The Army Learning Management System: 23 Cool Facts

I distinctly remember Grandpa telling me, “Boy, if you don’t learn something new each day, it was a wasted day.”

How right my Grandpa was…may he rest in peace.

We must always learn, and whether you are in the Army, the Army National Guard or Reserves, or even on IRR, the Army now has a great system to learn new, or even upgrade what you already have learned.

In today’s post, we will look at the Army Learning Management System and 23 cool facts about it.

1: The World Wide Web

No matter the environment: office, home or even deployed overseas, as long as the soldier has a computer and web access, he/she can take self-paced courses to further their career.

2: Test Before Training

A great feature of the ALMS is the ability to test before actually using a training program. What I mean is: if an NCO, training manager or any other person wants to set up a training course, they can use a Content Test Environment (CTE) before actually making the course live.

3: Functions

Several functions operate with ALMS. They are:

  • Student management

  • Faculty support

  • Resource management

  • The delivery of content

  • The ability for collaboration

  • The development of both courses and content

4: Components Of ALCMC

ALCMC stands for Army Learning Content Management Capability. ALCMC has 3 components. They are:

  1. ALMS (Army Learning Management System)

  2. ELLC (Enterprise Lifelong Learning Centers)

  3. JKO LMS (Joint Knowledge Online Learning Management System)


Enterprise Lifelong Learning Centers are a wonderful attribute to this system. It allows collaboration between instructors-students and students-students, no matter the location of each individual. The ELLC uses a blackboard system, in which students can learn over long periods of time.


Our military has moved into joint operations, and often personnel from one branch may need to learn items from another branch. Joint Knowledge Online Learning Management System makes this possible.

7: Migration

While it hasn’t completely happened yet, in 2010, TRADOC was told to migrate all schools and training to the ALMS system. In time, personnel will be able to do their courses almost completely online.

Available Courses In ALMS

The next lists are courses that are available. They are each set up by their school code.

8: 031

  • Decontamination course M32

  • Smoke course M34

9: 052

  • Basic combat engineering refresher course M11

  • Advanced combat engineering refresher course D11

  • Combat engineer support course D57

  • Engineer construction course D55

  • Combat engineer course M21

  • Bridge crewman course M21

  • Basic general engineering refresher course M35

  • General engineering diver course M38

  • Carpentry and masonry specialist course M40

  • Plumbing specialist course M44

  • Surveyor course M56

  • RC WOAC construction engineering technician W32

  • RC WOAC engineer equipment repair technician W34

  • Geospatial engineering refresher course W38

10: 091

  • Electronic technology course LD19

  • Computer detection systems repair course LM05

  • Radar repair course LM38

  • Explosive ordnance disposal course LM40

  • Diagnostic equipment support specialist basic refresher course LM88

11: 101

  • Petroleum supply specialist course M05 & M50

  • Water treatment specialist course M24

  • Food service specialist course M33 & M34

  • Food service officer course Q17

12: 113

  • Signal captains career training D12

  • Cable systems installer M01

  • Multi channel transmission systems operator course M07

  • Signal support system specialist course M18

  • Antenna installer course Q13

13: 171

  • Advanced M1A1 tank gunnery and maintenance M19

14: 191

  • Security procedures course F01

15: 301

  • Basic intelligence analyst course D15

  • Basic electronic integrator course M23

16: 514

17: 551

  • Trans Logistics Common Core 1 D01

  • Trans Logistics Common Core 2 D02

  • Trans Logistics Common Core 3 D03

18: 805

19: 887

  • Human factors engineering course G13

20: 907

  • Hazardous materials handling course D17

  • Defense distribution management course D23

  • Support operations course F30

21: ACE

Some of the above courses do receive ACE credits. These include many of the 052, 091, 101 and more.

22: Enrollment Process

Enrolling in courses is actually quite simple. For full courses, you need to know the course number and then go to this link and enter the course number and click register. For self development courses, just log on to ALMS and search and register.

23: An Added Advantage

The old system required soldiers to print and report course completions. This left room for errors, and many complained about not being recognized for courses they completed. With ALMS, the system reports course completion for you. It is still wise to follow up and make sure, but overall, this is a much better system.

Final Thoughts

What are your experiences with ALMS thus far? I must admit that I truly wish this system was in place when I served.

Please give us your opinions, comments and questions below. Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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