Soldiers and Cats

I know that many Soldiers have pet dogs and love them.  Just search the Internet for a moment and you will find tons of Soldier/Dog videos.  But after doing some additional research I discovered that there are some serious cat lovers in the ranks too.  Therefore, I’d like to share some of my favorite videos with cats and Soldiers.

If you own a cat, I would love to hear from you.  Please share what your “welcome home” was like with your cat.  How did they react to you coming home?  How long did it take to get things back to normal?  Just leave a comment to share your story.

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5 thoughts on “Soldiers and Cats”

  1. Chuck, I love seeing videos of pets when their Soldier comes home. People think that cats don’t care, or don’t even notice us, unless they want to eat (I am the first one to laugh at cat jokes, because it’s funny to imagine them thinking evil things as they look at us). But as someone that has always had cats and dogs, I love them both for different reasons. I think that there’s a lot of great to be said about having a cat for a pet. I can’t wait to settle down again and have a cat and a dog.

  2. I have to give props to Chuck for standing up for the feline! I suspect there is a lingering stereotype many people hold that dog = manly and cat = womanly. Well, my wife and I have five cats. A few months ago I took my wife’s vehicle to drill, and one of my Soldiers asked about it. I confirmed that it belonged to my wife, and he said, “Yeah, I figured after I saw the ‘Cattitude’ magnet on the back that it must not be yours.” Cats are highly independent, agile, quiet, and excellent predators–maybe the “special operators” of the pet world in a sense. Nothing against dogs, but I find our cats faithful (one of them meets me at the door every evening) and great stress relievers.

  3. Wow! I am so moved I don’t even know what to say, which is quite unusual. I think we forget that, while our soldiers are tough, strong guys (and girls), most of them have giant, soft hearts underneath all of that kevlar. I recommend everyone take a little bit of time to watch these videos of soldiers and their cats, especially the first one. The expressions on the soldiers and the kitties’ faces says it all. My favorite shot out of the first one is two minutes in, with the soldier asleep on the ground and his faithful cat resting next to him. Thanks for posting this, Chuck. It put a smile on my face.

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