A Well Deserved Pay Raise For United States Troops

In a move that has been a long time coming, it seems all soldiers will be getting a well deserved pay raise. And for those who thing soldiers are making too much money, just consider that an E1 with less than 2 years of service makes an average of about $19, 500 per year…

For putting their life on the line!

It will be the biggest pay raise in 9 years

While this is not through Congress yet, as part of the Annual Defense Authorization Bill from the Senate Armed Services Committee, it seems the likelihood of passage is high. It includes a 2.6% raise for all service members along with other military specialty pay renewals for 2019.

This goes against what planners in the Pentagon desired. Because so much military expenditures go to civilian contractors.

But it seems our government values the troops more…


This move is designed to keep military pay on a scale with civilian counterparts.

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But where will this money come from?

The money has to come from somewhere. And there is a plan. And it is aimed at Pentagon support agencies… Many agencies that are considered bureaucratic waste.

Republican representative Mac Thornberry proposed cutting much of this waste; to the tune of $25 Billion and investing that money back into war fighting and the troops.

Yea… Another Hoorah!

Here are the agencies proposed to get cut:

  • Defense Information Systems Agency, whose information technology support mission would be folded into U.S. Cyber Command.
  • Defense Technical Information Center, which acquires, stores and disseminates scientific and technical information to aid in defense research and development.
  • Office of Economic Adjustment, which aids communities hurt by defense program changes, including base closures.
  • Defense Technology Security Administration, which guides policy on U.S. arms transfers overseas to safeguard America’s military edge and prevent the diversion of defense-related goods to terrorists.
  • Test Resource Management Center, which coordinates among DoD test and evaluation facilities.
  • Defense Human Resources Activity, which guides and implements human resource initiatives, budgets, policies and programs.
  • Washington Headquarters Services, which provides operational and administrative services to the DoD.

It isn’t passed yet

Don’t start adding the raise into your budget yet…

The Senate Armed Services Committee is debating the draft which should be done soon. The Senate will vote on the proposal later in the summer. But all signs point to passage of this great pay raise that is well deserved for our military personnel.

Final Thoughts

I want to add there is another great provision added to this bill…

Domestic violence has been an issue within the military. The measure includes a provision to make domestic violence a crime under the uniform code of military justice, and another provision that allows military courts to issue protective orders to ensure the safety of military members and their families.

My opinion is, the government is making good moves for our military.

What do you think? Do you believe this raise will pass and do you think it is enough?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment area below.

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