The Army 360 Feedback Assessment

So how does the Army 360 Feedback assessment work?  Well, the 360-degree feedback assessment is a process in which an individual’s performance is rated by people at all levels who know something about the individual’s work; it includes top-down feedback from superior Officers, bottom-up feedback from subordinates and lateral feedback from peers. 

Anyone who knows something about the work of the leader under review can be involved in the 360-degree feedback assessment.  Using 360-feedback can bring the following benefits to you, the individual and to your organization:

  • It allows you to learn how different peers perceive you, leading to increased self-awareness
  • It encourages self-development
  • It increases your understanding of the behaviors required to make you and you organization more effective
  • It promotes a more open culture where giving and receiving feedback is normal
  • It increases communication within organization
  • It can be a powerful trigger for change

You must use caution when using the 360-assessment, however.  Officers and others must understand how it will be used so they won’t worry that jealous peers or disgruntled subordinates will unduly damage their performance ratings.  Also, the Army does not currently have an evaluation process to include formal peer or subordinate ratings.  But, effective Officers who are committed to growing professionally will seek feedback from their peers and subordinates.  As a leader, you can do this formally, through surveys and questionnaires, or informally through counseling sessions and off the cuff conversations.

When you receive feedback-regardless of whether it comes to you in written or spoken form and whether you ask for it or not- it is up to you how you will accept and use it.  The true test is how you accept that feedback and if you use it effectively.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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7 thoughts on “The Army 360 Feedback Assessment”

  1. It seems to me that the Army 360-Feedback Assessment is a great tool for growing and molding Soldiers and Officers in the Army. Without positive reinforcements or feedback, how else would any one be able to grow and shape their work into what is expected of them?

    From a civilian point of view, I always found it helpful when I was working for a man writing business plans, and he would offer me feedback on all of my written documents. He would make a copy of the first page and leave valuable comments for me to take and grow from. Whether they were positive or negative comments I always tried to take the best out of each word and apply it to my job as a whole. There was one instance where his feedback was, well, not very nice regarding one of my strategic business plans. So to turn the negativity into a positive, I approached my boss (or subordinate, however you want to call him) and we sat down one-on-one to talk about how he felt and why. From that meeting I took notes and began to apply that to the following business plans. When I did this, I was able to write even better and produce better quality for our clients. So, all-in-all the feedback was positive, it was just how I took it and applied it.

    This post was very interesting and thought provoking on how to accept feedback from others. It’s nice to know that our military incorporates these types of assessments. Thanks!

  2. Justin,
    Great Post! Thanks for sharing this information.

    This is a Great Program and Soldiers really need to take advantage of it. If you are asked to participant in the survey process (as a Superior, Peer, or Subordinate) it is very important as a that you take the time to fill out the survey in an honest manner and provide quality feedback that will help the leader learn and grow.

    The feedback methodology is designed in such a way that it protects those providing input to the survey. So there is no need to worry about your responses to the survey. Just be honest and professional in your responses as a survey participant.

    The beauty of this program is that the leader gets an unbiased review by an experienced senior leader, who discusses the results of the survey. The coach will not judge the leader but actively listens and provides feedback in a realistic and honest manner. More importantly the session is between the Soldier and the coach. No one else is privy to the information discussed during the coaching session.

    It is a great opportunity to learn and grow. You may ask why I am familiar with the MSAF 360 process as a Retiree? Recently I was humbled when I was asked to become a certified MSAF 360 coach. Having worked with numerous leaders in the MSAF 360 coaching process I have personally witness the success and value of this program. The impact on these leaders is extremely valuable and positive. I would encourage all leaders to take advantage of this program and ask them to encourage their subordinate leaders to take advantage of the program.

    If I would have had this program as a young leader I know I would have gained valuable experience from seasoned Army leaders. Who knows it may have reduced the number of self inflicted knowledge knots I received during my career. Bottom Line Great Program!

    1. Thanks for all the information Mark.

      Your point about providing honest feedback when doing the 360 Assessment is spot on! It doesn’t do anyone any good to exaggerate. The whole point is to help the person being evaluated so they can become a better leader.


  3. Justin,

    The Army 360 Feedback Assessment sounds like a great idea to me. I do have a few questions for you though.

    1) Where do you get access to the Army 360 Feedback Assessment? Is it through AKO?

    2) Is this open to officers and NCOs alike?

    3) Can part-time leaders use this assessment, or is it just for Active Duty folks?

    4) Where can we go to learn more about it?

    I appreciate you sharing some basic information about this for us. I find it very interesting.


    1. Sure thing, Chuck.

      1) Currently, it appears that the MSAF (Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback Site has the resources for the 360 program. The link is: . However, a simple AKO search will point you in the right direction. If there is any confusion, talke with your S1 who will know exactly where to look.

      2) This 360 Assessment Survey is available to both Officers and NCOs. The intent here is LEADER development…

      3) I am not really sure. I appears that as long as you have an AKO email and a CAC you are able to utilize the assessment. However, I would talke with your higher ups to see if it is a system that they are/want to utilize.

      4) Again…

      Thanks, Chuck for prying for some extra information that was lacking from my post. I hope this helps!

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