The 2016-2017 Military Budget: 10 Facts You Should Be Aware Of

As we near the Presidential election, many voters are studying various issues that will determine how they will vote.

Don’t worry, I am not going to get political and start spewing out my opinions. No, in today’s post, I am just going to point out 10 facts you should be aware of on the 2016-2017 military budget.

Government Base Budgets

Every government entity must determine a budget before each fiscal year begins. This is how Congress can appropriate spending across the board. Base budgets must be made so contractors can be guaranteed payments on their services.

It is common place that government agencies cut some areas to use budget funds in other areas. Events that are of extraordinary events are not covered by base budgets, so often, government agencies must predict events that could arise that would be over and above the base budget.

Budgeting is common place in all businesses, and also with family structures. It is the best system to use to plan.

When a normal person (am I normal?) looks at the military budget proposed for the United States military, it can be mind-boggling. Sometimes we can not make complete sense of it, but we can pretend to understand. I believe that is what the majority of Senators and Representatives do…pretend.

10 Military Budget Facts


1: The United States is the Big Spender

Using the figures compiled from 2014 statistics, and trust me, they have not changed much, the United States has a military budget that is above the next 7 countries combined. The chart from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation shows that the next countries with high military spending:

  1. China

  2. Russia

  3. Saudi Arabia

  4. France

  5. United Kingdom

  6. India

  7. Germany

does not match or go above what the United States of America spends on their military budgets.

military budget
Courtesy of the Peter Peterson Foudation

While some citizens may say this is crazy, I look at it differently. We are the best defended nation in the world, and we must stay that way.

2: 2017 Proposed Military Budget is….

Ok, take a seat before I tell you this number. The proposed military budget for 2017 is $773.5 Billion.

I decided to perform a bit of math and I find that according to the United States population, that is approximately $2,388 per person.

3: 2017 Base Budget for the Department of Defense is….

$523.9 Billion. There are several key things to look at in the DOD budget that amounts to compensation of $59,000 for each enlisted person and $108,000 for each Officer.

  • The DOD plans to continue with reforms to military retirement and TRICARE (healthcare).

  • The DOD wants to put a strong focus on ballistic missile defense both regionally and nationally.

  • The DOD wants to increase NATO presence to put “heat” on Russia and Putin’s aggressive tactics in Europe.

  • The DOD wants to also eliminate excess infrastructure.

4: 2017 Base Budget for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is….

$75.1 Billion. This budget I believe is great! Our veterans deserve to be treated well. Programs to deal with PTSD, substance abuse, suicide and more should be a priority,

This Department handles everything that our military veterans need from healthcare to other benefits.

5: 2017 Base Budget for the Department of Homeland Security is….

$40.6 Billion. This guarantees that our borders are under complete protection from possible terrorist attacks. When we look at some of our border issues in the South, some of us question if this budget is large enough.

Homeland Security also handles all the immigration agencies.

6: 2017 State Department Base Budget is….

$37.8 Billion. Many might ask how the State Department fits into the military budget. It is the State Department who is trying to maintain peace. Diplomats and such are handled by the State Department.

Trade relations with other countries are aided by the State Department. Also, all United State’s embassies are maintained by the State Department.

7: 2017 Base Budget for the National Nuclear Security Administration is….

$12.9 Billion. This agency is run via the Department of Energy, but this agency is supported by the military budget. We do need to make sure our nuclear energy is safe and secure from terrorists.

Personally, I believe this is money that is well spent.

8: 2017 Base Budget for Cybersecurity is….

$9.5 Billion. This falls into the confines of the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Will this budget be large enough as we watch battles being fought over the world wide web?

Cyber warfare seems to be the priority for many nations now. It is imperative that the United States keeps pace with the existing threats on our country’s computer networks.

Some of us question if the Department of Justice is the right agency for this task. The DOD wants to strengthen cybersecurity which means stronger space control and advanced systems.

Extraordinary Events Budgeting

I mentioned earlier that there are base budgets to handle basic military spending, but believe it or not, wars and battles are not within the base budgets.

Even knowing about the extreme measures that are needed to battle ISIS, the budget to do so will not fall within the base budget, but in extraordinary events. So, the budget must reflect the ISIS situation within this, and also have enough left in case other events occur before the year passes.

9: DOD Battle Against ISIS Budget is….

$58.8 Billion. Hopefully, all of that will not be used just against ISIS, because it is for the extraordinary, along with ISIS, that could occur during 2017. We wonder if the Air Force F-35 Joint Strike Fighter falls into this budget or the base.

10: State Department Budget to Battle ISIS is….

$14.9 Billion. This is where it shows that the State Department does fall into the military budget. This would consist of supporting other countries and civilians to battle this terrorist organization who is running wild in the Middle East.

Much of our military intelligence also comes through State Department channels.

Final Thoughts

While many claim that we spend too much on the military, I suggest we look at the flip side of the coin. If we did not spend the amount we do, we would probably be seeing more situations similar to the bombings that are happening throughout Europe.

We would probably be fearing for our lives.

Our Veterans would be filled with multiple problems with healthcare and other issues.

While many believe that our economy would become brighter if we cut our military spending to the bone, I would have to disagree. We would watch our economy go to the dogs if we did so because our enemies would run amok on it.

That is my opinion, what is your opinion? Please be civil, as we all have a right to an opinion. That is why we reside in the greatest nation.

You can leave your comments or questions in the section below. Thank you.

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