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Here at, we are proud to offer a military resume service.  My wife and I can take your current resume and spice it up, or we can create you a new resume from scratch!

Just to clarify upfront, this resume service is for current or former military members looking for CIVILIAN, government contractor, or government jobs.

With our resume service, we take your military credentials and translate them into tangible, real-world skills and accomplishments that civilian employers understand and want.

Whether you are looking to get a promotion in your current civilian career, to find a new job, or launch a new career altogether, we can help you succeed!

My wife spent 15+ years in the Human Resources field.  She started as a H.R. Assistant and worked her way up to H.R. Director for a large government contractor.  Not only does she have a lot of experience writing resumes, but she has reviewed and screened TENS OF THOUSANDS of resumes during her career.

Therefore, she knows what employers are looking for and what makes a resume really stand out in the crowd.

Combine that with my military experience, administrative background, education (Master’s in H.R. Management), and knowledge of military acronyms, and you have a winning 1-2 combination!

Here’s How it Works

1) You make your secure payment through PayPal

2) You will receive an email from us within one business day, upon receipt of payment

3) You will respond to our email telling us a little bit about yourself, what you are trying to accomplish, what type of jobs you are looking for, etc.

4) You will also send a copy of your current military resume (if applicable), copies of your evaluation reports, awards, schools, and any other information you deem pertinent

5) We will review your information and draft up a finalized first draft of your military resume

6) We will send it back to you to review and for additional input

7) We will repeat the revision process with you until you are happy with the finished product (up to five revisions)

Once you make your secure payment through PayPal (or send us your money order), we will contact you within one business day to request the information.  We offer a quick turnaround. In most cases, the finalized first draft will be done within two to three business days.   The revision process normally takes an additional 10 days.


Just $225!  Get Started Now!

*** On average we spent about 7-8 hours on each resume, hence the price.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  You payment is secure through Paypal.  If you don’t want to use PayPal, send your Postal Service Money Order to Holmes Internet Marketing, P.O. Box 811, Homosassa Springs, FL 34447.

If you have any questions, give me a call at (352) 503-4816 or send me an email to

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