Sample Battalion Commander OER Support Form

Are you looking for a sample Battalion Commander OER Support Form?  If so, you are in the right place.  Today, I want to do two things. First and foremost, I want to talk about some things that you should put on your OER Support Form. In addition, I want to offer you the ability to spend $4 and purchase a sample Battalion Commander OER Support Form that I wrote.  Let’s get started.

When you first take command of your battalion, you will need to create an OER Support Form.  Basically, you will take your Brigade Commander’s shell, and create your own Support Form from that document.  You will evaluate their goals and priorities, and in return, establish your own goals and priorities from the information in that document.

The next benefit of creating your own OER Support Form is that you are going to give a copy to your Company Commanders, XO and even your staff, so they know what the “vision” and “big picture” for the battalion are.

As you write your Battalion Commander OER Support Form, here are some things to keep in mind and discuss:

1. MOSQ Rate – Look across the battalion and see what percentage of Soldiers are DMOSQ and then set a goal to achieve by the end of your rating period.

2. Re-enlist/Retention Rates – Set a goal for what percentage of eligible troops you want to reenlist.  Look at historical data and also keep in mind you ONLY want to retain good Soldiers.

3. Operational Readiness Rates – Look at your OR rates for your unit’s equipment and find out what the current rate is.  Set a goal of at least 90% or higher.

4. Non-Val Pay Rates – Once again, this is for ARNG and USAR leaders, but keep in mind you want to keep this at 1% or below.

5. APFT Pass Rate – Set a goal to have everyone take the APFT and then set a goal of what you want the “pass” percentage to be.  Once again, look at historical documents so you can set a realistic goal.

6. Weapons Qual Pass Rate – Make it a point to have everyone attempt to qualify and set a goal for what the “QUAL” rate will be.

7. Soldiers Sent to and Graduated from Army Schools – Set a goal for professional development for your Soldiers.  How many Soldiers do you want to go to school and graduate?

8. Soldiers Who Received Awards – Make it a point to create an Awards Program in your battalion.  Set a realistic goal about how many people you want to achieve formal awards.

9. Soldiers Promoted – This is another great goal to set.  Set a goal to ensure that five to ten percent of your troops (or more) get promoted.

10. Battalion Strength Rate and Improvement – This is where the rubber meets the road, especially in the ARNG and USAR.  Set a goal and make a plan to improve your unit strength.

11. Family Support Group Related Stuff – Set a goal about establishing, maintaining and growing your Family Readiness.

12. METL Tasks – Look at the Battalion METL tasks and determine which tasks you want to focus on and what you want your ratings to be.

13. Deployments and Training Exercises – Look at the YTC and see which training events you have scheduled in the next 12 months and set goals for each event.

14. OPD/NCODP Program – Review the current OPD/NCODP Programs and write down what you want to achieve with these programs.

15. Mentoring Goals – Set goals about who you want to mentor, how you want to do it, and what the desired result is.

16. Personal Goals – This would be your personal goals such as books you want to read, classes you want to take, schools you want to attend, and things you want to accomplish in your personal life.  It would probably include your weapons QUAL and APFT, too.

*** This is by no means an ends all list for your Battalion Commander OER Support Form, but it is a good starting point.

As an additional tip, I would suggest that you determine the ‘starting point’ for each category so you can set realistic and attainable goals.  As a quick example, look at your starting DMOSQ rate and then set a goal based upon that.

Like I mentioned earlier, I created a sample Battalion Commander OER Support Form that you can purchase for just $4.  It would probably serve as a 90% solution to writing your own Support Form.  If you want a copy you can purchase it below.  Once you make the payment in PayPal, it will be emailed to you instantly.

Buy Now

I appreciate you reading my post about the Battalion Commander OER Support Form.  I hope you found the information helpful and I would love if you left a comment below to share your thoughts about it.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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5 thoughts on “Sample Battalion Commander OER Support Form”

  1. This is a great benefit to Battalion Commanders. For four dollars, it is a bargain not having to sit at the computer and take precious time developing the OER Support Form themselves. I believe any Battalion Commander, whether the Guard, or full duty, would do well in purchasing this form and putting it to good use.

    1. I sell a good amount of these and I normally get good feedback. This definitely helps Battalion Commanders out and saves them a lot of time with their OER Support Form.

    2. Candace Ginestar

      If someone else has already done most of the work, why reinvent the wheel? It’d be much easier to edit a document to add to or take away from what is already there.

      1. With all the responsibilities a Battalion Commander has, it just seems to me that it would be wiser to just spend the four bucks and save some time. Yes, they could probably write it themselves, but why not use the resources available? Chuck has done the work and it can save a Commander much time and headaches.

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