The Top 10 Army Trucks Of All Time

It seems like every time I enter Facebook and look at my feed, I have friends debating the best trucks:

  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • Dodge

It is usually a debate I just steer clear of. I have owned trucks of all 3 makes and can list pros and cons of each.

But, those debates made my wheels start to spin and I have decided to create a post listing the top 10 Army trucks of all time.

Again, this is a difficult judgment call, as each Army truck also has its pros and cons. They have been used in different conditions for various situations.

So do understand that this is just my own personal opinion and your’s may differ. As a matter of fact, tell us your thoughts in the comment area at the end of this post.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 Army trucks of all time, starting at #10 and working our way to #1.

#10: Dodge WC52

Dodge produced these trucks for World War II. They came with the great in-line 6 cylinder engines and the WC52 had a heavy duty winch in the front bumper.

These open cab trucks were used to haul weapons and ammo and could traverse some of the nastiest conditions.

Dodge made various WC series trucks for the War, but this, I believe, was the best.

#9: Oshkosh L-ATV

I have a strong feeling these powerful vehicles will move up to close to #1. But they are still being tested. The Army has ordered nearly 50,000 to be delivered in 2019.

The Oshkosh L-ATV won the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program.

It runs on an independent suspension and is heavily armored, but also much lighter weight than comparable vehicles.

I believe we will see these used in a wide variety of tasks and conditions.

#8: M1078 LMTV

These cargo and soldier hauling trucks first entered service in 1996. Produced by Stewart & Stevenson.

There have been many versions of this Light Medium Tactical Vehicle, but it is known for being able to go nearly anywhere since it is a 4 x 4. The cabs were armored when War in Iraq occurred. The back rails are hinged for easy loading and unloading.

Some versions even are equipped with cranes.

#7: HDT Storm SRTV

A cross between a truck and a dune buggy, this is one bad ass vehicle manufactured by HDT Global.

It is used by Special Forces and has a crew of 6, most of whom operate the guns that will fire in a full 360 degrees. It will also carry up to 3 passengers.

The HDT Storm SRTV will travel up to 100 MPH and can turn on a dime.

Man, I would like to own one of these.

#6: M1083 MTV

Essentially the same design as #8, the M1078, the M1083 is much heavier. It has a 6 wheel base and can be operated in 6 x 6.

This is a Medium Tactical Vehicle that can haul troops and supplies through notorious conditions.

It is also manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson.

#5: Cougar 6 x 6

First produced in 2002, these big, mean machines were designed by the South African company, Technical Solutions. The British Army swore by them and when Defense Secretary Robert Gates saw how well they survived IED attacks, he demanded more for all branches.

The 6 x 6 runs on a Caterpillar diesel engine and is an excellent troop transport vehicle that keeps them safe from explosive devices.

#4: Unimog

You won’t see a lot of these vehicles in the Army, but they are used. Manufactured by Daimler (Mercedes Benz), the Unimog was first developed in the late 1940’s.

Many foreign armies use Unimogs, but the U.S. Army will primarily use them to get to remote locations. And they primarily use the 6 x 6 version. And all U.S. versions were specially engineered and manufactured by Freightliner.


We know them as Humvees, but when designed by AM General, the Army made the decision to order massive quantities.

The letters stand for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, which it has been. But times are changing and the Army has found that the Humvees do not protect the soldiers as well as needs require.

But they have been a great Army vehicle.


It stands for Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck and is manufactured by Oshkosh. The HEMTT has been in Army service since 1982 and everyone I have spoke with who has operated these 8 x 8 monsters just love them.

They are easily deployed and can handle nearly any climates.

I predict the HEMTT will stay the go-to heavy truck for the Army.

#1: Willys MB

They are collector vehicles now, but I just have to put this light transport as #1 because of the sheer numbers ordered by the Army for World War II.

You see Willys Jeeps in nearly any war movie and they even survived long enough to be used in Korea and Vietnam.

The Willys MB rightfully deserves the #1 spot.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear your thoughts. Just post them below and let me know your favorites.

Thanks and have a great day.

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