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“Discover How to Be a Top Notch Part-Time Army NCO and Achieve the Promotions and Jobs That You Want and Deserve…  Get Your Soldiers Trained, Motivated, and Ready for Combat … And Learn What It Takes to Succeed and Become a Better Part-Time Army NCO Without Burning the Candle at Both Ends.”

…New eBook and MP3 Reveal the 16 Most Common Issues (and Solutions) for Today’s Part-Time Army NCOs!

the part-time army nco leadership guide

Dear Part-Time Army NCO:

Hello and welcome to my website.  If you’re currently serving as a NCO in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves, I would like to say welcome home!  My name is Charles Holmes and I am the creator of  As a former ARNG Officer myself, I had the distinct honor of working with many great NCOs, most of which only trained one weekend per month.  These NCOs had jobs, families and tons of other responsibilities, just like you do.

I’ve found that serving in the ARNG and USAR offer some complex challenges for today’s NCO Corps.  Some of these common challenges include:

  • Making Sure Soldiers Are Getting Trained for Combat
  • Staying Proficient with Your MOS
  • Getting the Schools You Need to Get Promoted
  • Working Through the STAP and the Enlisted Promotion Systems
  • Coordinating and Resourcing Everything in Between Drill Weekends
  • Getting all the Meetings, Briefings, Classes and Other Requirements Done Between Drill Weekends
  • Balancing Work, Family and the Military
  • And So Much More!

In fact, if you’re a NCO, I’m sure you can relate to all of these things I just mentioned.  To be successful, you have to be a multi-tasker.  You have to be a doer.  You have to have talent and you have to have heart.  Despite the hundreds of challenges that most NCOs face, they always find a way to get the job done!  I’ve always admired that about the NCO Corps.

And if you’re one of those NCOs that I just described, I’m sure YOU are always looking for a cutting edge.  You’re always trying to find ways to be more effective, to get more done in less time and to be a better leader in the process.  Hopefully, I can help you do that.

I’m pleased to announce the release of my newest eBook and audio course The Part-Time Army NCO Leadership Guide.  I recently conducted an email and phone survey with nearly 100 part-time Army NCOs.  I asked these NCOs what their most common leadership challenges were and what they were doing to solve these leadership challenges.

After I compiled the results, I summarized everything into 16 major themes.  Each theme is a chapter in my new eBook. In each chapter, I provide helpful tips to solve these common leadership challenges.  I came up with the answers by asking the NCOs for their opinion, by doing my own research, and by using personal experience.

Here’s what you will learn in my new eBook:

  • How to Deal with the Family Stress That Comes with Military Life
  • How to Stay Proficient in Your MOS
  • How to Deal with AWOL Soldiers
  • How to Deal with APFT Failures
  • Time Management Tips for Army NCOs
  • How to Take Care of Your Soldiers
  • How to Get Promoted Faster
  • How to Deal with a Difficult Boss
  • How to Motivate Soldiers Effectively
  • How to Retain Good Soldiers
  • How to Get Rid of the Bad Soldiers
  • How to Fix the Communication Gap
  • How to Develop Quality Soldiers
  • How to Enforce the Army Standards Properly
  • How to Conduct Army Counseling the Right Way
  • How to Write NCOERs the Best Way Possible

This 66 page eBook is short and to the point.  You won’t find any fluff or redundancy.  You can probably read the entire eBook in about two to three hours.  But don’t let that put you off.  Wouldn’t you rather get the information you need quickly so you can move on to more important things?  I know I would.

The information you will learn in my “Part-Time Army NCO Leadership Guide” eBook will help you be a more effective NCO.  You’ll come up with new ways to solve complex issues and hopefully reduce some of your stress.

After reading The Part Time Army NCO Leadership Guide you will have a helpful list of practical solutions to help you solve the everyday problems facing today’s NCOs serving in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves.

Included with this eBook, you will also get.

Bonus # 1: A 44-minute audio clip with 50 Leadership Ideas designed exclusively for Part-Time Army NCOs.  This comes is a MP3 File format so you can listen to it on your computer or on your IPOD.  This alone is worth the price of the course!

Bonus # 2: RECOMMENDED READING LIST for NCOs. At the end of the eBook you fill find a recommended reading list exclusively for NCOs serving in the ARNG or USAR.  These books can help you sharpen your skills and become a better military leader.

Now, I know that I’ve never been a NCO myself and that might put off some of you hard core NCOs.  But get this.  All of the information in this book comes from NCOs who have similar jobs, duties and experiences that you have.  I simply interviewed the NCOs and compiled the results to make life easier for you.  So the information IS NOT a bunch of theory or some great officer idea.  It’s for NCOs from NCOs.

STILL NOT CONVINCED! Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what these other part-time Army NCOs have to say:

“Chuck’s new eBook is a real life saver.  It is practical, easy to read and very beneficial.  The audio bonus was great too.  I learned some wonderful ideas that should help me advance my career quickly. ” ~ Ted C., Sergeant First Class, ARNG

“Awesome read!  I would consider this money well invested.  It took me a couple hours to read the eBook.  I’ve read it three times now and picked up new hidden gems every time I read it.  My printed copy has lots of underlines and highlighted information.  I shared the audio program with my Platoon Sergeants and two of them told me the information was very beneficial.” ~ Mike Y., First Sergeant, USAR

“It’s nice to know that other NCOs are facing the same challenges that I frequently deal with.  Getting 30 days worth of training done in just one weekend a month isn’t an easy job.  Fortunately, the information I found in this eBook and MP3 audio will help me get more done in less time.  My favorite section was the information about how to stay proficient in your MOS.  Chuck shared some really concrete ideas that I’ve already started doing.” ~ Chad C., Staff Sergeant, ARNG

“Chuck, you need to write some more books and course for NCOs in the ARNG and USAR.  This is my kind of book.  Short and to the point with tons of helpful content.  The time management ideas I learned from you will more than pay for the course.  Thanks so much!” ~ Jason T., SFC, USAR

Once you make your secure payment through PayPal you will be instantly emailed the 66 page PDF file and 44 minute MP3 file. Both documents will be in a ZIP file.  You can then save them to your computer for future reference.

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Send me the eBook and MP3 file via email (ZIP File) right after I make the purchase through PayPal.  I understand this is a great deal for just $17.

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P.S. This eBook is loaded with helpful tips to overcome the most common challenges facing today’s part-time Army NCOs.  Even if you get just one helpful idea from this eBook it is money well spent.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
Former Army Major (resigned)

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3 thoughts on “Part Time Army NCO Leadership Guide”

  1. Sir.

    I am about to make it rain in my current unit with “Part-Time”

    I was lucky enough to serve with you for about a year at the 70 Regiment. I was there when you “pinned” on your gold oak leaf. I believe you had published your first book. I am coming up on 35 years of service and still don’t have all the answers, but I still have your Commanders Coin. When I don’t have the answer, yours is the first site I check.

    As you can imagine, I have known many officers over my career, some good, others bad but you… you were different. Somehow, you got it! I don’t know how but somehow, you have chipped away at the less important stuff and provide a B.L.U.F. picture of what leaders in the National Guard need to be, know and do IN THE TIME THEY HAVE TO DO IT!

    It was a pleasure serving with you and I was saddened to see you leave. I just wanted to let you know, it works! The knowledge that you have tried to impart on others (at no cost) in the past sunk in for some of us. I just wanted you to know that. I will be ordering your books for myself, and some as gifts to my NCO’s and Officers.

    Sorry it took so long to send this, the internet was down.

    Very Respectfully,

    SGM Rich Magnum

    1. Hey SGM Magnum,

      Thanks for the nice comment, SGM Magnum. It brightened my day. The things you said about me were the same things I admired about you. I enjoyed working with you. What I admired most about you was your No B.S. leadership style. You were a soldier’s soldier, a man’s man. I’m glad you eventually got to lead a battalion. I’m sure you made a huge, positive impact.

      At the end of my time in , I just felt like a stallion at a pony farm and knew it was my time to move on. While joining the military was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life, getting out when I did was the next best decision.

      I get even more pleasure mentoring and helping people through this website. Thanks for your service. It was an honor to serve with you. Here’s to your happiness, good health and prosperity.

      Never Defeated!

      Chuck Holmes

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