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The United States Army has a plethora of jobs available to the right individuals. Some of these are entry level jobs while others are jobs you can only get if you have been in Army service a certain amount of time.

Just like the civilian job world, there are certain jobs that the Army needs personnel for more than others.

In the Army, a job is considered a Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS for short. In today’s post, I am going to list the top 20 most needed Army Military Occupational Specialties. Some of these are jobs you can attain upon joining the Army, and others are specialist positions that require a certain amount of time served in Army service along with other requirements.

Many of these Military Occupational Specialties are short of qualified individuals and as such, the Army offers great bonuses and incentives for those who are willing to take on these positions.

So, starting from #20, here are the top 20 most needed Army military occupational specialties:

#20: 35P Cryptologic Linguist

This MOS primarily detects and identifies foreign communications using Army signal equipment. It includes transcribing and translating foreign communications to support intelligence activities.

This MOS can be an entry level opportunity. Candidates must have at least a 91 in the Skilled Technical (ST) portion of the ASVAB. It also requires the ability to gain Top Secret clearance and a qualifying score on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery.

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#19: 35F Intelligence Analyst

This soldier analyzes, processes and distributes strategic intelligence. The significance of intelligence is normally first determined by this individual.

This MOS is also an entry level possibility. The person must have an ASVAB score of 101 in Skilled Technical (ST). It is also a Top Secret position. It also carries many other prerequisites.

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#18: 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist

This job consists of receiving, storing and securing petroleum based products used for Army equipment.

This can be an entry-level job. The ASVAB score requirements are an 86 in Clerical (CL) and an 85 in Operators & Food (OF). Candidate must also have a State driver’s license.

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#17: 09L Translator/Interpreter

This is a somewhat new MOS in the Army, and the main requirement is that you fluently speak another language. The primary needs are Middle Eastern languages. If you know any other languages, this may be a great Army MOS for you.

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#16: 13F Fire Support Specialist

As a member of Field Artillery, this individual is responsible for intelligence and targeting enemy units. This job is closed to females.

The ASVAB score must reflect a 96 in the Field Artillery portion. For entry level soldiers, it requires a Confidential security clearance, and for supervisor positions, a Secret security clearance is required.

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#15: 68W Health Care Specialist

Better known as Combat Medics, the 68W handles basic health care situations similar to paramedics in the civilian world. Most of the 68Ws gain additional skill identifiers in specialized health areas.

To gain this MOS, the individual needs an ASVAB score of 107 in General Technical (GT) and 101 in Skilled Technical (ST).

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#14: 11X Infantry

No matter what, the Army needs infantry soldiers. They are our first line of offense and defense. 11X is not a specific MOS, but during training, the soldier will be assigned to an infantry MOS which could be 11B (Infantryman) or 11C (Indirect Fire Infantryman).

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#13: 12P Prime Power Production Specialist

The primary responsibilities of the 12P consist of installing, operating and maintaining Army power plants and auxiliary equipment associated with power supply.

The 12P position requires a Secret security clearance, and scores of 107 in Skilled Technical (ST), 110 in General Technical (GT) and 107 in Electronics (EL) on the ASVAB.

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#12: 79R Recruiter

The 79R is not an entry level position, and rightfully so. The Army needs experienced soldiers explaining to prospects the benefits of Army service. The majority of 79Rs are pulled from other MOS positions, and when their recruiting service is finished, they revert back to their original MOS.

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#11: 25D Cyber Network Defender

This is a new MOS in the Army. This soldier protects against unauthorized cyber activity and assesses threats against military cyber systems.

Those soldiers with scores of 105 in areas of General Technical (GT) and Skilled Technical (ST) are needed for this position.

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#10: 46R Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist

This job consists of creating, filming, editing, etc…radio and television programs. Much of this is for Army units and the Armed Forces Radio Television Service.

This MOS requires a score of 107 in General Technical (GT)

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#9: 25E Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager

This is a new MOS in the Army. The responsibilities of this job fall into a wide zone, but primarily they are responsible for analyzing frequencies for communications equipment.

This position will require a Secret security clearance.

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#8: 38B Civil Affairs Specialist

This is the go-between in military operations and civilians. They are tasked with keeping civilians from interfering and providing humanitarian assistance.

This MOS requires a Secret security clearance and a score of 96 in Skilled Technical (ST) on the ASVAB.

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#7: 29E Electronic Warfare Specialist

This is not an entry-level job. 29Es are NCOs who specialize in military actions using electromagnetic energy. This requires a Top Secret security clearance.

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#6: 37F Psychological Operations Specialist

This job is integrated with Army Special operations. He/she is trained in the use of messages and such that create a goal through the use of psychological means.

This MOS requires a score of 101 in Skilled Technical and a Secret security clearance.

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#5: 35L Counterintelligence Agent

Conducts investigations to detect and identify threats against national security. Uses means to neutralize these threats.

This Army job requires a Top Secret security clearance. Must have a minimum of 105 from General Science (GS), Word Knowledge (WK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), Mathematics Knowledge (MK) and Mechanical Comprehension (MC) on the ASVAB.

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#4: 35Q Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist

The 35Q analyzes initial cryptologic data to establish targets and movements. He/she identifies, maintains and reports intelligence information.

This job requires a Top Secret security clearance and a score of 105 on the Skilled Technical portion of the ASVAB.

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#3: 31D CID Special Agent

CID is criminal investigations. If you believe you have a knack for crime investigations, the Army needs you. This is not an entry-level job, you will have had to serve with the Military Police for a set amount of time. Also, you have had to have been in the Army for at least 2 years.

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#2: 89D EOD Specialist

These are the soldiers willing to deal with unexploded ordnance. It is a dangerous job, but there are those who love this kind of challenge.

This MOS requires a Top Secret clearance and a score of 110 in Skilled Technical (ST) on the ASVAB.

#1: 18X Special Forces

Yes, Special Forces is the highest needed position in the Army. The reason why is: very few have the ability to pass the rigors to be Special Forces material.

Once you don the coveted Green Beret, you will be a Sergeant with either 18B, C, D, E, F designation, and the Senior Sergeant is 18Z.

Final Thoughts

These are the 20 Army Military Occupational Specialties with the greatest need of personnel. If you are considering joining the U.S. Army, you may want to consider one of these jobs. The Army needs these positions filled.

What are your thoughts? Please leave any comments, questions or suggestions below. Thank you.

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