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“Discover How to be an Effective Platoon Leader in the Army National Guard… Learn Insider Secrets About how to Motivate, Lead and Train your Soldiers… And, Learn What it Takes to Achieve Success as a Platoon Leader while Positioning Yourself for a Successful Career.”

Introducing the Platoon Leader eBook for part-time Platoon Leaders…

Dear Part-Time Platoon Leader:

Serving as a Platoon Leader in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves is a challenging, demanding and rewarding job. In fact, few people outside the military will ever get the experience to lead 20 to 50 or more people and oversee $1 million or more in equipment. And to think that you get to do that in your FIRST Army job. How awesome is that?

As a part-time Platoon Leader, you must learn how to effectively accomplish your mission and take care of your Soldiers, while balancing your civilian career, family time and personal life. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will be burn out and overwhelmed. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Instead, I want you to be an effective, efficient and excellent Platoon Leader. My goal is to teach you what you need to know to achieve Platoon Leader success.

If you want to find a “better way” to enhance your effectiveness, improve your time-management skills and learn how to get things done better, faster and more efficiently, I’m here to offer you a solution.

My name is Charles Holmes and I know exactly how you feel right now. Having spent just over two years in Company Command, I always searched for ways to help my Platoon Leaders succeed. I wanted my Platoon Leaders to develop their potential, have fun, be challenged and achieve success. I also wanted them to have BALANCE between their military responsibilities, civilian job, family life, and personal time.

When I first took Company Command, I relied on my Active Duty experience to help me lead, coach and develop my subordinates. Throughout my time in Company Command, I searched the Internet, book stores and local library for resources to help me prepare my Platoon Leaders for positions of increased responsibility. Unfortunately, everything I found was geared for “Active Duty” Platoon Leaders.

I made a vow when I finished Company Command to create a resource specifically for Army National Guard and Army Reserve Platoon Leaders. Throughout my time in Company Command, I kept notes on what worked well for my Platoon Leaders. We also kept notes on what didn’t work.

That’s how my new Platoon Leader eBook “Part-Time Platoon Leader: How to Lead a Platoon in the ARNG and USAR” developed.

The purpose of my Platoon Leader eBook is to help you be the best Platoon Leader you can be. I want to give you helpful hints and advice to help you have a squared away platoon and also have time for your job, family and personal life.

Here’s What You Will Learn in My Platoon Leader eBook:

· What to Expect as a New Officer in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves

· What to Expect as a Platoon Leader

· Platoon Leader Duties & Responsibilities

· How to Build a Solid Relationship with Your Platoon Sergeant

· How to Develop the Right Platoon Leader Mindset

· How to be an Effective Platoon Leader

· How to Understand the Difference Between Collective Training and Individual training

· How to Develop a Platoon METL

· How to Conduct Mission Planning and Write OPORDs

· How to Host Effective Platoon Training Meetings

· The Basics about Your Military Education

· How to Develop a COHESIVE Team

· How to Set-Up Your Own Leader’s Book

· How to Increase Morale In Your Platoon with an Effective Rewards Program

· How to Conduct Initial Counseling and Handle NCOERs

· How to Properly Manage Your OER Support Form

· How to Manage the Officer Evaluation Report

· How to Maintain a High Level of Unit Readiness within Your Platoon

· Everything You Need to Know about PMCS and Motor Stables

· What You Need to Know about Property Accountability

· Jobs to Look For After Platoon Leader

· How to Effectively Manage Your Career

· How to Prepare Yourself to Be a Great Company Commander

· & So Much More!

After reading my Platoon Leader eBook you will know EXACTLY what you need to do achieve success as a part-time Platoon Leader.

BUT WAIT. There’s more. You will also get 3 FREE Bonuses.


Discover my list of favorite books for Platoon Leaders. These books will teach you new skills and help improve your effectiveness.


Learn 8 simple things you can do to be a better Platoon Leader. This special report will blow your mind.


Discover an amazing list of 50 platoon names to choose from to name your Platoon. Your platoon MUST have a platoon name. This list will help you brainstorm ideas to find the perfect platoon name.

STILL NOT CONVINCED! Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying about my Platoon Leader eBook!

“I really enjoyed the Platoon Leader eBook by Charles Holmes because it helped me take charge of my Platoon. The book helped me streamline all of the processes that I needed to put into place. I would definitely recommend it to my peers because its essential to be ahead of the curve as much as possible.”

2LT D. Williams, ARNG Platoon Leader

“I purchased both the Part-Time Commander and the Part-Time Platoon Leader eBooks from Chuck. They really helped me make the move from NCO to OCS. I am currently enrolled through my state’s traditional program and these eBooks truly helped shape the mindset of what it takes to become a more efficient part-time Officer. I would highly recommend these books to any aspiring officer.”

Officer Candidate Descoteaux, OKANG

“Part-Time Platoon Leader should be offered to every newly commissioned National Guard Officer. It gave me direction and mentoring which helped me refine my career goals, objectives, and to effectively plan my career. It is a great guide for understanding the differences in your relationships between the full-time and M-Day staffs and what your individual responsibilities are for yourself, your platoon and your role in the company as a whole.”

1LT Emily Y. Platoon Leader, WIARNG

“This book is a must read. It is the only book out there geared specifically for National Guard and Reserve Platoon Leaders. BOLC may teach you the things you need to succeed tactically within your branch, but that is only a fraction of your duties as a Platoon Leader. This book will help fill in the other 75% and set you apart from your peers because you will actually understand what your responsibilities and obligations are and execute. Most Platoon Leaders only truly understand what their job is by the time they are ready for their next assignment. Get a leg up! I recommend this book to all of my peer Platoon leaders.”

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P.S. This is the eBook you should have received during OCS or R.O.T.C. Don’t miss out on this great information. It will help you build a strong leadership foundation you can use through your entire military career.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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