason in the world, it is true.

You have the right to own a gun.

You can own a gun.

28: Jesus Christ Said To

I can hear some Christians coming out on this statement and no, Jesus didn’t say to own a gun, but he did say you should own a sword.

There were no guns in His days, but there were many violent people.

I don’t want to get into a religious debate, but I will quote the words of our Messiah:

He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36

27: To Protect Your Livestock

I used to raise chickens when I lived in Missouri.

My 12 gauge shotgun saved those chickens from many predators.

26: Not To Be Easy Prey

Having harsh gun control laws makes law abiding citizens easy prey in a number of ways.

25: Decoration

I have known many people who have old muskets and black powder pistols hanging over their fireplace mantle.

They make good decorations in some cases.

24: The American Justice System

On a regular basis, the American justice system is freeing violent criminals so they can commit violent crimes again.

23: To Challenge Bias

Maybe you do not feel you need a gun, but because of the bias and political B.S. about gun ownership, you purchase a gun just to challenge that bias.

22: Crime Prevention

It is a fact that over 2,000,000 crimes are prevented annually because American men and women own guns.

21: To Support The Firearms Industry

The only way industry can stay afloat is with sales.

In a somewhat similar statement as in #23, you may not need it, but you want the industry to survive, so you do your part and purchase a gun.

20: To Prove You Are A Law Abiding American

Average gun owners never use their guns in the commission of a crime.

They are law abiding citizens.

19: To Assist Law Enforcement

If an emergency arises, armed citizens have been recognized in the help and assistance of law enforcement personnel.

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18: It Is A Family Legacy

Many American families have passed down the culture of gun ownership.

Just as I want my son to carry our name proudly, I also like to know he carries a firearm proudly and responsibly.

So, what was the first gun I shot?

Grandpa let me learn with the over/under 10 Gauge.

My shoulder felt the pain while my brain felt the excitement and my butt felt the gravel.

17: Defense Against Mob Violence

We have watched the population get heated.

Mobs arise and violence erupts.

Just knowing you are armed lessens the stress when mobs attack.

16: For Your Occupation

Some careers do require gun ownership.

Police officers, security guards and others are required to own and carry guns in their profession.

15: To Frighten Away Would-Be Criminals

Just the sight of a firearm is apt to frighten away possible burglars and thieves.

Most professional crooks would rather do their crimes against unarmed people.

14: Pest Control

A common pest in the Midwest is the squirrel.

They can destroy your roof and attic.

Many people keep a gun to kill pests that harm material possessions.

13: Social Pressure

While this may not be the best reason to own a gun, it is a common reason some people own guns.

But just because Tom, Jack, John and Mary bought guns, is that the best reason for you to buy a gun?

I suggest that you find more reasons than just this one.

12: Animal Training

To train your dog for hunting or for protection, using a gun to train with is usually a must.

Some people own guns strictly for training animals.

11: Paranoia

This reason has become quite common.

As many situations arise in the world, people are becoming paranoid.

They are stocking food, water and guns.

Is it a good reason?

I think I am slightly paranoid to answer that question.

10: Shooting Is An Olympic Sport

So if we make guns illegal, I guess we need to make skis, batons, basketballs, etc. illegal.

Guns are used as a tool in an Olympic sport.

9: History

Many people purchase guns that have historical value.

I once owned an old cap-lock rifle that had a tiger maple stock.

I had put it for sale in an antique store.

To make a long story short, that gun is now in the Bass Pro museum in Springfield, Missouri.

It was an original Pennsylvania Militia flintlock that had been converted.

The history behind that gun is amazing.

8: To Keep You Alive

Having a gun may just keep you alive long enough so you are able to contact the police or other help.

7: Clubs And Social Reasons

There are a variety of gun clubs and firearm social gatherings.

Your reason for owning a gun may be to be a member of one of these or other organizations:

  • Gun Owners of America

  • National Association For Gun Rights

  • NRA

  • Pink Pistols

  • Firearms Policy Coalition

6: For Hunting

There are a lot of gun owners who own them primarily for hunting reasons.

Be it deer, moose, elk or other wild animals, hunting is a pastime of many and also feeds many people.

As long as the gun owner has all their licenses, owning a gun is only right.

5: For Target Shooting

We all have some type of hobby, and many individuals find it relaxing and enjoyable when they can just take their gun out for target shooting.

This may not be their only reason for owning a gun, but it is the main reason.

4: As An Investment

Many firearms either hold or gain value as they age.

If a person purchases a gun and keeps it in great condition, there is a good chance that gun could be even more valuable than what the person originally paid for it.

I remember a Dan Wesson .22 revolver I owned that had 2 barrels and a beautiful wood case.

After owning that gun for about 2 years, I was able to sell it for nearly double what I paid for it.

3: Our Fore Fathers

The Founders of the United States made sure that it was written in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It says:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

This is one of the top reasons people own guns.

2: Family Defense

Having a gun makes it much easier for us to defend our family and our property.

Without a gun, there just are not to many other weapons that can defend our families.

1: To Serve Our Country

The fact is, people who are trained to handle firearms and own guns are better able to defend and serve our country in case of attack from out or in.

Our nation’s first Army were basically men who took up their own arms to defend and protect those who didn’t have arms.

While we do have the strongest military in the world, I believe that many terrorist organizations are less likely to attack on the mainland because of the large amount of private citizens who are armed.

What is your reason?

Those are the top 29 reasons to own a gun.

Why do you own a gun?

I do also want to share some reasons that should be considered to not own a gun.

  • If you have a gun for fear factor but would not use it if need be. If you would not be willing to pull that trigger, there is no sense owning the gun.

  • When you have a history of domestic violence within the household.

  • If it is against your religious or moral values. I understand.

  • If someone in the home has suicidal tendencies.

  • If it is illegal where you live.

  • If you or someone else in the home has a drug or alcohol problem.

  • If you are not trained to use the gun in a safe manner.

  • If you or someone else in the home is a convicted felon.

Gun ownership is a right, but it is also a huge responsibility.

If you cannot guarantee that you will be responsible with that gun, maybe you would be better off with pepper spray.

Some of the biggest threats against gun ownership come because of irresponsible gun owners.

Let’s hear your comments and opinions.

Even if you are anti-gun, we are open to your comments too.

Just please keep it civil.

You can post comments and questions below. And share this to see the other opinions.

Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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