Strong B.A.N.D.S.: What It Is

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Who better to demonstrate physical fitness than the United States Army?

In today’s post, I am going to tell you about Strong B.A.N.D.S. and what it is. I am not writing about your favorite musical bands. It is about your physical fitness and your overall health and wellness.

The United States Army has a huge push every May for physical fitness; actually, they push for physical fitness all year long, but this is an added push.

The History of Strong B.A.N.D.S.

In 2011, the Strong B.A.N.D.S. idea was launched. In conjunction with National Physical Fitness month, the U.S. Army decided to promote and encourage Strong Balance, Activity, Nutrition, Determination and Strength for service members, their families, retirees and civilians nationwide.

Since its inception, Strong B.A.N.D.S. has grown to unbelievable numbers, and activities take place on garrisons all over.

Strong B.A.N.D.S. Ambassadors

This year, there are 3 Army Ambassadors promoting the Strong B.A.N.D.S. program. I would like to introduce you to them. They are:

  • Captain Leigh Jaynes Provisor: 2015 World Bronze Medalist is women’s freestyle wrestling

  • Sergeant Nathan Schrimsher: 2016 U.S. Olympic Team member in fencing.

  • Sergeant First Class Keith Sanderson: Member of the 2008, 2012 and 2016 U.S. Olympic Teams in rapid fire pistol shooting.

Follow along with these 3 as they show you how to use B.A.N.D.S. to reach levels of success as they have.

Strong B.A.N.D.S. Is Promoting

The performance Triad is the key. We are talking:

  1. Sleep: We must get quality sleep.

  2. Activity: Engaging in activity is a must.

  3. Nutrition: We can always improve our nutrition habits.

You can find information at the Strong B.A.N.D.S. website like:

  • What to look for in sports drinks.

  • Carb loading information.

  • Eating and exercise.

  • Performance strategies.

  • Eating for endurance events.

  • And much more.

You can find the website linked in the reference section at the end of this post.

B.A.N.D.S. Locations and Events

As I said earlier, Strong B.A.N.D.S. is being promoted at over 70 military installations. You can find if there is an installation near you by visiting this link. Some of the garrisons with extreme amounts of activities are:

  • Baumholder in Germany has month long activities planned.

  • Fort Belvoir, Virginia has a wide range of B.A.N.D.S. plans.

  • Fort Irwin, California has a loaded schedule.

  • Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri is the Midwest’s place for B.A.N.D.S. excitement.

But believe me, no matter where you are, you can participate in the Strong B.A.N.D.S. program.

Final Thoughts

I totally am on board with this great program the Army developed. Creating a health and fitness aware nation is a wonderful thing. I highly commend those in the United States Army who developed this B.A.N.D.S. program, and I thank all who sponsor it.

I am leaving links below so you can get on board this great program. And, I suggest you visit the All Army Sports Facebook page here.

Leave your thoughts about the United States Army Strong B.A.N.D.S. program in the comment area at the end. If you have any questions, you can leave them there too.

Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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