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Dear Part-Time Army Officer:

Whether you are new to the Army National Guard or Army Reserve, or are an experienced officer, I’m sure you want to rank up and get selected for specific duty positions.

If you’re like most part-time Army officers you’ve NEVER had your superiors sit down with you to help you map out your career. No one has ever taught you what jobs you need, when you need them, or how to get them. No one has ever helped you set realistic military career goals or develop an action plan to reach those goals.

I could go on and on here, but I’m sure you can relate to what I’m saying. Simply put, mentorship in the USAR and ARNG isn’t what it should be. That’s how I see it anyway. Fortunately for you, I’m here to fix that!

My name is Chuck Holmes. I am a former Army Officer (Active Duty and National Guard). During my six years in the Maryland Army National Guard I quickly realized that most officers didn’t get mentored like they were supposed to. In fact, most officers are desperate to learn how to:

  • Get Promoted Faster
  • Get Selected for Command
  • Deploy
  • Attend a Hard-to-Get School
  • Get a new Officer Branch
  • Retire or Leave the Military
  • Improve Their Effectiveness
  • Improve Their Time Management Skills
  • Be a Better Leader

Unfortunately, many Army National Guard and Army Reserve officers feel overwhelmed and frustrated. They’re not happy with where they are currently at with their military career. Or, they feel like their military responsibilities have consumed their entire lives. Or, they feel stuck and don’t know what to do.

While serving in the ARNG, I read every book, manual, FM, regulation, and information product I could find about advancing my military career. Unfortunately, I found NOTHING exclusively for Army National Guard or Army Reserve Officers.

I found that frustrating, so I decided to create and publish my own Army Officer Guide for part-time Army officers. Whether you are the Adjutant General in your state or are a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant, I have created an eBook that will help you succeed in your part-time military career.

I am proud to announce my new eBook The Part-Time Army Officer Guide: How to Have a Successful Career as a National Guard or Army Reserve Officer.

What Information Does the Book Cover?

Here’s What You Will Learn in My Army Officer Guide for part-time Army Officers:

  • Reasons You Should Serve in the National Guard and Army Reserve
  • How to Effectively Manage Your Career
  • How to Get Promoted Ahead of Your Peers
  • Should You Resign Your Commission, Retire or Stay in
  • How Much is a Retirement Worth to You
  • What Jobs and What Schools You Need to Succeed and When You Need Them
  • DA Board Promotions vs. Vacancy Board Promotions
  • How to Get Promoted at Minimum Time in Grade
  • How to Prepare for Promotion Boards
  • How to Find the Unit Vacancies You Want
  • How to Manage Your Personnel Files and Records
  • How to Rise to the Top of the Organization
  • The Quickest Way to Ruin Your Career
  • The Quickest Way to become a HERO
  • How to Stay Motivated in a Job You Don’t Enjoy
  • How to Deal with a Difficult Boss
  • The Truth about the Good Ole’ Boy System
  • When You Should Hang Up Your Boots for Good
  • What to Expect When You Retire
  • Life After the Military
  • And So Much More!

After reading The Part-Time Army Officer Guide you will know EXACTLY what you need to do achieve success as a part-time Army National Guard or Army Reserve Officer.

This is an eBook (PDF) that will be delivered instantly via email, after you make your secure payment via PayPal.

The information in this course is worth at least several thousand dollars to you. Why? What would one or two additional promotions during your career be worth to you financially? How much extra money would that provide you in the years to come? How much more would that be worth to you in retirement income?

Money aside, how much would it be worth to you to develop your potential, get the jobs you want, and make a difference? Read my book and it can help fill your mentorship void. You will learn what you should do at each rank and you will be able to create an action plan for your own part-time military career.

Think about this for a moment. If the information in this course can help you get promoted faster, that would be an extra $100 to $200 per month in pay. Over the course of one year, that would be an extra $1,200 to $2,400 in your pocket.

If the information can help you retire at a rank higher than you would achieve without this information, that could easily account for an extra $200 or more per month in retirement pay. Compound that over the course of your life and the information could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you.

While I was in, I would have gladly paid a few hundred dollars for something like this. Fortunately for you, I’m only charging $19.95. That’s less than it would cost you for a nice dinner at McDonald’s!


Still not convinced? Listen to what others had to say about my eBook and training course.

“All I can say is WOW, Chuck! I’ve been in the Army Reserves for 14 years now and not once have I ever had someone share this information with me. I wish my mentors would have sat down and taught me how to set goals, how to get promoted, what jobs I needed to move forward with my career, how to network with my superiors and all the other things I needed to know as an USAR Officer. Thanks goodness I found you and your website. You have helped me so much. I am forever grateful.” ~ MAJ Thomas C., USAR

“AMAZING. That is how I would describe Chuck’s Part-Time Army Officer Guide and training audios. The eBook and audio training were exactly what I needed to hear. He broke things down into simple and easy to follow advice. He answers some tough questions that most officers think about, but few officers ever talk about. My favorite part of the course was the Army Officer Career Planning Course. I completed the exercise and now I have a concrete plan to follow the rest of my career.” ~ CPT James V., ARNG

“I’ve been a CPT for a long time now (6 years). I’ve asked tons of people what I needed to do to get promoted to Major and beyond. Most of the time my superiors looked at me like a deer looking at headlights. Since reading the eBook and listening to the audio training, I now know what I need to do to move forward with my military career. Thanks so much, Chuck. I really, really like the audio programs, too. I’ve listened to them a couple times now and I learn something new every time I listen to them.” ~ CPT Fred L., ARNG

“Charles has really hit the nail on the head with his eBooks. I myself was a prior-service active duty Soldier, had a break in service and came back into the National Guard and my only regret is that I did not find out about Chuck earlier in my officer career. Much of the stuff I had to learn by trial and error and being in the National Guard you must be very sharp, prepared, and knowledgeable about the position you hold in order to become an effective leader and to get promoted in a timely manner. Charles gives excellent examples in every aspect of being an officer in the National Guard from how to write OER Support Forms to showcase the work you have done as an Officer, ODP ideas, Command Relationships, physical fitness, preparation outside of drill weekend, to every aspect of running a platoon, being an XO, Commander or Staff Officer. This guy lived it, learned from his mistakes, took the great management styles from other leaders and peers and put it all in his eBooks. I highly recommend his eBooks; especially his Army Officer Guide. I only wish that it was standard issue for each new Army officer.” ~ CPT Steve K., Company Commander, IDARNG

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P.S. Even if you implement just one idea from this eBook, you will receive a huge return on your investment! How much is your happiness and career success worth to you?

Disclaimer: This course is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by the Army, DoD or any government agency.

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