Sample Company Commander Job Description

If you’re looking for a sample Company Commander Job Description you are definitely in the right place.

You’re probably well aware that Company Commanders have lots of duties and responsibilities.

Ultimately, they are responsible for everything that happens (or fails to happen) in their unit.

Some of their most common responsibilities include mission planning, collective training, setting the “tone” and vision of the organization, Soldier morale, Soldier discipline, unit readiness and much more.

What I’d like to do today is give you a few examples of a Company Commander Job Description.

You can use any of these job descriptions as a basic shell for your OER or OER Support Form.

Of course, you might need to tweak them based upon what type of unit you lead.

If nothing else, this is a good starting point.

Company Commander Job Description # 1

Serves as Company Commander of a Forward Support Company, part of a Light Infantry Battalion in an Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

Ultimately responsible for the ability of the company to fight and win in combat.

Responsible for planning and executing individual training of the Soldiers and collective training of the company towards full mission readiness in support of the battalion combat service support missions and state emergency missions.

Is also responsible for sustaining mission readiness of materials and MTOE property valued at over $4 million.

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of a National Guard armory totaling over 80,000 square feet of office and shop space.

And responsible for the health, welfare, training and professional development of Soldiers assigned to the company.

Enforces the highest standards in Soldier appearance, morale, discipline and safety.

Company Commander Job Description # 2

Serves as Company Commander of a Tank Company, part of a Tank Battalion in a Mechanized Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

Primary responsibilities include prepare unit for combat, maintain a high level of unit readiness, and provide battle focused training.

Plans, supervises and assesses all unit training.

Develops policies and procedures within unit.

Responsible for recruiting and retention within unit.

Responsible for the health, welfare, morale and discipline of 98 Soldiers.

Serves as primary hand receipt holder for million in property and equipment.

Enforces Army Standards in the unit.

Company Commander Job Description # 3

Serves as Company Commander of a Horizontal Engineer Company, part of an Engineer Battalion in a Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

Overall responsible for the health, welfare, training and morale of 150 Soldiers.

Plans, resources, and assesses collective training for unit.

Develops policies and procedures for unit.

Ensures unit is physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to conduct their wartime mission.

Maintains accountability and operational readiness for 120 different types of MTOE property valued at $11.2 million.

On order, responds to state and federal contingency missions.

Company Commander Job Description # 4 

Serves as Company Commander of a Maintenance Company, part of a Forward Support Battalion in an Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

Plans, resources and assesses all unit training.

Develops policies and procedures for unit.

Responsible for health, welfare, morale and discipline of 110 Soldiers.

Provides maintenance support to over 3,000 Soldiers and 378 pieces of equipment.

Responsible for counseling and leader development.

Sets goals and vision for organization.

Responsible for property book valued at $2.3 million.

Enforces Army standards in unit.

Final Thoughts

If none of these Company Command Job Descriptions work for you, you can check with your current Battalion S1 to get additional examples.

Or, you can reference the previous commander’s OER Support Form.

It’s also a good idea to ask three or four of your peers for a copy of their job description.

If you can find 3-4 good examples, you should be able to cut and paste from the descriptions what you like and create your own job description.

If you have a sample Company Commander Job Description from your OER, or from your unit, please share it with the rest of our community.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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17 thoughts on “Sample Company Commander Job Description”

  1. Chuck Holmes

    All of you reading this post should check out my Company Commander Training Course on Amazon. It’s more than 4 hours of audio training covering what you need to do to be a successful Company Commander.

  2. The company commander is like the coach of a team. You will be praised if things are going well, and you will the one standing tall before the man if things go wrong. So make sure you are involved in your command. I've seen a few commanders get too walled off from the unit (or reality) and don't notice when something start to slip i.e. discipline, training.
    Stay involved and stay on top of your people. Stop problems when they are minor and before they spiral out of control.

  3. These are some great Company Commander Job Descriptions. At the end of the day the Company Commander is responsible for:

    Unit Training
    Mission Planning
    Health, Welfare and Morale of Soldier
    Soldier Discipline
    Leader Development
    Unit Readiness

    There are many ways to word the job description as long as it includes those things.

  4. A good Company Commander will:

    1. Ensure unit readiness
    2. Focus on collective training
    3. Establish a counseling program
    4. Serve as the senior trainer
    5. Maintain unit’s equipment
    6. Establish SOPs
    7. Develop subordinates
    8. Account for property

    I think that’s a good starting point.

  5. Here are some key things a Company Commander does.

    1. Plans missions
    2. Leads the Troop Leading Procedures
    3. Establishes policies and procedures
    4. Writes OPORDs
    5. Develops subordinates
    6. Signs for unit’s property
    7. Handles discipline and UCMJ issues

  6. The Company Commander job description sounds really tough, but interesting. I couldn’t imagine being a 25 year old person in charge of 100+ people. I’m a 40+ year old in corporate America and I only supervise two people.

    1. Lonnie,

      You’d be surprised at what you could handle. When you are in the job, it is easier than it sounds. Yes, it’s still tough, but most COs do a good job.


  7. Stephen D.Pizzuti

    I think being a Company Commander would be an awesome job. Where else can someone 25 to 30 years old get that much responsibility. At my employer in the civilian world, you would have to be in your late 50s or early 60s to be in charge of 100 or more people.

  8. Thank you for providing these various descriptions for Company Commander. This is also helpful to have this information for your non-military resume. A someone who used to review resumes and hire people, information like this would certainly help me value more what all was involved with a position such as Company Commander.

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