Shall We Now Say Infantry Person?

It has been met with much debate over the years. Should women serve in combat positions within the United States military?

I was inspired to write this post after Jim Michaels at USA Today broke this recent news: Exclusive: Army approves first 22 female officers for ground combat jobs.

Before the end of 2016, females will be able to serve in combat roles that were never before open to women. The Army is following a wise order in implementing this plan, as it is wise to have female leaders in place before women fill soldier roles.

22 women have been working very hard either in ROTC or at West Point, and they will soon be commissioned as second lieutenants soon. At this point, they are in phases of completing specialty schooling and meeting the stringent physical requirements.

It is set that 9 of these women will be officers in infantry divisions and the other 13 in armor divisions.

So how do you feel about this move?

You can answer that question after you finish reading this post in the comments area.

I decided to look at some quotes around this subject.

“I do not believe in using women in combat because females are too fierce.” Margaret Mead

“Putting women in military combat is the cutting edge of the feminist goal to force us into an androgynous society.” Phyllis Schafly

“As far as this citizen is concerned, the decision to commit men and women, who are also sons and daughters, to combat is an extraordinarily important one, and not to be done to just feel good; to be done to absolutely accomplish a mission.” Richard Armitage

“It is good to see women doctors and lawyers and executives. I can visualize a woman president. If I were British, I would have supported Margaret Thatcher. But no benefit to anyone can come from women serving in combat.” Jim Webb

As you can see, there are women who are not happy about this decision.

Personally, I was brought up in a time when women were supposed to stay home and have babies, but the Equal Rights for Women started hitting hard.

Personally, I feel if a woman feels a need to fight in combat, more power to her. I feel it is completely her decision as long as she can pass the same requirements her male counterparts have to pass.

I also do believe that because of this move, women should now have to register for the Selective Service (draft).

Other countries with women in combat roles

Before the United States chose to allow women in combat, they studied other countries. There are many countries that have women in combat.

  • Australia: Just not long ago, Australia opened the door for women to serve in combat roles as long as they met the physical requirements.

  • Norway: Norway was the first NATO country to allow women in combat. They did so in 1985. Norwegian women are also subject to the draft.

  • Canada: Canada opened combat roles for women in 1989. It is estimated that 2% of Canada’s combat soldiers are female.

  • New Zealand: Since 2001, women have served in combat roles in New Zealand.

  • Denmark: Women have served in Denmark’s military combat roles since 1988. But, there are no special forces females as of yet.

  • Israel: Everyone must serve in the Israeli military for a certain time (men 3 years and women 2 years). In 1985, women took on combat positions.

  • France: Women are a huge part of the French military. They number approximately 1/5th of the total force. They are allowed to serve in combat roles, but the majority leave it to the men.

  • Germany: When Germany opened combat positions to women in 2001, recruitment numbers jumped substantially. It seems the German women want the chance to serve in combat.

There are other countries that are in the process or have allowed women to fight in combat roles. Countries like:

  • India

  • Sri Lanka

  • Sweden

  • Turkey

  • and more

Some of the concerns with women serving in combat

Some areas of concern may be justified. Some of the issues that come up are:

  • Sexual harassment

  • Morale

  • Physical concerns

Other voices in this debate

I put quotes earlier from people that really don’t count.

When some top Generals in the United States military were asked about this, there was a resounding agreement that since women could now serve in combat roles, women should have to register for the draft.

Ted Cruz who is running for President is in full disagreement with women serving in combat positions.

Final Thoughts

The fact is, women will soon be serving in combat roles right next to men. Time will tell how it will go, but I believe it will work fine if leaders handle the system properly.

What do you think about this debate? Good or bad idea?

I really agree with what Senator Ted Cruz said about being upset if his daughters were put into combat positions, but many Mothers are upset when their sons are. I remember how my Mom reacted when she heard I joined the Army.

Let’s hear you thoughts, but please be civil about it. Thank you, and have a great day.


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