Sample Army OER Bullets and OER Comments

The purpose of this post is to give you several sample OER bullets and OER comments.

These comments can be for someone writing an OER for someone else or for someone preparing their own OER Support Form.

Please keep in mind that OER Comments are different from NCOER Comments.

Comments on the OER are typically in paragraph form rather than bullet points like the NCOER.

I should start out by telling you that it’s your job to manage your own Army OER and to manage your own career.OER Bullets

If you aren’t proactive throughout the entire OER process, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

That means that you need to actively communicate with your supervisor throughout the OER process, not just when it’s due.

You need to make your rater’s job as easy as possible.

That means, you should prepare your own Army OER Support Form and even write the first draft of your OER.

To some of you, that might sound crazy.

Well, I’ve been called crazy before, but I’m okay with that if you are.

The truth is, no one cares about your career as much as you do!

Think about it this way for a minute.

Your boss is busy.

They probably supervise several officers.

They have a job, a family, hobbies and a military career.

They’re probably tired and overwhelmed.

So, if you can make their life easier they will appreciate it.

I’ve also found that in most cases, they will use the EXACT OER shell that you write.

So write well.

Your career might depend upon it!

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And if your rater asks you why you drafted a first draft of your own OER, tell them that you “knew they were busy and wanted to make their job a little bit easier.”

Personally, I don’t know one “boss” who would get upset about that.

Now that I’ve given you my advice about managing your OER, here are some sample OER bullets and OER comments.

Please know that I just copied these from my own OERs (I did change my name and unit though).

I am by no means boasting.

I just want to give you a real world example.

Feel free to use these as a template for doing your own.

Sample Army OER Bullets and Comments # 1

During this short rating period, MAJ Roscoe did an exceptional job managing the S4 section.

Upon arrival in our unit, MAJ Roscoe made an immediate positive impact by revamping the unit’s Command Supply Disciple Program SOP and CSDP Binder.

Several months later, his section received satisfactory results on both the COMET and the CSDP Inspection.

During Annual Training, MAJ Roscoe really stepped up to the plate and led one officer and 28 Soldiers.

His maintenance section maintained an OR rate of 97% and issued 12,000 meals during Annual Training without incident or injury.

His logistics support was the best support I’ve ever had during my service in the National Guard.

For his exceptional performance, he received 2 Army Commendation Medals and was promoted to Major at minimum time-in-grade.

MAJ Roscoe is a talented leader and logistician.

You can always count on him to get things done, and done right.

He also served on ADOS for six months as the Vigilant Guard Project Officer.

In this capacity, he served as the lead project planner for a multi-state, joint-level exercise.

In his free time, he wrote and published two books, completed ILE Phase I and trained for a marathon.

Sample Army OER Bullets and Comments # 2

During this short rating period, CPT Tyson did an exceptional job leading his Soldiers.

CPT Tyson is an experienced, confident, loyal and ultimate team-player and leader who always does whatever it takes to make sure the mission is done and done right.

In addition to providing world-class combat service support to our battalion, he also significantly improved the readiness and morale of his company.

Some of his key accomplishments include 5 re-enlistments, six promotions, 19 Soldiers graduated from either MOSQ or NCOES and a company Non-Val Pay of less than 1%.

Next, his Maintenance Section maintained an OR rate in excess of 95% while repairing 10+ vehicles.

He completed his change-of-command inventory with zero discrepancies or shortages.

Finally, CPT Tyson was selected to serve as the 58th Regiment S4 Officer, a position above his current pay-grade.

He will be greatly missed in our battalion and within his company.

Sample Army OER Bullets and Comments # 3

CPT Smith did an amazing job creating a technically and tactically proficient company that is motivated, trained, disciplined and capable of completing any combat deployment.

At all times, his company provided world-class combat service support to our battalion.

Some highlights include: 590.5 man-hours of maintenance completed, 100+ vehicles repaired, an OR Rate in excess of 94%, prepared 6,000 meals, issued 8,000 gallons of fuel, and issued 200,000 rounds of ammunition without incident or injury.

In January 2009, he deployed his company to Washington DC in support for the 56th Presidential Inauguration and successfully operated a Traffic Control Point.

To improve his unit readiness, CPT Smith increased his unit strength from 85 to 101 a 20% increase.

He also improved the DMOS rate from 88% to 93% while maintain a non-val pay rate of less than 1%.

Moreover, he promoted 17 Soldiers, graduated 52 Soldiers from military schools and extended 9 of 11 eligible Soldiers.

To recognize his Soldiers’ performance, he presented 53 achievement awards and presented 2 Soldiers with the Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe.

To improve his professional development, he completed 4 military courses to include: Combined Arms Exercise (CAX), Project Management, Strategic Planning and Basic Accounting.

Sample Army OER Bullets and Comments # 4

1LT Edwards was vital to the success of our unit.

In his job as Company XO, he spearheaded our Command Supply Discipline Program.

As a result of his hard work, our unit received second place in the national Command Supply Discipline Program competition.

1LT Edwards traveled to Washington D.C. with the Supply Sergeant to receive the award.

In the maintenance realm, he worked closely with the Motor Sergeant to reform our maintenance program.

His hard work and new SOP helped our unit maintain an Operational Readiness Rate in excess of 95%, which is a 20% improvement from the previous year.

In regards to administration, 1LT Edwards created an Awards Program for our company which resulted in 42 Soldiers receiving some type of achievement award during the past calendar year.

The bottom line is that 1LT Edwards was the most critical and influential person in our organization this year.

Without him, I’m not sure we would have accomplished any of these things.

He also finished his Master’s Degree and completed his Captain’s Career Course.

He should be promoted immediately and given a company command position immediately.

He is definitely a future senior Army leader.

Sample Army OER Bullets and Comments # 5

2LT Amy Jones is an amazing military leader.

From the time she arrived in my company, she was a go-to player.

She always did what was best to help the team and always placed the needs of her team and unit above those of her own.

Some of her key accomplishments include helping 7 Soldiers get promoted, sending 9 Soldier to NCOES schools, creating a formal counseling program in her platoon, getting recognized at Annual Training by the Commanding General, spearheading the unit’s Family Readiness Group, revamping the Platoon’s and Company’s SOPs, volunteering to mentor one of her peer Platoon Leaders, graduating from her BOLC Class as the Honor Grad and scoring a 300 on her APFT.

As her Company Commander I am honored to serve with her.

Promote to 1LT immediately, ahead of her peers.

Unlimited potential.

A superb leader with huge potential.


By all means, feel free to use these sample Army OER comments and OER bullets as you like.

Simply change the name around, modify as required for your duty position and save yourself some time and energy preparing your OER.

And whatever you do, please be proactive about your own military career.

Don’t wait for your boss to do your OER.

Make sure you are part of the process!

What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about these sample Army OER bullets and comments.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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23 thoughts on “Sample Army OER Bullets and OER Comments”

  1. Good post. I was hoping for some examples of comments I could use. Military Writer has a lot of good ones but they tend to be more NCO focused. Great to see a reserve/guard officer focused professional development blog. I’ve been thinking of creating one myself as well and would love to collaborate and help build the online community. Best.

  2. Mr. Holmes,
    Thank you for this great resource.

    As M-day/TPU officers, is it ever acceptable to include civilian work accomplishments on an OER?
    Thank you.

  3. daksh bhatt

    You are doing great job Mr. Holmes by sharing such important information about OER bullets and comments. I made few changes in my OER after reading your post. Thank you.

  4. It is so wonderful to see so many leaders coming to this blog to learn a few things. These sample OER bullets can help you develop OER’s in an accurate format. Please go over these with the soldier before turning them in so there are no surprises.

    I also recommend reading more of this blog. I suggest bookmarking it and finding time to visit and read 1 or 2 posts daily. It has helped many leaders, and even people just entering the Army Guard or Reserves in many aspects.

    Thanks to Chuck for providing such a great blog.

  5. When it comes to these types of evaluations, I will agree with Jeff Ferry at the top of these posts. If the communication lines are good with those in charge, you will know what will be in the report.

    You should not be surprised by the written report of your evaluation.

    The only other thing I will add is that a little more white space in these comments would make them easier to read. That is a writing skill that we can all improve on.

    Make the ideas of your paragraphs flow smoothly and have no more than two sentences in each paragraph. A report of any kind is easier to read that way.

    Just my two cents from studying writing over time.

  6. My biggest issue with the OER is when someone is surprised. There should be no surprises from either side of the document. If you have been keeping up a constant line of communication you should know what your supervisor thinks of your performance. If the OER is a surprise then communication has broken down.

    Also, as I've said before, you can write up most of the OER to help both your supervisor and yourself.

  7. CPT Snuffy accomplished a high level of individual and company readiness which resulted in the achievement of overall unit mission readiness, measured through the aggregate readiness metrics and accurate METL assessments. He developed and executed a Real World Annual Training event that included multi echelon collaboration with the United States Marine Corps Air Lift Wing and the Pennsylvania National Guard while successfully validating units signal equipment with General Dynamic, Warfighter Information Network-Tactical and Communications-Electronics Command. He demonstrated his stewardship through 100% property accountability of equipment valued at $4,690,115.82. He did an amazing job creating a technically and tactually proficient company that is motivated, trained, disciplined and capable of completing any deployment. CPT Snuffy expanded his professional development by graduating from the Signal Corps Captains Career Course (SC CCC) culminating into 15 Masters Degree credit hours and completing the Company Leaders Trainer Course (CTLC). He has enrolled and was accepted into Intermediate-Level Education (ILE). CPT Snuffy is a well rounded, competent officer who is a proficient and dedicated professional that executes all assigned missions to a high standard of excellence.

  8. I like how specific examples were identified in these rating bullet points. That is a lot more effective than just saying “they did a good job.” This guidance here will be helpful for anyone who has to do these kind of rating and review. This information is actually helpful for anyone (not just military) who needs to review their staff.

    1. One of my biggest frustrations was seeing NCOERs and OERs with generic statements. Soldiers deserve better than that. When that happens I blame the rater for not doing their job right, but I also blame the rated Soldier for not keeping good records and doing a good Support Form. Ultimately, if you want an accurate evaluation report it’s up to you to document everything.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. These are some great sample Army OER Bullets. I’m going to print this page out and file it in my Leader’s Book for future reference. It will really come in handy when I do my OER Support Form.

    1. Thanks for the comment Harvey.

      All leaders should print out this Army OER Bullets and OER Comments information so they can refer to it when they need it.


  10. Thanks a lot. Its great to see other officers to give some words of wisdom and knowledge to some of us that may know less and need some guidance.

    2LT Real.

    1. LT,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your military service. I hope you have a great day. I enjoy “giving back” and helping my peers become better leaders. All the best to you and your family.


      1. Thanks for educating me about OER and NCOER bullets. You really shared some good insights about it. I think the most important thing is to be as specific as possible. Use facts, numbers and percentages whenever possible. This will really help the person stand out and get noticed. Great post.


        1. You’re welcome Marisela.

          I wish more NCOs and Officers would take more time when writing evaluation reports such as OERs and NCOERs. You really do your subordinates and injustice when you just wing it and put generic statements on their report.

          Thanks for the comment.


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