On this page, you will find some of my suggested resources for soldiers, officers, and NCOs serving in the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Defense Force. These resources are listed by category.

Cell Phone Service

Tired of overpaying for your cell phone service? If so, you should check out Straight Talk. It’s an amazing discounted cell phone service offered via Wal-Mart. Rachel and I have been using them for almost 10-years now. They are much cheaper than most cell phone carriers and offer the same coverage (on the same towers). We pay about $40 per month for each of our phones and have amazing plan. If you’d like to learn more about the options available, you can check out this link.

Omaha Steaks

Rachel and I are avid Omaha Steaks customers and have been for a long time. It’s convenient and high quality. The products come in individual packages in perfect portion size. Plus, it gets delivered right to your door step. Shop Omaha Steaks!

Reading List

If you’re looking to take your personal development to the next level, or are just searching for a new book to explore, do yourself a favor and check out my recommended reading list.

Suggested Health Products

Want to improve your health, feel better, look better, have more energy, or lose weight? If so, check out my suggested line of health products here.

Shop My Online Store

Make sure you visit our store at to see our courses, training, and eBooks designed specifically for soldiers, NCOs, and officers in the National Guard, Army Reserve, and Defense Force. Visit my store now.

Earn Additional Income

If you’d like to earn some additional income, create a side hustle, or have your own part-time business, check out my link here. I’m very successful with this business and would be happy to help you or talk with you about it.

Start Your Own Website or Blog

If you’d like to start your own blog or website, this is who I use and recommend. You can purchase your domain through them and hosting. It’s a great, reliable, affordable service, I highly recommend.

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Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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