Sample Army Team Leader Duties, Responsibilities and Job Description

In today’s post, I want to educate you about the Army Team Leader duties, responsibilities and job description.  I want to provide some real world examples so you can know more about what a Team Leader is supposed to do.  This will probably serve as a 90% solution to what you need to know.

Sample Army Team Leader Job Descriptions

Listed below you will find three real world Army Team Leader job descriptions.  Feel free to use these as a reference or to modify them as needed to fit your particular situation.

# 1 Leads and supervises a Military Police team consisting of three Soldiers, responsible for maintaining and enforcing 100% accountability of the team’s weapons and equipment; Supervises individual and team level training and mentors subordinates to ensure that they are properly prepared for combat operations;  Assists the squad leader in planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities that the team is assigned to accomplish the mission; Additional duties includes unit HAZMAT NCO.

# 2 Serves as a Team Leader in an Light Infantry Platoon; Supervises three Soldiers: Responsible for the health, welfare, morale and training of his Soldiers; Leads and maneuvers fire team in combat; Responsible for maintenance and accountability of three vehicles and $250,000 in MTOE property; Assists the Squad Leader in planning, coordinating and supervising all activities that the team is  assigned to accomplish; Additional duties include TMDE NCO.

# 3 Assigned as a Team Leader in a Maintenance Platoon.  Directly supervises four Soldiers; Provide leadership, direction and training to his Soldiers; Develops Soldiers for positions of increased responsibility by counseling, mentoring and job shadowing; Responsible for section’s MTOE property valued at $180,000; Assists the Squad Leader as necessary;  Additional duties include Equal Opportunity NCO.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Army Team Leader

Ultimately, the Team Leader is responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen within the Team.  In most cases, the Team Leader works closely with their Squad Leader for guidance and direction.

1. Prepare Soldiers for Wartime Mission – Without a doubt, the number one role of a Team Leader is to prepare their team for their wartime mission.  This means making sure your team is mentally and physically tough, and knows how to do their MOS, Warrior Tasks, and collective tasks in combat.

2. Trains Team on Individual and Collective Tasks – Team Leaders make sure their Soldiers know how to shoot, move and communicate.  Soldiers must know how to do their individual job and accomplish their Team, Squad, Platoon (collective) tasks.

3. Maneuvers Team in Combat – In combat, or in the field, Team Leaders are responsible for the maneuver of their Team.  This includes convoys, foot march, air movements, or any other maneuver is necessary.

4. Mentor and Develop Subordinates – Team Leaders spend a lot of time mentoring their Soldiers.  They do counseling, job shadowing, one-on-one mentoring and leading by example.  They groom their Soldiers for positions of increased responsibility.   They make sure their Soldiers attend the schools they need and get the training they need to be successful today, and in the future.

5. Handles Admin and Logistics Needs Within Team – The Team Leader coordinates, resources and handles all the admin and logistics issues for the Team.  This includes admin paperwork, transportation, food, ammo, Petroleum Oil and Lubricants, personal supply and more.

6. Works with the Squad Leader to Accomplish Squad Objectives – The Team Leader interacts with the Squad Leader on a daily basis to ensure the squad’s objectives are fulfilled.

7. Provides C2 Oversight of Soldiers – The Team Leader supervises his Soldiers at all times, ensuring they are where they need to be, in the right uniform and at the right time.

8. Supervises Maintenance of Team Vehicles and Equipment – The Team Leader ensures his team’s equipment is maintained properly.  He works closely with his Soldiers during PMCS and also interacts with maintenance personnel when needed.

9. Maintain Accountability of All Equipment and Property within the Team – Simply put, the Team Leader ensures his Soldier maintain and account for their section and personal equipment at all times.

10. Recommends Soldiers for Awards, Recognition and Punishments – The Team Leader submits her Soldiers for awards such as AAMs, COAs, unit coins, etc.

11. Handle Discipline Issues within the Team – The Team Leader is the first line supervisor and is responsible for corrective training, disciplinary issues and making recommendations for formal punishment.

12. Prepares OPORDs – When necessary, the Team Leader prepares OPORDS for combat missions.  He also reviews the Squad Level OPORD to determine mission requirements and to conduct mission analysis.

If nothing else, just remember that the Team Leader is responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen with his Team of Soldiers.

What are your thoughts about the Army Team Leader duties, responsibilities and job description?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Sample Army Team Leader Duties, Responsibilities and Job Description”

  1. Since the team leader has such a huge amount of responsibilities, their role can be neither disregarded nor overlooked. From combat maneuvers to maintaining accountability for equipment, it’s obvious that the team leader has a role unlike no other, and must be diligent, intelligent, motivated, and most of all: a natural leader.

  2. I like what Candace said about TLs being the rubber that meets the road but I couldn’t help think that they are also the product of their mentors, who are the product of their mentors and so on. Like ripples in the water from a single drop. A team leader definitely has to be a great learner, an even better listener, a diplomat, a mentor. Experience in the field is extremely important too.

    1. You are very correct here. What I really take from this mentoring is leading by example. No matter what you may think, others are watching behaviors, attitudes and actions. Many soldiers will mimic their team leader whether it is right or wrong. As a team leader, we must always think before we do or say anything. Will it be good in the eyes of those watching?

  3. This was an excellent post Chuck. I believe anyone that is, or is becoming a team leader should have a copy of this article and refer to it at times. It seems to me that team leaders have a lot of responsibility. I believe Company Commanders should study a soldier very well before making them a team leader.

  4. Candace Ginestar

    I think being a team leader is one of the most important jobs in the Army. They are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to training troops. A good TL is worth their weight in gold, plus more.

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