Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)

The Army utilizes the Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) system to track Army assets and automate property accountability processes.

In case you didn’t already know, PBUSE replaced the ULLS-S4 system.

The major difference between the ULLS-S4 and PBUSE is that PBUSE is web-based.

PBUSE also has additional capabilities and is very user friendly.

In most company-sized elements, the Supply Sergeant manages the PBUSE in the Supply Room.

The unit’s MTOE property is uploaded into the PBUSE system.

When the unit receives new MTOE property or turns-in old MTOE property, the Supply Sergeant inputs the information into the PBUSE system.

This includes lateral transfers, equipment turn-ins and receipt of new MTOE property.

Even though the PBUSE is web based, the Supply Sergeant still must manually input the information.

Most Supply Sergeants receive their PBUSE training at their Advanced Individual training and professional development schools, such as BNCOC or ANCOC.

It is vital that your Supply Sergeant has proper training with the PBUSE system.

In addition to the basic fundamental PBUSE training, your Supply Sergeant should also receive refresher PBUSE training, when possible.

In the National Guard, Soldiers can attend PBUSE training at the Professional Education Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

You should also cross-train your other AGR personnel on the PBUSE system.

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As the Company Commander, you should have a basic understanding of PBUSE.

After all, the unit MTOE property is your property and you are ultimately accountable for it.

Even though your Supply Sergeant and Property Book Officer are the actual PBUSE Subject Matter Experts, you must still have a basic understanding of how the PBUSE is supposed to work.

This allows you to spot-check your Supply Sergeant’s performance.

At a minimum, you should schedule some time to sit down with your Supply Sergeant or Property Book Officer and have them walk you through PBUSE.

To check their proficiency, spot check 3-5 pieces of your unit’s MTOE property to make sure that it is input in PBUSE.

Verify the serial numbers and/or bumper numbers, too.

Get a printout of your MTOE from your Property Book Officer and validate the information in your PBUSE system.

Make sure all information is accurate.

In addition, make sure your Supply Sergeant doesn’t get a big back-log.

Make sure he or she inputs information into PBUSE on a daily or weekly basis.

Remember, you need to spot-check to make sure this is getting done.

Finally, make sure that your Unit Supply SOP and Command Supply Discipline Program SOP have a section with detailed information about the PBUSE system.

That way, if you get new Supply Personnel on short notice they can refer to your unit SOP for guidance.

If you are extremely motivated, you can establish a PBUSE SOP.

To get started, do a quick Internet search for PBUSE SOP.

In addition, have your Supply Sergeant sit down and document his or her “procedures” for using the system.

Take their notes and first draft and convert it into a finished SOP.

In summary, the PBUSE is a great way to maintain accountability of Army property and equipment.

The secret to success is to have trained personnel with the skill-set and motivation to stay on top of things.

After all, any computer system is only as good as its operator.

P.S. Do you have experience working with PBUSE?

If so, please share your tips with the rest of our community.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, just do so below.

Thank you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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7 thoughts on “Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)”

  1. There are many good ideas in this article, but I'll just highlight two.
    1. Sit down with your supply sergeant. This is unbelievably good advice. You should have at least a working knowledge of what they do. Never be caught completely unaware if their is an inspection or an emergency of some sort.
    2. Cross train some other people into the field. You don't want your operation to fall like Jenga if your supply sergeant is not available. While no one person may be able to fill his position completely you would like some people who can step in temporarily. This feeds back into my first point where you can help out if you are also knowledgeable in the area.

  2. I am a civilian applying for contract work.I would like to obtain training in PBUSE.I think it is very similar to what DOS uses

  3. I’m still a fan of the old ULLS-S4, but the PBUSE is pretty good. I like that it’s web based and you can handle everything on a laptop.

  4. I used to work in the private sector and we would have to keep track of IT equipment. I can’t tell you how many times things would not be marked correctly or tracked. It was pretty sad how poorly assets were tracked. Good to see there is something in place for Army assets. IT seems like the PBUSE is a great resource for Company Commanders.

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