The Part-Time Company Commander Training Course:

Finally, a guide exclusively for Army Reserve & National Guard Company Commanders

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Dear Part-Time Company Commander:

Let me begin by saying thank you for your military service. As a veteran, I appreciate everything that you do for our great country. In my opinion, there is no greater honor than leading soldiers, especially in combat. As Company Commanders and small unit leaders, we have an awesome responsibility that most civilians will never understand.

If you’re like most Company Commanders, you are overwhelmed, overworked and perhaps, frustrated. You love what you do, but you could use some extra help and advice.

Trust me, I’ve been there and done that and I know exactly how you feel right now. I’ve always believed that the Army National Guard and Army Reserve should do a better job preparing officers for Company Command. The training you get before you take command (if you get any training at all) is marginal at best.

You’re probably reading this page because you are looking for solutions to your challenges. You are looking for some help with your Company Commander duties. You’re trying to find information, tips and advice on HOW to be a better, more effective and more efficient Company Commander. You’re trying to soak up all the knowledge you can find to help you hone your leadership skills.

If that describes you, I’m here to tell you that you are in the right place at the right time!

My name is Charles Holmes. My friends call me Chuck. I hope you will do the same thing. I am a former ARNG Major and Company Commander.

In addition, I am the creator of this website,, one of the most popular websites in the world for officers, NCOs and soldiers serving in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. I’m also the author of countless books and training products for the same audience of people.

Like you, I’ve been there and done that. I spent two years in a very successful Company Command. My experience was very rewarding AND challenging. Looking back, I can tell you that I wasn’t fully prepared for Company Command when I first got started.

I thought I was, but boy I was wrong. I only wish someone would have sat down with me and given me a class on how to be a successful Company Commander prior to taking command. I wish something like my Company Commander Training Course would have been available for me to purchase and study.

Like you, I attended my Captain’s Career Course and Pre-Command Course before command, but those courses didn’t teach me even 20 percent of what I needed to learn to be a successful Company Commander. 99 percent of what I learned in Company Command was through on the job training and through trial and error.  

Sure, these lessons were valuable, but it would have been much better to learn these lessons BEFORE I took command. Fortunately for you, I documented everything I learned during my time in command. I kept track of what worked and what didn’t work. I kept a journal of everything!

All of these lessons are documented in my Company Commander Training Course. This course is designed to teach YOU what you need to know to have a SUCCESSFUL and FULFILLING Company Command. 

This training program comes in PDF. You can download it instantly after you make your secure purchase through PayPal. I encourage you to read it several times, apply what you learn, and do the best job you can do while in command.

Here’s what you will learn in my new eBook:

Part I: Before You Take Command

Chapter 1: What it Takes to Be an Effective Company Commander

Chapter 2: Managing Your Career Before Company Command

Chapter 3: Apply & Interview for a Command Position

Chapter 4: Conducting Your Inventory

Chapter 5: Conducting Your Left-Seat-Right-Seat Ride

Chapter 6: Change of Command Ceremony 

Part II: Your First Year in Command

Chapter 7: Your First IDT Weekend

Chapter 8: Your First 90 Days

Chapter 9: Working with Your AGR Staff & Command Team

Chapter 10: Balancing Command, Family Time, & Life

Chapter 11: Your Typical Monthly Schedule

Part III: The Big Things

Chapter 12: Training Management

Chapter 13: Unit Administration

Chapter 14: Unit Supply

Chapter 15: Unit Maintenance

Chapter 16: Retention

Chapter 17: Physical Fitness

Chapter 18: Family Readiness

Part IV: Effective Leadership

Chapter 19: Your Ultimate Purpose

Chapter 20: Establishing Your Priorities

Chapter 21: Effective Time Management

Chapter 22: Developing Leaders

Chapter 23: Soldier Recognition

Chapter 24: How to Conduct a Meeting

Part V: Leaving a Legacy

Chapter 25: Taking Your Organization to the Next Level

Chapter 26: When to Leave Command

Chapter 27 Life After Company Command

This 110 page eBook covers everything I know about Company Command in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard. This is now the 8th edition of the book. You won’t find any fluff or redundancy. You can probably read the entire eBook in about three hours.

After reading Part-Time Company Commander, you will have a helpful list of practical solutions to help you solve the everyday problems facing today’s Company Commanders serving in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve.


STILL NOT CONVINCED! Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what these other part-time Army Company Commanders have to say:

“Taking command can be an overwhelming task. Your book helped me quickly gather my thoughts on what tasks I needed to focus on in the first 90 days of taking command. I also use your book to jump start my thoughts on what I need to be tracking on a monthly basis.” Gene H., Current Part-Time Company Commander

“I found your eBook very helpful. I am a current Company Commander in the Georgia National Guard. After spending five years on active duty with the 101st ABN DIV, the Guard is a unique change and challenge. My husband is a Company Commander on active duty at IBOLC III (IOBC, Ft. Benning) and I suggested that he recommend your book to any of his National Guard Lieutenants. I think it is a terrific book and suggests many effective ways to prioritize the multiple responsibilities and tasks that must be crammed into two days a month. Great book, very helpful!” Bridget B., Current Part-Time Company Commander

“A timely, well organized, no-nonsense book on getting started as a Company Commander, focused on the unique demands of a National Guard officer in this high octane, high OPTEMPO United States Army world; a work that would have saved many a commander a lot of headaches, especially for those who didn’t do a proper change-of-command inventory.” Timothy O., former Part-Time Commander

“As our Guard & Reserve Force are evolving after 10 years of war, I was bothered that there wasn’t more on officership for Guard and Reserve leaders. Then I found Chuck’s website, and his eBook, ‘Part Time Command.’ I devoured his experiences and advice and have added it to my leader’s kit bag. Many of our FM’s and Pubs “forget” about the Guard and focus solely on our active brethren. This eBook is a great addition and helps easily translate active speak into M-Day action plans for M-Day Leaders! Bravo!” Rus Currie, Captain, ARNG Company Commander

“Outstanding book! These are the lessons every Company Commander needs, including active-duty Army officers. A must read for future and serving Company Commanders. Battalion Commanders would be wise to add this to their officer professional development training.” Jo Rusin, Colonel (ret.) U.S. Army, author of “Women on Your Team: A Man’s Guide to Leading Women”

“A Company Commander has a lot of responsibilities and as a result, he or she must prioritize in order to be effective. After reading the ‘Part-Time Company Command eBook’ I have a better sense of planning and organizing activities and tasks for mission success. I learned how to address immediate issues that pertained to the development of leaders and Soldiers. I also feel a sense of calm because the eBook can easily be used as a reference guide. I highly recommend the purchase of this book for any new Company Commander.” Ivan O., Company Commander, ILARNG

“As a part-time (TPU Commander) for a Maintenance Unit, this book helped in a lot of ways, especially with my command inventories. This book gave me a better understanding of how to conduct an inventory the right way. This eBook helped me throughout my entire command time. It is well detailed from beginning to end.” CW3 Jesus C., Company Commander, PRARNG

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