Sample Battalion S3 or Brigade S3 OER Support Form

Today, I want to share a sample Brigade or Battalion S3 OER Support Form.  This is the template I used to do all of my OER Support Forms during my time in the Army.  The information will cover from block 4a until the end of DA Form 67-9-1.  Feel free to use this as your own template, and tweak whatever you need to.  As a quick disclaimer please note that this is from my own S3 OER Support Form, however, I modified or added some information to give you the best sample possible.

4a. State Your Significant Duties and Responsibilities

Serves as the S3 Operations Officer for the 70th Regiment (LDR).  Plans, controls and executes mission operations for the Regiment.  Prepares all operation orders, warning orders and fragmentary orders.  Prepares detailed plans which support execution of policies and strategy.  Determines training needs of the Regiment and prepares and supervises training to support those needs.  Establishes policies and standards for unit readiness and supervises unit efforts to meet readiness standards.  Establishes the composition of forces required to support plans, from the fiscally constrained force to the resourced force level.  Supervises 4 NCOs.  Additional duties include Unit Movement Officer and Logistics Readiness Officer.

4b. Indicate Your Major Performance Objectives

A good Operations Officer, in my opinion, is someone who can take a mission requirement and formulate a simple, yet effective plan in a timely manner.  The plan must be thorough, but easy to understand, so the Soldier can read, interpret and execute the plan.  A good S3 Officer must have a sound understanding of Army Operations, Army Training, the Military Decision Making Process and unit capabilities. He must be analytical, decisive, and pro-active.  With that being said, these are my performance objectives:

  • Conduct MDMP on all missions and prepare OPORDs in a timely manner
  • Keep meetings to a minimum.  Ensure all meetings have a specific task and purpose and do not exceed one hour.
  • Develop a cohesive and competent section.
  • Develop a thorough plan to move the Regimental Headquarters to APG-EA.
  • Prepare detailed plans which support execution of policies and strategy.
  • Determine training needs of the 70th Regiment and prepare and supervise training to support those needs.
  • Establish policies and standards for unit readiness and supervises unit efforts to meet readiness standards.
  • Establish the composition of forces required to support plans, from the fiscally constrained force to the resourced force level.
  • Finish ILE Phase 2 and Phase 3.
  • Complete the Frederick Marathon.
  • Finish and publish my seventh book.
  • Always support the commander and her priorities.

5b. List Your Significant Contributions

  • Prepared four major OPORDs
  • Spearheaded six MDMP sessions with Regimental Staff
  • Led seven Regimental Training Meetings.  All meetings were one hour or less.
  • Developed plan and OPORD to move Regiment from Camp Fretterd to Aberdeen Proving Grounds
  • Finished and published seventh book
  • Mentored 1 NCO resulting in their promotion to SFC
  • Completed Phase 2 for ILE and started Phase 3
  • Reviewed and updated Regimental Training SOP
  • Finished training for Frederick Marathon by running 293 documented miles; the race is scheduled for two months from now.

5c. List Any Unique Professional Skills or Areas of Expertise of Value to the Army

Published Author of 7 books, Trained Speaker, Excellent Trainer

5d. If Unable to Serve in the Current Branch/Career Field, In Which Branch/Career Field Would You Prefer to Serve?

Public Affairs Officer

5e. List 3 Future Assignments For Which You Feel You Are Best Suited

Battalion XO, Brigade XO, Battalion Command

Final Thoughts

Thanks for checking out my sample Battalion S3 or Brigade S3 OER Support Form.  I hope you can use the information on this page to complete your own OER Support Form.  If you have any additional insights or tips you would like to share, just leave a comment to do so.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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6 thoughts on “Sample Battalion S3 or Brigade S3 OER Support Form”

  1. There is quite a bit of detailed information in these forms. This layout should help anybody who has to do these forms.

    I think this post has helped quite a few people already.

  2. Amy Skalicky

    This is great information, Chuck. An example is always useful in completing forms such as this. Completing the S3 OER Support Form is important not only for permanent record, but for planning for the soldier’s improvement and advancement in his military career as well. The process requires a soldier to evaluate where he is and where he wants to go, and provides the steps to get there. While things change quickly, and goals outlined in the S3 OER Support Form may need updating, it is always a good jumping off point. Needless to say, the form should be treated as a living document.

  3. I’m in the process of putting my OER Support Form together Chuck and this post really helped me out. Thank you very much.

  4. Bonnie Tirrell

    Your mom is so lucky to have a son like you! Each time I open this it just tickles me to see that smiling face of yours. Such a sweetheart. Bet she's so proud!

  5. This is good information. Being a young lieutenant and having to serve as the acting S3 since day 1 was a challenge; especially MDMP. I had been looking around for some inputs including materials for my support form. This really help me answer a lot of question. Thank you

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